CPU Spikes

What Is CPU Spikes? How To Troubleshoot Sudden CPU Spikes?


The problem of Java applications running as normal normally then problems coming in all over sudden is something which so many people have experienced at some point. These problems are none other than those of the data consumption going high then staying at these levels which are 80% to 100% in some cases. These problems occur because of nothing else but CPU spikes which are a big problem to many CPU users.

Some people think that solving this problem is an easy thing but in reality, it is not. Many of them try removing the server from the load balancer but still find that the CPU consumption is still high that they cannot deal with it. So you might want to know which is the best way to deal with this problem and get it out of the way full.

It might seem like recycling the application is the best way to go about this process. Well, this process or solution might work for you so well in fact. However, there is one problem to this and that is the recurrence of this problem afterward. If you are looking for a lasting solution then this might not be the right solution for you, you might need something else.

To make things simple and easy for you, all these problems come about as CPU spikes. Dealing with this issue is what so many people still have no idea about. For the people with this problem, this text is going to help you find solutions to this problem.

What Is A CPU Spike? 

Before looking at how to deal with the problem of CPU spikes it is very important to first start by defining what CPU spikes are or are. A CPU spike is an increase in processor utilization that comes about all of a sudden. This problem should not be underestimated, it is capable of causing you so many problems if left unattended.

For instance, this problem is capable of causing problems to your motherboard. Some of these problems might even result in the permanent destruction of your motherboard. Thus, you need to find solutions to it before things get to this point.

What Causes CPU Spikes? 

Now that you know what CPU spikes are, you might want to know how this problem comes about. It is only by this means that you will be able to even avoid this problem. Remember the best way to deal with this problem is to avoid it other than having to deal with it when it occurs.

This is why it is important to find ways you can use to avoid this problem and to do this you need to understand how this problem comes about. This is why you need to stay on this text as it is going to take a look at the causes of this problem as well.

The CPU spikes problem is simply caused by simultaneous applications which run at the same time. These applications if left to run as they are or in that nature then chances are they are going to eat up so much of your RAM space as well as so much of its resources.

In Case Of Repeated Full GCS

There are many reasons which are accountable for the CPU spikes and this is one of them. When your garbage collection runs repeatedly your CPU consumption will automatically go high. Garbage collection in case you do not know what it is is a computer-intensive operation. This operation requires making, compacting, sweeping, and also the relocation of other stuff in the memory.

The other question which has been asked many times is what causes a garbage collection to run in a repeated manner. Well to this there are a number of reasons which causes this problem some of which are provided for you in this text.

When you have an application that is suffering from a memory leak it will continue to form some things without having to release them. Once your application memory usage gets to the required threshold point, the garbage collection will be triggered. The garbage collection process will go on but will not be able to free up the memory hence the CPU spikes problem.

Infinitely Looping Threads 

If you are still not convinced how the CPU spikes come up then this is also the reason why this problem comes up. When you have threads loops infinitely chances are high the CPU spikes will also be realized. Even though this is one of the many problems as to why this problem comes, it is only limited to some CPUs and not all of them.

As such, as you consider this as the possible problem and solution to the issue of CPU spikes you need to consider other solutions as well. There are some times when the CPU spikes might come up due to a different problem. As such, it is very important to try and seek as much information on this issue as it is possible if at all you need a lasting solution to this issue.

There are many other possible sources of problems to this issue as well which you might want to consider. However, in many cases, the problems listed above are the possible reasons as to why you keep getting the CPU spikes and the only way you can use to deal with this problem is by dealing with them right away.


The issue of CPU spikes is a problem that affects quite a number of CPU systems. A good number of the people affected by this problem seek with a lot of desperation possible solutions to it. The text above offers you information on CPU spikes and how this problem comes about and also how to deal with it.

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