Practical Ways To Avoid IP-Blocking When Buying Multiple Tickets


Purchasing tickets to blockbuster concerts, adventure tours, live events, and movie houses is difficult. Bots provide world record-breaking prodigious ticket buying speeds like the case of Xo Planet #3—the ElyXion at Gocheok Sky Dome, which sold 66,000 tickets in 0.2 seconds.

In the real world, there is no way 66,000 people will buy tickets within 0.2 seconds. These superhuman ticket buying speeds are made possible with automated ticket scalping bots. The bots purchase multiple tickets at once, which are sold later at a higher price.

What Does Ticket Scalping Entail?

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Ticket scalping is a legal practice where individuals or agencies buy tickets and resell them at higher prices later. The process is made possible by ticket scalping bots developed with capabilities to scrape various ticket sites at incredible speeds.

Scalping bots come with unique features and abilities. You’ll be surprised to discover that the public rarely buys tickets from official sellers. The competition among bottlers on sites that sell tickets is massive.

As a ticket scalper, Here are ways to buy many tickets without getting blocked.

1. Configure Built-in Delays in Your Ticket Scalper

Ticket websites are sensitive to unusual ticket-buying trends. These sites may not instantly block an IP address that adds two tickets to the cart at once. However, they will ban your IP address if your bots add multiple tickets to the cart, check out, and pay within seconds.

The ticket site algorithms will flag the activity as unusual, requiring solving a CAPTCHA. Unless you’re using a high-end bot with the capability to bypass CAPTCHAs, your bot will get blocked.

To prevent ticket website blocks from affecting your scalping attempts, consider using built-in delay functions in the ticket scalper. The function slows down the ticket buying process, eliminating problems with IP blocking caused by unusual ticket scalping activities.

2. Never Buy More Tickets Than Set Limit

Sites like Ticketmaster have a ticket buying limit per user. The maximum number of tickets you can buy per IP address is eight. Exceeding this number of tickets per IP address will lead to your bot is blocked.

To avoid this, run your ticket scalper with a rotating proxy server. A rotating proxy server does what its name suggests. It randomly rotates through multiple IP addresses, enabling your scalper bot to purchase many tickets without interruptions.

3. Use High-Quality Proxies

High-quality ticket proxy servers support botting and vendor-lock unblocking. Ticket scripts or bots can seamlessly scrape and compare multiple ticket sites online to enable you to pick the most affordable options.

These bots run on high-speed residential, data center, or sneaker proxies to generate numerous concurrent connections, facilitating scraping through multiple ticket resources.

The bots can scan through websites offering movie, airline, concert, cruise, and train tickets concurrently. The capabilities of the bots to open multiple connections simultaneously save you many hours of repetitive searching and comparing ticket prices.

They also allow you to buy many tickets at once without suffering IP blocks that can delay your ticket scalping abilities.

4. Never Use Free or Shared Proxies

Many ticket websites have super intelligent anti-ticket scalping systems that flag all unusual ticket-buying activities. Don’t be surprised if your ticket scalper gets blocked when using shared or free proxies.

In the case of shared proxies, the users on the other end may misconfigure them or use them for malicious purposes, causing the ticket websites to block your IP address.

Free and shared proxies can also compromise your scalping activities by inflicting malware to hijack your payments at the website’s checkout page.

Additionally, shared and free proxies slow down internet speeds. That extra second affects your ticket scalping speeds and limits how many tickets you can buy and resell.


Ticket scalping is a profitable investment. It’s a legal activity that involves earning profits from reselling hard-to-obtain tickets. Scalping often enables event organizers and plane operators to overemphasize the value of their services or products.

It’s already confirmed that most tickets don’t reach the public directly since secondary investors buy and sell them. Do you want to become a ticket broker and earn profits from a few lines of code?

You now know the best ways to purchase multiple tickets simultaneously without getting your IP address blocked by the ticketing website. Get cracking!

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