What Campaign Parameter Is Not Available By Default In Google Analytics

What Campaign Parameter Is Not Available By Default In Google Analytics?


We are now sustaining in a digital space. Everything is being digital and shifted to the online space. That is why online businesses and digital marketing are on higher acceleration. 

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are doing; your potential customers are going to look for the solutions to their problems in the Online space. 

Search engines!


Here, most search engines have their own algorithm to judge your appearance in the online space and rank your websites on the basis of a lot of factors. As Google is undoubtedly the most popular and mostly used search engine, most marketers or businesses always think about pleasing Google’s algorithm to make a prominent online appearance. 

It’s all about how many people are visiting your website. The mathematics is simple, the more people you will be able to attract to your website, the more chances of converting them. That means you need to follow what Google is saying to you. 

Google also has a wide range of products to help you achieve your goal and reach the maximum number of potential customers. Google Analytics is one of them. And as you are searching for “What campaign parameter is not available by default in google analytics?” You are considering Google Analytics. 

Here, in this article, I will obviously answer this question and will also give you the necessary idea about Google Analytics and Google Analytics campaign parameters. 

What Is Google Analytics? 

What Is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is basically a web analytics service which offers basic analytical tools and statistics for SEO search engine optimization and, obviously, marketing purposes. This very service is a part of the Google marketing Platform and is also available for free to everyone who has a Google account. 

At present, every business has a website, and when you have a website, you obviously need to track the performance of the website along with gathering visitor websites. It is a must for growth in the right direction. 

Here, Google Analytics comes into action. It assists organizations in determining top sources of user traffic, tracking goal completions like adding products to carts, and purchases, measuring the success of their marketing campaign and activities, discovering patterns and trends in user engagement along with obtaining other visitor information like demographics. 

Most small and medium-sized websites use Google analytics most of the time in order to get and also analyze different types of customer behavior analytics. All these data can later be utilized for improving the marketing campaign, better-retaining visitors, and driving website traffic. 

What Campaign Parameter Is Not Available By Default In Google Analytics?: Explained

What Campaign Parameter Is Not Available By Default In Google Analytics Explained

Now, as you get a basic understanding of Google Analytics, it is time to answer the question. 

Utm_adgroup campaign parameter

It is the parameter that is not available in Google Analytics by default. The scenario is like this; 

The website owner adds parameters to destination ULS., and it is done in order to check which ad campaigns refer more traffic. Here, I am explaining everything you need to know to understand the answer. 

Almost every website owner adds parameters to destination URLs in order to check on the ad campaigns that refer to traffic. Now, here, Google Analytics automatically get information about all the added parameters and also displays them in the reports of the particular campaign when anyone clicks a referral link. 

Usually, there are 5 types of parameters, which are as follows. 

  • Utm_content: Differentiate along with comparing similar types of content with a single ad. 
  • Utm_term: it identified all the paid search keywords. 
  • Utm_campaign: This identifies the campaign name, promo code, and a lot of other things for a product. 
  • Utm_medium: This identifies the advertising medium, like banner and CPC. 
  • Utm_source: This particular one identifies the source of the entire traffic, like newsletter 2, Google, etc. 

So, you clearly can see that utm _adgroup is not one of the 5 parameters. 

Using all these parameters, the website owners gather information on how effective the launch campaign is and also identify the areas where the campaign collected better results. 

Let’s talk about an example. 

You are running a campaign. Now the same campaign can always generate various revenue in various social applications. 

On the other hand, several versions of the campaign, like in-app ads, emails, and video apps, can show different efficiencies. That is why the comparison will be able to assist you in optimizing advertising expenses along with picking up the most profitable advertising channels. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):-

When you are searching about the Google Analytics parameters, you might have some more questions and queries in your mind. So, here are some most commonly asked questions that will give you a clear insight into the same. 

Q1: What Is Not Considered A Default Medium In Google Analytics?

Ans: You might be surprised to know that Google is not at all considered a default medium in Google Analytics. Actually, 3 default mediums are there in Google Analytics,
1. Referral.
2. Organic.
3. None (Direct). 

Q2: Which Tags Are standard Google Analytics campaign parameters?

Ans: When you include or add parameters to a URL, you always need to use utm_campaign, utm_medium, and utm_source. Among these 3 the utm_content and utm_term are optional. Here, I also like to mention that utm_ is just the required prefix for all those parameters. 

Q3: What Content Parameters Is Not Capable Of Measuring Using Google Analytics?

Ans: Google Analytics only lets you use a completely unique user ID along with prohibiting sending personal information, IP address, and username. That means you obviously will not be able to see and also understand how specific users are behaving or usually behave on your site and take their valuable data. 

Q4: What Is Not Set Campaign In Google Analytics Or Google Analytics Not Set?

Ans: In case, Analytics has not received any information regarding the dimension that you have selected; it uses a placeholder name (not set). As a dimension value varies as per the report, this not set Google Analytics appears. 

Wrapping It Up!

So, now you get the answer to “what campaign parameter is not available by default in google analytics?” In case you have any other queries or doubts, you can always leave that in the comment section, and I will try to come up with a solution as soon as possible.

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