Wondershare UniConverter Is It Useful In 2023

Wondershare UniConverter: Is It Useful In 2023


Wondershare UniConverter is one of the best video converters out there in the market in 2023. With a wide host of features and a plethora of applications, it’s a pretty good software to use. However, with so many other free video converters being available online, how well does this application stand up to them?

Learn more about this application here by reading this post till the end. Here, you will learn about the essential features of this application and its best alternatives. In addition, you can judge for yourself if this application is worth using or not by reading some customer reviews.

Wondershare UniConverter Features

Wondershare UniConverter Features

The primary features of the app if you wonder what is Wondershare UniConverter and its uses are:

1. Converting Video

There is no way that converting videos could be simpler than it is using Wondershare UniConverter. You just choose the final output parameters in the target part of the dashboard after adding the file you wish to convert from wherever it is presently located, be it on your hard drive, your mobile device, a connected camcorder, or your DVD drive.

The options in the upper right allow you to batch convert a number of files at once to the same format, which can greatly increase your productivity if you’re getting ready to submit films to the internet.

A wide variety of preset choices are available when selecting your destination video format, making conversion as simple as possible. For professional-level control over bitrate, frame rate, audio, and other variables, you may build a custom preset or alter one of the pre-existing ones if you are an expert in video and know exactly what settings you want.

2. Downloading Videos

You may download online videos using Wondershare UniConverter and convert them into the file format of your choosing from a wide variety of sites, such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Youtube. By turning on “Download then Convert Mode” in the top right corner, you may even automate the converting portion of the procedure.

The process of downloading is really simple. Paste the video’s URL into the dialogue box after selecting “Paste URL” in the upper left corner, and then select “Download.” After accessing the URL and determining the sort of video it contains, UniConverter gives you a number of alternatives for dealing with the outcome.

If you encounter a problem when attempting to access the video URL, UniConverter will encourage you to try again or to utilize the integrated screen recording feature as another way to capture videos. Since it handled downloading video so successfully in this case, I purposefully picked a non-video URL to illustrate. I was unable to uncover any examples of material that the software was unable to access.

3. Burning Videos To Disc

This is one of the less well-developed parts of Wondershare UniConverter. However as DVDs are being phased out as standard video discs, most users would not find this helpful. It is sufficient if all you want to do is burn a DVD of films to share with friends and family. However, you shouldn’t attempt any type of professional production with this part of the application.

The conversion window mimics how the core functionality works, which is fairly simple. Once you’ve included all the files you wish to put on your DVD, edit or otherwise modify the video as you normally would while converting.

When it comes time to make the menu screen, problems start to appear. Your films will just begin playing in order as soon as the DVD is loaded if you opt not to have a menu. The preset menu screens you may pick from when creating a menu can be adjusted in terms of background picture, music, and text content. 

However, the arrangement of the buttons and text cannot be changed. In addition, the text windows do not resize to suit the quantity of text you add.

4. Transfer Files

To upload movies to your mobile device without opening another software, use the file manager under the Transfer section. My outdated iPhone 4 was quickly identified by UniConverter, and the program had no trouble transferring files to it.

With my much more recent Samsung Galaxy S7, it was less successful, and also appeared to think I was simultaneously using a Samsung SM-G925P. When I quickly searched for that model number on Google, I discovered that it appeared to be associated with a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which I have never owned or even had connected to a computer.

Even when I enabled the MTP connection on the S7, it was unable to connect despite originally successfully identifying the device. Although it offered on-screen tutorials for enabling USB debugging mode, it was regrettably limited to Android versions 6 and earlier. I was able to enable it on my smartphone after doing a fast Google search, although there were still some problems.

Fortunately, the Transfer function isn’t really essential for the remainder of the application, so don’t let it influence your choice. Nonetheless, it is an unusual addition for the creators to have made given the program’s present state of bugs.

Wondershare UniConverter Reviews: What Users Have To Say

Wondershare UniConverter Reviews What Users Have To Say

To judge whether Wondershare UniConverter is worth using or not, I had a look at some of its user reviews. Here’s what many users say about this application:

Shahid Khan:

“Version 11 compelled me to say that UniConverter (as it is called now) is functionally superior to all its contemporary software. It is fast, and comprehensive in function and even the font has become attractive and pleasing to the eye. To me, this is only possible if the team is highly professional and competent, and are consistently and constantly thinking about the user.”

Kit Times:

“Over the years I've tried a lot of video converters but I was always searching for the best. I've been using the paid version of Wonders hare's Video Converter Ultimate since 2013 and have never had to look for anything else. It is just the best video converter out there. Last week I lost my boot driver in my computer and have been slowly reinstalling all my favorite software. Today I downloaded Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. I installed it, put in my registration Key and it worked perfectly. Thanks, Wondershare for making that part easy too!”


“I am so blown away after using the Wondershare Video Converter Software just for a few days, now I use it quite often. In my opinion, this is a Must have if you are a Club DJ, Mobile DJ, or Videographer. You will not be disappointed, I have done a lot of research tracking down and testing applications software that would come up short. I was looking for an application that would be intuitive with options, but also easy to use. I took a chance and ordered this application and I have been pleased to find out that this application works as it is described. I have been recommending it to all my DJ friends and colleagues. Thank you for the great work designing this application and I look forward to any upgrades that come you up with in the future!”

Best Alternatives

If you want other alternative applications similar to Wondershare UniConverter, then 

1. Movavi


Movavi Video Converter, which costs a little less than Wondershare UniConverter, feels like a somewhat more advanced version of a very similar tool. It features a comparable UI and more powerful editing capabilities, including greater audio editing capability. It can create files on YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. You can then post them immediately from within the program. However, it cannot download web videos.

2. Handbrake


For Mac, Handbrake has been available for a while, but the Windows version is still in beta testing. Despite the lack of additional capabilities, it’s a powerful converter that can handle many file types as Online UniConverter. Although the UI might be simpler and easier to use, the free, open-source software is always being improved.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):-

As usual, people have many queries regarding Wondershare UniConverter, which I have answered below:

Q1. Where Can I Download Wondershare UniConverter Crack File?

Ans: You can download various versions of Wondershare UniConverter crack files from the Internet. This includes many third-party websites and Torrent as well. However, it’s not recommended to do so since they might be infected with malware.

Q2. Is Wondershare Uniconverter Free?

Ans: Yes, this application is free to use for everyone. However, the free version has most of its features locked out. Therefore, to make use of all its features, you need to pay for the premium version.

Q3. Are There Watermarks In Wondershasre UniConverter?

Ans: Yes, you will see Wondershare watermarks while using this application for all its purposes. However, if you purchase the premium version of this application, then you will not see any of these watermarks.

Final Verdict: Is Wondershare UniConverter Worth Using In 2023?

If you look at its features and customer reviews, you can say that Wondershare UniConverter is one of the better online converters to use in 2023. However, its major con is that most of its features are locked behind a paywall, for which you need the premium version of this application. Otherwise, it’s a pretty reliable application to use for converting videos, and even download them from the internet. 

➼ Lots of great features, more so if you get the premium version.
➼ Compatible with various platforms.
➼ Has its own built-in media server. 
➼ Supports video conversion to almost all video file formats.
➼ The free version restricts the use of most of its essential features.
➼ There are various other free video converters out there that has better speeds of conversion.

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