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Why Use PDF Format Over Other File Formats


Imagine your organization is working efficiently. An office humming with business without worrying about expensive copies that need constant maintenance, new ink, or more paper.

If an organization does not have to worry about these simple things, the work will become simpler, and business operations will move more smoothly. In addition, the business will be able to make a smooth transition to a digital workflow.

In the traditional economy, businesses must manage a pile of paperwork daily. But, today, relying on paper copies seems impossible when the business relies on data for every decision.

This is where the concept of PDF comes into the frame.

PDF is a secure, editable, standardized file format that supports digital document workflow.

PDF was first made available to audiences in 1993. It was a proprietary product for Adobe Acrobat for the next 15 years. However, in 2008 it was made public for everyone to use. This shift to open-based standards has spawned thousands of PDF-based solutions in the market.

Today, you can easily read and edit a PDF file or even host your PDF online, regardless of the application you are using. PDF files offer unique features to users and businesses and help businesses manage their workflow.

Why Use PDF Format?

Every day, businesses produce and move a wide range of files. Some of the transferred files contain sensitive information. Hence, document protection steps need to be taken to keep the content secure and safe.

Professionals have found that by using PDF files, they can share data securely. While security has always been the major reason why people use PDF files, below are a few more reasons to use PDF files for sharing and distributing data.

1. Create & Share Easily

use PDF files

After the PDF file format was open for everyone’s use, it became easy for people to create documents in native applications for free. If this is not enough, you can include PowerPoint, excel spreadsheets, images, videos, and other larger files.

With PDF formatted files, you can create any type of document and attach anything you want along with it. This is what makes PDF perfect for business use.

Today, most devices come with an inbuilt PDF file format that helps you open any PDFs. Just as creating PDFs is easy, sharing them is also super easy. Moreover, you can share PDFs to any device without a second thought about whether or not they will be supported.

2. Complete Control & Visibility

Some file formats give you complete exclusivity over the edit and hide all the tracks. However, with PDFs, every edit is tracked and can be seen by other people. This is because PDF file formats are solely read-only file formats. Hence, the file can’t be altered without leaving any footprint.

Because of this feature, the team working on the PDF files can easily track the performance and changes in the file. This provides them with clarity and helps them collaborate with work.

When you are creating and sharing files among the employees, it becomes important that everyone gets to see the information without any issues and, at the same time, maintain security.

PDF files can be encrypted and allowed to be viewed by only selecting team members.

3. Easy Editing

powerful PDF editors

You might be surprised to know that the PDF files that you edit sp easily are not easily editable by nature. However, thanks to several online tools, software, and applications, we can edit it without having any issues.

Whether you want to add PowerPoint presentations and videos or want to Rotate PDF pages and add graphs, you can do it with ease. Some of the most powerful PDF editors also include Optical Character Recognition. This feature allows the user to scan the image and identify the text and characters on the documents. That means you do not have to type the long content. Instead, you can easily scan and copy/paste the text content.

4. Reliability

What do we mean when we say a PDF file format is reliable? PDF file formats are more reliable than any other file format. A PDF file format is considered reliable when you can feel all the data no matter where you are viewing it.

This reliability ensures that the document you share with the other person reaches them in the same format you intend.

The best part is that you can access the data without any problem, no matter what type of content you have in PDF format – images, vector graphics, text, or audio.

5. File Size Reduction

 sharing the PDF

Sometimes it becomes difficult to share heavy files. While other file formats simply deny the sharing process, PDF gives you an option. In PDF, you get a feature where you can downsize the file size of any content.

If you are working with a PDF that has a larger file format and contains a lot of images, you might run into problems when sharing the PDF file via email.

In such cases, you lower the PDF file size and make the file considerably smaller. This helps businesses deal directly with clients, easily share their portfolios, and speed up the conversion process.

6. Version Independence

Remember the times when you have received a .docx or .pptx file from your friends, only to realize that you do not have the right software tool to open it? However, things are different for PDF-formatted files.

PDFs are universally compatible with any device and can be opened with any PDF reader. In fact, you now have the freedom to merge different PDF files without having to consider different versions.

What’s Our Thought?

The PDF file format has a very professional appeal to it. Think about any paper that needs to be submitted. Most of the papers are in PDF file format. It is because of this reason that the PDF file format seems like a professional tool.

It is easily one of the most versatile file formats that are flexible enough to be used worldwide. This is what we think about PDF file format.

What are your thoughts on it?

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