How To Get Valorant Twitch Prime Loot Using Prime Gaming

How To Get Valorant Twitch Prime Loot Using Prime Gaming?  


No matter which multiplayer game you play – character and weapon skins are necessary for winning. While practically this is true, the domino effect of having flashy skins proves otherwise. Amazon understands this very well. And this is why they offer Twitch Prime loot for most online multiplayer games.

If you are a Valorant player aiming to hit the Radiant rank this season, you better have the best weapon skins. Using Amazon Prime Gaming, you can get them for free. But how do you do so? Let’s find out!

What Is Twitch Prime Loot?  

What Is Twitch Prime Loot

If you are a gamer, you must already know about Twitch. Right now, it is the biggest streaming platform on the internet, beating the likes of giants like YouTube and Facebook. Recent statistics indicate that around 2.8 million viewers watch Twitch at any given time, along with 103,000 live streams being on at all times.

Twitch became famous for being the home for some of the most skilled and entertaining streamers on this planet. With streamers from various backgrounds like gaming, education, just chatting, and the ever-so-famous “bathtub streams,” you get what you want.

However, in 2014, Twitch was acquired by Amazon for a jaw-dropping $970 million. After this takeover, they introduced Twitch Prime to onboard more members to pay for premium subscriptions to help out streamers.

Many believe they will not get anything in return for this Amazon Prime or Twitch Prime subscription. However, this is untrue since you will receive many benefits from Twitch Prime Loot boxes.

When someone says Twitch Prime Loot, they typically refer to lots of free in-game content. Twitch Prime subscribers will get many freebies like free games, free in-game content, free subscriptions, and more!

However, you have to watch for what free loot is there because they do not stay free forever. The Twitch Prime loot changes every week. Therefore, what you see on the Loot list today might not be there a week later! Redeem them before the time runs out!

How To Access Twitch Prime Loot?  

How To Access Twitch Prime Loot

Accessing Twitch Prime is easy if you have an Amazon Prime account. You only need to link your Twitch account with your Amazon Prime account. But why should you do so apart from getting a few in-game rewards and free games?

While these rewards are good enough on their own, the primary reason to sign up for Twitch Prime loot is its drops. More and more game developers are tying up with Prime Gaming to ensure that they can get in more players to play their games and be associated with Twitch to watch live streams of their games.

As I mentioned, to get your hands on the amazing free goodies inside Twitch Prime Loot boxes, you need to connect your Twitch and Amazon Prime accounts. So how do you do so?

There are two broader steps to do so. There are two ways to do so. To learn them both, I have explained them in detail down below.

Connect Your Amazon Prime Account With Twitch  

Connect Your Amazon Prime Account With Twitch

If you already have an Amazon Prime account, you simply need to link it with your Twitch account. Therefore, before you follow these steps, ensure you have both Amazon Prime and a Twitch account. If you do, then follow the steps below:

  1. First, log in to your Amazon Prime account.
  2. Here, search for Twitch Prime.
  3. When the results page opens, Twitch Prime will be on top of the page. Now, click on “Learn More” beside it.
  4. This will open the Twitch Prime store page. Here, click on “Connect Your Twitch Account” (the yellow button on the screen’s top-right corner).
  5. Now, you will be redirected to Twitch, where you must log in.
  6. After you do so, you will get the option to link both of these accounts. Click on Confirm to finish this process and reap free Twitch Prime Loot boxes!

If you don’t know Amazon Prime subscription prices, you can get it for either $12.99/month or $119/year.

Create Twitch Prime Account  

Create Twitch Prime Account

If you do not own an Amazon Prime account, don’t worry. You can upgrade your Twitch account to a Twitch Prime account to learn how to redeem Twitch Prime loot for Valorant. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. First, log into Twitch.
  2. Now, on the top of the home page, you will see the “Try Prime” option. Click on it.
  3. On the next page, click on “Start Your Free Trial.”
  4. Now, click on “Activate Twitch Prime.”
  5. Soon you will be redirected to another page, where you must follow the on-screen instructions to create your Twitch Prime account!

If you don’t know Twitch Prime subscription prices, you can get it for either $8.99/month.

Since Riot Games released Valorant in 2020, it has taken over the entire FPS esports landscape. Mixing the precise gunplay of Counter-Strike with the abilities of Overwatch, Riot created exactly what the scene needed.

With so many agents with unique abilities to choose from, the only in-game purchases are all weapon skins, gun buddies, and player cards. However, if you have linked your Twitch account with Amazon Prime or you have a Twitch Prime account, you can get them for free from Twitch Prime loot boxes for Valorant!

However, you need to link your Twitch Prime and Riot accounts to do so. Here’s how you can do so:

  1. First, log in to your Twitch Prime gaming account.
  2. Then, click on this link.
  3. When the page opens, enter your Riot ID and all associated credentials.

That’s it! Now you can open this link to see what in-game Valorant items you can get for free from Valorant Twitch Prime loot drops! You can also see how much you improved using this loot from Valorant trackers and following!

Conclusion: Gamers Will Always Want More Loot!  

Valorant players are always on the hunt for whatever premium content they can find. I’m pretty sure if you kill an enemy with a weapon skin, you will take their guns immediately (even I do so)!

Therefore, why not spare yourself the trouble and get them for free from Twitch Prime Loot drop boxes! I hope you have learned how to do so from this post!

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