Best Valorant Trackers That You Should Use In 2023

Best Valorant Trackers That You Should Use In 2023 


Riot Games is known for developing one of the best eSports games of all time – League of Legends – 2020 was a turning point for them. Amidst the lockdown, they released one of the best competitive shooters of this generation after CSGO – Valorant.

Fusing the tight gunplay of Counter-Strike with the over-the-top powers of Overwatch, this game is simply amazing. However, as a competitive game, you must constantly improve at playing Valorant. This is where a Valorant tracker comes in to help you out.

These trackers are designed to give you vital information about your performance, like win rates and headshot accuracy. Therefore, to track your progression to become the next Valorant god, read this post now!

Best Valorant Trackers In 2023  

While there might be no Valorant shop tracker as of yet, a Valorant tracker for your performance is more crucial. Therefore, if you wish to improve at Valorant and track your skill progression, you can start using any of these trackers in 2023:

1. ranks as the most used Valorant tracker in 2023, according to player base statistics. As you can see on their feeds, most of the top Valorant gamers and streamers support this tracker.

You have to download the Blitz Valorant app on your PC. Also, it displays your statistics for other Riot games as well. It also shows Apex Legends, and Counter-Strike Global Offensive stats as well

⦿ Good UI
⦿ You can install the Windows application and run it in the background
⦿ No in-depth stats


You should start utilizing if you want to view all metrics in this Tracker gg Valorant tracker.

This tracker Valorant for statistics provides comprehensive statistics for each Valorant game you’ve played. This contains your K/D ratio, the firearms you most frequently employ, the number of aces you’ve had this season, the Valorant agents you’ve used the most, and many others.

You may also get many video instructions on this website and app. Molly, shock darts, and more molly lineups for agents like Sova, Viper, Killjoy, Kay/O, and others are included.

⦿ Provides a lot of in-depth information
⦿ No PC app, but has a mobile application
⦿ Video guides for various strategies
⦿ The UI is pretty confusing
⦿ Many in-depth reports are premium features

3. Overwolf  


Overwolf is another well-known Valorant tracker. In addition to Valorant, Overwolf can monitor your statistics for various well-known PvP multiplayer games. Ap[art from Valorant, you can check out your stats for other games like DOTA 2, League of Legends, PUBG, and more.

The Overwolf program is renowned for using absolutely minimal memory. This may therefore be running in the background as you play games without affecting performance.

⦿ You can check out your friends’ stats as long as you know their username⦿ There is no Overwolf website – only an app
⦿ The UI can be a bit confusing for many


Use if you want a straightforward Valorant tracker that displays all the crucial metrics. Due to its modest size, you may download this app for free right away from its official website.

Nevertheless, this tracker simply displays the most critical metrics, unlike others like Moreover, there is no comprehensive post-match analysis like Furthermore, it displays no additional guides.

⦿ Only shows few of the stats
⦿ Easy to use application
⦿ Great UI
⦿ No extra stats for Valorant nerds
⦿ Valorant guides and news are not present
⦿ Suffers from frequent maintenance periods occasionally


Another well-known Valorant tracker that is becoming more well-known over time is Because of its simple user interface and several other details, this stat tracker is becoming increasingly prominent.

This tracker displays your stats and valuable resources like the most recent Valorant meta. As a result, you will be able to master various agents based on the maps on which they excel at.

⦿ Easily navigable
⦿ The only Valorant tracker to show the current Meta for each map
⦿ Displays only a few stats
⦿ Zero post-match analysis
⦿ Win rates are not shown across maps


A fantastic Valorant tracker created exclusively for this game is Make this page your bookmark right now if you want detailed reports on your progress after that match.

This Valorant star tracker is renowned for its post-game analysis, which details your usage of abilities, the accuracy of your weapons, and your preferred angles. Consider it more like an extended version of Valorant’s post-match analysis during the game.

⦿ Gives in-depth post-game analysis after the end of every match
⦿ Uses the Valorant API to get stats
⦿ The website often becomes pretty buggy
⦿ The website responds pretty slowly

7. is available if you wish to quickly improve your skills with Chamber Valorant by taking note of your blunders.

Swiftskill offers numerous in-depth graphical representations of your results, unlike other Valorant trackers. This stats tracker is distinct in its thorough descriptions of each game. By examining them, you may see areas that require to improve

⦿ Good UI
⦿ Stats are presented graphically
⦿ Gives you post-match analysis instantly
⦿ Only shows stats, nothing else
⦿ Post-match analysis is a premium feature


You will appreciate using if you enjoy using the Overwolf Stat Tracker. Players can access all stats from this Valorant stats tracker in one location.

Yet, the employment of a Voice Assistant by this tracker valorant set it apart from rivals. When playing Valorant, you may simply give voice commands to have specific stats shown as an overlay if Cortana is enabled.

⦿ Tracks almost all the available stats
⦿ You can have a look at many online guides on this site
⦿ Use Voice Assistant for faster results

⦿ The Voice Assistant can be wonky sometimes
⦿ Downloading the app is necessary

9. Spike Stats  

Spike Stats

Use Spike Stats if you need a Valororant tracker to monitor specific statistics you wish to concentrate on. This software works best used with other tracker apps out of this list, such as VLR gg and, as I generally did.

With the help of this Valorant tracker download, you may learn statistics, such as the usage of particular agents and weapons on specific maps. After every game, you will receive a graphical data depiction of your performance.

⦿ Shows lots of helpful information
⦿ Clean interface
⦿ Provides stat representation graphically
⦿ No website – only has an app

10. Valoperf  


It takes a lot of practice to get good at Valorant. You must practice your aim while learning each agent’s lineups and tool use, map by map. Use Valoperf instead of another Valorant tracker to keep track of your progress.

This webpage demonstrates how your performance has improved over the previous three months. This illustrates how accuracy increases with each gun and how map and agent victory rates also rise. Also, its “Mate Finder” function lets you partner up with others with  comparable stats so you may make new friends!

⦿ Shows your skill progression over time
⦿ You can use a “Mate Finder” feature to look for new teammates
⦿ You cannot check the stats of your friends
⦿ Has lots of server issues

So, How Accurate Are Your Headshots?  

If you wish to know the answer to the question above, you should start using a Valorant tracker.

In this post, I have mentioned ten of the best stat trackers for Valorant that you can use in 2023. Therefore, if you wish to get better at this game quickly, using such trackers is absolutely essential. If you download and start using any of these, let me know how well you like it in the comments! In addition, let us know about other Valorant trackers I might have forgotten to mention here!

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