What Does S Mean On Snapchat

What Does S Mean On Snapchat? Best Answer Of 2022


Snapchat has become famous over the years because of introducing the concept of disappearing stories. You send a picture or video to your friends, and boom – it’s gone. After your friends see your snap, it gets removed automatically from their feed.

Ever since the launch of this application in 2011, millions of users have started using it. However, the biggest question in everyone’s mind is – what does S mean on Snapchat? This question popped up after many users started sending everyone as unassuming S.

If you received an S from one of your friends, then you must be itching to know what it means. So start reading this article and cure that itch by understanding what this S stands for in Snapchat.

What Is Snapchat?


Before we learn more about what S stands for on Snapchat, let us get to know the app a bit better first.

Snapchat is a social media platform where one communicates using snaps or pictures. You can say that this is reminiscent of how Instagram started out – an image and video sharing platform.

Evan Spiegel created Snapchat. While it was initially meant to be a personal messaging app, it soon expanded its feature to make posts more public and social.

Snapchat is meant for the new age Gen Z kids who want to be highly active on social media. Here, users tend to share pictures of everything that is happening in their lives all the time.

You can also chat with friends using snap messenger. Also, you can share stories of your day-to-day activities. You can create a cartoony, animated avatar of yourself called Bitmoji. It’s basically silly fun on social media.

Many businesses have started using Snapchat as a platform for short-form content to promote their products, services, and events. A good example of this is Buzzfeed.

What Does S Mean On Snapchat?

Now, we come to the main question that you came to learn here. What does S mean on Snapchat?

If you receive a message on Snapchat that just shows you the letter S, it refers to a Snapstreak or a Streak.

A snap streak or a streak on Snapchat refers to the phenomenon that you and your friend send each other snaps and react to them for three consecutive days. This means that you and that friend of yours might be besties (at least on Snapchat).

When you and your friend streak on Snapchat, a flame emoji appear near their names. This appears when they appear on your feed or when you message them.

How To Send S On Snapchat?

Maintaining a snap streak with your friend might be necessary for some users. However, sending them pictures of yourself every day to retain the streak snap can be tiring. Therefore, users came up with a new idea.

Instead of sending your pics and videos to each other every day, just send them an image with the letter S. People usually do this in many ways, which include:

1. Using The Pen Tool

The most common method of sending an S on Snapchat is simply by drawing it out. Here, users use the pen tool while creating a snap. Using the pen tool, the users simply draw the S shape on a random snap with their fingers.

2. Sending A GIF

Sending A GIF

Users can also send an S on Snapchat using a GIF. GIFs have become popular all over social media because of how funny and exciting they are.

Sending a GIF instead of a snap also keeps your streak intact with your friends. While it’s technically not an S, it still conveys the same message. Just search for “streaks” when searching for GIFs and send the one you like.

3. Your Bitmoji Says It All

Your Bitmoji Says It All

A bitmoji is simply a sticker that makes you look like a cartoon character. It is an avatar of yourself that you can create on Snapchat. You can send funny GIFs and other stickers that Snapchat generates for you after you create your bitmoji avatar.

Just search for streaks on the bitmoji stickers section, and you will get many results. Just select one that you like and send it to your friend.

4. Stick It With A Sticker

Stick It With A Sticker

Stickers are also great for expressing yourself on Snapchat. To keep up your hot streak with your significant other, simply search for streaks in the stickers section and send the one you like the most.

Other GenZ Snapchat Slangs You Should Know About

Now that you know what it means when someone sends you an S on Snapchat, you should also know about some other Snapchat slang so that you are never caught with a confused look on your face.

This slang was created by users and got viral and was widely accepted as part of the Snapchat vocabulary over time. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • ESB: ESB means Everyone Snapback. This is a request by someone to send them snaps so that they can maintain a snap streak with each other.
  • NRS: If you want to get someone (typically simps) off your back, or don’t feel like snapping at all, then a humble request to go into a “Do Not Disturb” mode works in Snapchat. It’s simply referred to as No Replies.
  • MMS: No, this does not mean Multimedia Messaging Service like most boomers think it is. According to most Gen Z kids, this means Made Me Smile. So if you see a snap that genuinely made you smile (not the fake LOL), then send them an MMS to thank them back.
  • PU: If you want to really talk to someone on Snapchat, send them a message staying PU or Pop Up. You will definitely get a reply for this one.
  • SB: What does sb mean on Snapchat? Sometimes, you deserve a reply when you send a snap to someone. Just type SB or Snapback to get one (hopefully immediately).
  • SU: What does s u mean on Snapchat? It means swipe up, which you often do when seeing a story that takes you to a different web page on your browser, like SnackMagic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. How Do You Reply To S On Snapchat?

If someone sends you an S on Snapchat, then you reply back by either sending them an S, or any snap post to maintain the snap streak with them.

Q2. What Does S SB Stand For?

S SB stands for Send Snap Back. It simply means that the person who is asking you this wants a snapback from you.

Q3. What Is SU On Snapchat?

What does s/u with names mean on Snapchat? It means Swipe Up. Here, a story gets posted that has a website link attached. You can visit the website by swiping up.

Q4. How Do You Flirt On Snapchat?

To be like Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, some easy Snapchat flirting tricks are:

• First, snap good pictures of yourself.
• Humorously complement them by teasing them.
• Snap them regularly, if possible.

Maintain the Streak, Please?

What does S mean on Snapchat? Ir refers to the term streak. This is a sign of close friendship on Snapchat. You will see a fiery emoji icon beside their names.

While its motion is special for most, having that fiery icon will make their snaps appear on your Discover page top. Therefore, this is a popular trick done by many influencers and people interested in being closer friends with you.

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