What Can Using Video As Part Of Your Online Presence Help You Create

What Can Using Video As Part Of Your Online Presence Help You Create?


Q: What Can Using Video As Part Of Your Online Presence Help You Create?

Option 1: Content that will go viral.

Option 2: A channel to engage with customers.

Option 3: A variety of different brand perceptions.

Option 4: An online following and fanbase.

The right answer to the question “what can using video as part of your online presence help you create?” is Option 2: A channel to engage with customers. You need to take a look at the explanation to find out more details.


Videos are very effective in engaging the customers with engaging and quality content. There are plenty of different types available in videos that you can choose to get a good customer base easily. Among all the other ones, how-to or tutorial videos can help a lot to make customers interested. 

It helps to build a lot of trust in the audience. Once you have a trusted relationship with your audience, it becomes easy to provide services or products to them. Now that you have discovered the correct answer and explanation of “what can using video as part of your online presence help you create?” You can take a look at some other information to get a better idea about it. 

If you are going for digital marketing solutions by Digitech Web Design you can rest assured that you will be able to strike a chord with your target audience. By using various online marketing strategies from video to Local SEO, brands will be able to improve their visibility, generate higher rankings on search engines and engage with advanced strategies. Your goal as a business should to first cover the basics and then move on to more complex online strategies. 

How Does Video Content Help To Increase Online Presence? 

Video marketing has been one of the most trending and effective ways to boost growth, conversions, business, etc. Apart from that, video content also helps a lot to increase online presence. Based on some of the reports, the video will play a very crucial part in the near future to bring consumer traffic. 

Apart from the answer of “what can using video as part of your online presence help you create,” there are other ways it can help you a lot. Today, video marketing is also generating results on searches like cocaine treatment Toronto or how to maintain mental peace. Here are some of the benefits of using video to increase the online presence given below.

1. Create Interest Of The Customers 

One of the most common benefits of using video is boosting interest. This is because using video in your content makes it more interesting to the customers. For example, when the customers search for products with the intention to buy, they want to take a look at the details. 

Videos are beneficial to provide them with a visual idea about how the product looks. Apart from the product, you can also add other video types like professional demonstration, detailed product explanation, customer review, etc. 

2. Improve The Engagement In Social Media 

Social media and videos are very closely interlinked. When it comes to social media marketing, video is a major part of engaging social media audiences. So, when your website comes with different types of videos, it helps to make the posts eye-catching. 

To stand out on social media platforms, you have to make sure that your content offers something catchy and different. Including video can help you stay engaged with your audience and have better clicks, conversions, and other results. Even something as simple as GIF can become a very good part of the content that makes the customers interact with the product. 

3. Establish Your Authority 

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of video types that you can include in your website or content. It is not necessary to put videos that are focused on brand; you can also include how-to videos relevant to your products and services. It will help you to establish the brand as an informative or knowledge source. 

Especially if your website is based on education, machinery, and others, people will be interested in the video to find out the contributions and process. Therefore, how-to videos are one of the best types that makes it easy to engage with the customers and make them very interested. 

Importance Of Video Marketing 

In the last decade video marketing has become extremely popular and gained a lot of importance in the product marketing sector. There are many factors that led to the popularity of video marketing, what these factors are we will discuss in this section. 

  • Video is a visual medium that is more engaging which helps capture the attention of future buyers. A study by HubSpot found that video is a highly preferred content among most consumers. Hence why you get to see so many ads about different services and products by different brands. 
  •  Among different types of content, video content has proven to be more memorable among consumers. Hence why most businesses use one or several other video marketing techniques to increase their sales and customer base. 
  • Video advertising also goes viral easily which helps increase brand recognition. Businesses and organizations must use video marketing to better customer experience as well. Increase in social media users in the last two decades has shown that videos are more captivating than other content. 
  • Sites like Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites have more viral videos which creates more buzz in the market for a business. Video marketing has also shown companies or businesses rank on search engines bringing in more customers. All of this is possible as the video has high-quality content that visually captures the audience’s attention.  
  • Google search results give more weightage to sites with video content. 

Effective Ways Video Marketing Help Increase Business 

Now that you are all caught up about the importance of video marketing for business, let’s talk about ways to effectively use video marketing. Once you know all about effective ways to use video marketing to increase your business there is no looking back for you. 

  1. Product videos are a great way to showcase your product features and what benefits customers will get through the product. Once you explain your product customers can make informed decisions. 
  1. Brand videos are another great way to tell a brand’s story that will evoke emotions towards the brand. Brand videos marketing helps create loyalty towards a particular brand resulting in a solid customer base for the brand products and services. 
  1. In recent years, educational videos have become a powerful video marketing technique to educate your target audiences.  Educational videos help simplify complex topics that would help your audience understand the need for a service or product which in return increases the sales of that product. 
  1. Testimonial videos help share your customers’ experiences with the products. When real users of the products share their experience with a product it increases the product credibility. Similarly, when customers share their service experience of a brand it increases the brand credibility. 
  1. Live video marketing on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are extremely popular among audiences. This type of video marketing provides real-time experience for your audiences which is authentic. A well-planned live video with interactions with audiences and information is a great way to establish relations with audiences. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What Can Using As Part Of Your Online Presence Helps You Create?

There are many different ways available to make your business strong with an online presence. Here are some of the most common and effective ones given below in detail.

• Develop the content market strategy to reach more people
• Optimize the website very well to help the customers find you easily
• Make sure that all the online reviews are up to date to increase the credibility
• Focus on the brand purpose to build the brand strongly

Q2. How Do You Email A Video Marketing?

Here are some of the most common and effective email practices that you can try:

• Place the video under the email copy
• Try to put video captions
• Make sure that the thumbnail size is small
• Try to use animated thumbnail
• Enable the autoplay option with the sound turned off
• In the subject line, using the word “video”

Q3. Which Of The Following Is An Effective Way To Create An Online Presence?

If you are looking for some of the effective ways to create an online presence, here are some of the best ones that you can try.

• Master SEO practices
• Try out some new forums
• Create a social media presence
• Analyze the results
• Be online active
• Create a website

Q4. Why Is Online Presence So Important?

Online presence is one of the necessary things for outbound marketing. It helps to reinforce the brand and your offering to the target market. With the help of this, quality content will attract new customers even if they haven’t heard about your brand.


If you are searching for the answer to “what can using video as part of your online presence help you create?” The chances are high that you are taking the Google Digital Garage Final Exam. We are happy to help you with your exam and provide you with the answer here. Make sure to go through the article to find the correct answer and explanation. 

Apart from that, this article also brings out the bigger picture that helps you find out more about the contribution of video. If you need any other questions answered, make sure to comment below. We will try to provide the answer as soon as possible. Share this article with others to help them find out the answer.

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