What Happened To Kurama? Will He Appear Again In The Future?


One of the most loved and adored characters in the Naruto world is Kurama. Since the day Naruto was released, it became very popular among the weebs. With a breathtaking storyline, comedy, and awesome fighting sequences, this show won the hearts of billions of viewers. Every character played their role to make the show stand out, and it is still one of the most-watched anime series.

Among all the different Naruto characters, one of the names that keep coming up is Kurama. He is the mighty nine-tailed beast who made his first appearance in the pilot episode in Naruto. When the show started, no one expected the nine-tailed fox to become the hero with the terror that he showed. However, things turned out to be completely different and took a dramatic turn in the middle. 

You might have heard the news about Kurama saying farewell from the show. It left all the Naruto fans in tears and questioning the existence of Kurama. We will learn all the details about Kurama and what happens next in this article. Before proceeding with this article, if you have not watched Boruto or finished watching Naruto yet, beware of spoilers. 

What Happened To Kurama? 

What Happened To Kurama

If you have watched Naruto, you already know that Kurama was portrayed as a villain or monster when the show began. Naruto was hated from an early age because the nine-tailed fox Kurama was inside him. However, things started to change a lot as the show began. 

The hate turned into a friendship slowly with Naruto growing up. They started to form a bond that helped them in the missions and fight some of the biggest villains throughout the show. Although the power of Kurama is not shown in the Pain Arc, Kurama played a major role in the war alongside Naruto. 

At the end of Naruto Shippuden, we saw that Naruto and Kurama became friends or more like brothers. However, many people do not know the story after that as Boruto is not that popular yet, and many Naruto fans haven’t watched the show yet. But the news spread like wildfire when Naruto turned on the Baryon Mode or Naruto Kurama Link mode. You can stream the episodes on Animesuge and other streaming websites.

Even all the people who never watched Boruto started to watch the show for that single arc. However, not a little bit they know that in the next episode, Kurama is going to bid farewell from the show. Now that everyone saw him saying goodbye, many questions arise. One of them is “did he really die?” and “Is he coming back?”

Did Kurama Really Die? 

Kurama Really Die? 

Although the weebs really want to hear that he is alive, the right answer is Kurama is really dead this time. The baryon mode is one of the endgame powers of Kurama that let the jinchuriki become invincible and very powerful. Until Isshiki Otusuki, Naruto never needed to use any extra power to defeat an enemy. 

All the previous enemies weren’t this powerful, and he never knew this power existed. So, he never tried to use them before to defeat enemies. Only Kurama knew about this power and kept it a secret from Naruto to use as a last resort. So, Naruto never knew that this power would cost Kurama death in the end. Yes, tailed beasts can die, and Kurama is really gone this time. 

Since the war, there has not been a single-tailed beast’s death shown in the show. All the tailed beasts are immune from age or physical wounds, but they can die if all the chakra is used. Generally, they recharge the chakra when using it to keep the balance. However, if they use more chakra, they can recharge, which can be fatal and life-threatening. 

Naruto and Kurama needed to join their life force and chakra to use the Baryon mode. The more Naruto stayed in this mode; the more life force started to get sucked out of them. Being an Uzumaki, Naruto has a lot of chakra, and he uses the chakra of Kurama when he is in Kurama Mode. So, most of the chakra of the naruto stayed untouched except for some basic skills like Rassengan and others. 

This is why Kurama ran out of both chakra and life force and died after the battle. He made a necessary sacrifice to save Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Boruto, Kawaki, and other people in the village. It might be the last time we will see Naruto Kurama together. There will be no Naruto Kurama mode anymore like we have seen until now.

Will Kurama Ever Come Back? 

Kurama Ever Come Back?

Another common question that every Naruto lover has is will Kurama come back to the show? Most tailed beasts do not stay dead forever; they come back after centuries. Although this is not the case with Kurama, it will not be Naruto again if he does come back. This time someone else is going to be the jinchuriki of baby Kurama. As mentioned earlier, the Kurama Naruto bond is not coming back, and fans have to cope with that. 

As you know the answer of “does Kurama die” now, you can be certain that for now, Kurama dies and does not come back. He might appear in flashbacks or filler stories of the past but not in the main storyline anymore. However, there are many theories available to the fans that Kurama is going to come back, and the next jinchuriki will be Himawari. 

We might not be able to see Naruto Kurama mode in action again, but getting Kurama back in the show can make almost every fan happy. If he makes an appearance in the show again, we might be able to see Susanoo Kurama, Kurama vs. Susanoo, and other magical moments like before. Many fans are now speculating what happens now Naruto loses Kurama. 

The power of Naruto with Kurama was nothing compared to other shinobis; this is why he was the most powerful shinobi. However, Naruto Kurama death is not going to make him completely powerless. He still has a lot of options available such as sage mode, the chakra of other tailed beasts, Hashirama cell, and humongous chakra due to being an Uzumaki. 

If you haven’t seen the Naruto series yet, there are plenty of online streaming websites available that lets you watch it such as Gogoanime, Animax, Anime Freak, Animelab, Crunchyroll, and others.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How Did Kurama Died?

Most of the weebs are asking the same question “Did Kurama die?” Yes, he died during the battle with Isshiki Otusuki in the Boruto anime show after using all his life energy to create the baryon mode.

Q2. Is Kurama The Strongest Tailed Beast?

Yes, Kurama is the strongest tailed beast among the nine tailed beasts. This is also stated by Hashirama Senju, who is known to be the shinobi god in the series. Kurama is strong enough to battle with 5 other tailed beasts simultaneously. 

Q3. Who Killed Kurama?

The Kurama dead news is true, but no one killed him. He died due to using the life force to save everyone he cares about. So, Baryon mode is the reason that he is dead now.

Q4. What Is The Gender Of Kurama?

Kurama is a male beast in the show, and he confirmed it himself in Boruto. There was a moment in Boruto when he said he and Naruto are like brothers. Naruto also said a lot of times that Kurama is like a brother to him.


Are you one of those fans who are still heartbroken that Kurama is not there in the show anymore? Well, it becomes better with time and new episodes. However, you might have a lot of questions about Kurama and want to find out what exactly happened with Kurama. 

This article will help you to find the answers and give you an idea about the details about Kurama. Take a look at every section to find out all the details about Kurama. If this article has helped you find out and encourage you to get a Kurama Funko Pop, share it with other weebs to help.

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