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What Is Clouthub App And How To Use It?


To be honest, not so many people know about the clouthub app.  In fact, if you went around asking how many people know what clouthub is. Chances are high that you will get very few people.  However, that does not change clouthub from being what it is.  

In this view, therefore, the article below takes a keen look at what exactly clouthub is.  If you have never heard about this name then this is the right article for you to read.  The article takes a look at what clouthub app is and how to use it.  In the end, you will have a much better understanding of what exactly clouthub is and why and how you can use it.  

Clouthub Application 

In a social media world that is dominated by giants like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, it might be hard to spot other names.  The Internet is filled with queries like getting rid of cocaine addiction, anxiety symptoms, and whatnot. To give relevant results for such searches, necessary applications have to be made. And that’s exactly what Clouthub Application does.

Thriving in the shadow of these giant social media companies is by far not an easy thing.  This is why there are many social media platforms but only a few of them are known.  Clouthub app is one of the many social media platforms there is in the globe.  

However, due to the fact that the application is not as famous as Facebook, Twitter and others, many people do not know about it.  However, this does not make clouthub a small application in practicality, it is just as good and capable as the others are.   

The clouthub app is more like Facebook and other social media networks.  The application allows you as the user to post videos and also comes with immense streaming abilities.  The good thing with Clouthub is that it is a social media application that also acts as a news aggregator.  Other than that, clouthub also offers you various rooms in which to post.  

Clouthub Is So Much Like Other Social Media Networks 

Much like Facebook and Twitter, clouthub also allows its users to make comments, share and even make posts about the same as well.  However, the clouthub app is not very generous when it comes to characters in a single post. If you intend to use the clouthub app then know that you will not be allowed more than 300 characters in a single post.  However, you might have an increase in the number of these characters to 1000.  For this to happen then you need to try and refer as many friends and people to Clouthub as it is possible.  Thus, if you are aiming for more characters in a single post then referring your friends to this application is what you need to do.  

The other good thing with clouthub is that it offers you immense editing ability.  For instance, you are allowed to edit a post posted on this application even after posting it.  If you know other applications so well then you will know that this is not something you always get.  

Clouthub Comes With The Best Customer Care Services 

Clouthub Comes With The Best Customer Care Services

When using social media applications then once in a while you are going to face issues. Some of these issues might be so huge. They will make it hard for you to even do anything on the platform.  Having a proper social media customer care service is therefore essential.  

However, not so many social media companies have invested in a robust customer care service.  There are some that have done so little in this regard leaving many of their clients on their own whenever an issue comes up.  However, this is not the case with the clouthub app which comes with one of the best customer care services.  

Compared to Parler and others, clouthub app has the best customer care services you can ever find anywhere.  If you are in the United States of America you can get in touch with the customer care service team of the company anytime.  Once you do, you will be attended to so well within the shortest period of time and your problem solved.  

How To Use Clouthub App 

The soundness of a social media application is sometimes determined by the ease of use of the same.  There are some social media applications that are not so easy to use while others can be easily used in the same way.  As for the clouthub app, the case can never be any different, the ease of use is key in making choices in this regard.  

The use of clouthub is not that difficult.  All you have to do is download the application then connect it with friends. After that, you can connect with your friends then begin chatting with them, it is that simple.  You can invite as many friends as you wish and grow the number of people you can chat with at any given time.  

As you continue using clouthub you will find it so interesting.  You can continue connecting with like-minded people, share so much amongst yourselves, and even take part in debates.  It is that simple and you will be good to go after that.  

The Foundation 

The Foundation

Before completing this discussion, it is very important to look at the formation of this company.  Clouthub was founded back in the year 2018, so recently.  The platform was founded by Jeff Brain.  Brain’s intention as of that time was to create a platform on which people can influence and impact issues.  

The intention was to bring a change in society through the use of social media. Looking at the progress that clouthub app has made in the past, it is right to say that it looks set for success for this purpose.  As time goes by, it is expected that clouthub will grow even further in the coming days.  

Reviews on CloutHub

Reviews on CloutHub

Here are some reviews on CloutHub by users that you might find useful before using this social media platform.

1. Sandra Martin says, “Excellence Integrity Honesty, not censored. Easy to join. The whole package is a delight.”  

2. Anonymous comments,“Respects my privacy this site doesn’t steal my personal data & is non bias against conservatives.”  

3. Anonymous comments, “CloutHub plays games with its users.” Adding,  

“I was enjoying my experience on Clouthub until they started restricting my posts. After approximately 8-10 posts, when I tried to post I would get a msg. saying, “oops in order to control spam you can not post more than 10 posts per hour.” I do not spam and they know it. When I posted about it, they then ramped it up. In the beginning I wrote to support about it but they denied it. They ramped it up by controlling my notifications, (not notifying me) sometimes it would be 5 hours or the next day. They stopped showing the people who shared some of my posts, leaving it at zero when I could view the ones who posted by comments made etc. If I was scrolling to find a post to follow a person, if I clicked back, it would not take me back to the post I was on when it had always done so. Tonight was the last straw! They blatantly hid a post that I had just posted. At first I thought they had deleted it, but after I posted that I was going to be leaving then my post was returned, my notifications started coming in and lo and behold my likes/shares came in as well. I do not appreciate the games they play when they take a dislike to a person for calling them on it and it was done nicely. I would not suggest Clouthub to anyone who is a normal user with over 300 followers. I am also positive that they shadow banned me as well. So stick with Telegram or Gab.”

4. April says, “CloutHub is definitely not the platform….”  

“CloutHub is definitely not the platform it was when I first joined. It is beginning to censor my post only allowing certain kinds of post to be put on the platform. It is not allowing anything to do with the Covid hoax, injection fatality, or reactions from the jab. These are legitimate finding and they still will block it.”


 Many people do not have a perfect idea of what clouthub app is. This is such a good social media application that is just as good as Facebook and others.  It is so easy to use and continues to grow with every passing day.  

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