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What Are The Alternative To Facebook?


Are you shopping for the best alternative to Facebook? The task may appear to be daunting but so many people are doing the same. The reason could be the hidden terms and conditions and other users would like to avoid the social media giant. 

There is a massive market for similar networks and so many platforms can accept you as a Facebook refugee. This article will introduce to you some of the renowned and big social networks around the world. You can use any of them as the best alternative to Facebook. 

Alternative To Facebook: Top Choices In The Market 

Alternative To Facebook Top Choices In The Market

You could be using other social media platforms like Google+, Instagram, or Twitter. You need to pay close attention to consideration and awareness of data protection and privacy as you choose an alternative to Facebook. 

One complaint about Facebook is that its News Feed algorithms determine what you don’t see and do exactly.  The other challenge is a personalized advertisement. It is only possible by accessing and interpretation of individual user data. 

Therefore, even though Facebook is a social network leader in the global market, it has a long list of critics. The good news is that you can readily get a Facebook alternative. Some of these platforms are less advertised.

Some of them offer improved data protection and extended features and functions that you will not get on Facebook. Here is our list of the best alternatives to Facebook in the market. 

1. Diaspora


If you read the slogan of Diaspora, it puts data back to the hands of the user. It is a conservative alternative to Facebook. It has functions that closely resemble what Facebook offers. You can share images and posts, publish status updates, and comment on the posts of other people.  

Like Facebook, you can also control those people who see your post. Diaspora utilizes hashtags in ordering posts. Therefore, you can use this feature to get individuals who share your interests. 

It is also possible to link Diaspora to the Facebook profile. The tool also has its own chat functionality and is an open-source platform. It will not let you down as an alternative to Facebook. 

Decentralization is among the key features of Diaspora. It has several obvious platforms that are known as pods. The provider does not collect and store user data centrally. Users themselves distribute the network and the data is carried by the pods. 

If you are technologically smart, you may operate your own pods which work like a server. Thus, your private data will remain private in your hands. If you are a less technically gifted server, you can instead use open pods. 

The platform has close to 750 registered users. It is a great option especially if you are concerned with the whole issue of data protection. The social media platform serves as a great alternative to Facebook. 

2. Ello 


Ello is a social media platform that was founded way back in 2012. It is a great tool that you can use as a Facebook alternative. Ello predominantly focuses on photographers and designers. 

Ello does not forward any user data for the purpose of advertisement. If you are an artist, you can sell your artwork on this platform. It has close to one million registered users which is relatively low. 

Users of Ello are not supposed to use their actual names. Besides, Ello is now accessible to all the interested parties. In the past, only registered users would invite new people to join. It is a great social platform that you can use as an alternative to Facebook. 

3. Vero 


This tool is an exciting alternative to Facebook that was released way back in 2015. However, it realized a big increase in the number of users just recently. The App is available on both Android and iOS with a premium annual subscription. 

The platform is committed to remaining free over time and not sharing user info for profit-making. Merchants are also charged a transaction fee when they sell their products on Vero.  

Vero resembles Instagram and Facebook when it comes to a news feed, timeline, structure, and profile. However, it has its own unique selling points that will motivate you to take advantage of the platform. Contacts are divided in 4 categories; news feed, timeline, structure, and profile. You can use the above groups to target the desired set of audience. 

4. Clubhouse 


This platform is basically a mixture of podcast and Messenger. The promise of exclusivity and innovative features helps Clubhouse to attract so many users. Facebook heavily relies on text and images to Clubhouse allows users to talk to one another. The users can open a chat room that focuses on a given topic. 

Users can moderate talk events and discussions with others. There are virtual hands for listeners to raise and speak using the microphone of the Smartphone if the moderator permits them. It is a feature-rich tool that you can use as a perfect alternative to Facebook. 

5. Reddit 


Reddit is a well-established alternative to Facebook. It works in a simple way where users share content that can be down-voted or up-voted by others. It promotes interesting content and the boring pieces disappear quickly. 

It has virtual points that are known as karma points. If you have a high number of these points, you will attract a lot of respect across the platform.

The site has two subforums that are known as subreddits. For the sub-categories, you can find the sub credits in almost any topic of interest. As a user, you are not obliged to use your real names. It is also optional to add your email address. The platform is enjoying a high level of popularity in the United States. 


Is there an alternative to Facebook? The answer is yes and there are so many platforms that you can use instead of Facebook. Some of them can meet your personal preferences better than Facebook. Examples include Reddit, Clubhouse, Vero, Ello, and Diaspora. Going through the features of each will help you to choose the best Facebook alternative. It is good to go for a social platform that you are comfortable with. 

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