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Tesla Phone: News And Expected Price, Release Date, Specs, And More Rumors In 2022


The Tesla phone – which might be named Model Pi or Model P—has been circulating online.

But how true is this information about the launch of a smartphone by Tesla true, and how much of it is false?

So far, we have no proof of its release and development. However, the rumors got us wondering what a mobile phone from the most eclectic automaker in the world may look like.

What Day Will the Tesla Phone Arrive?

What Day Will the Tesla Phone Arrive

The majority of the rumors originate from adrstudiodesign’s 2021 YouTube video. However, it is made clear that they are his concepts rather than actual leaks or Tesla information. Nevertheless, most rumors we have heard seem to stem from that information.

The concepts for this phone, such as support for Neuralink and a direct connection to Mars, are too futuristic to be practical now. A phone such as this might be in development without those features since they are not required to be present in the initial model. When those concepts are floated at such an early stage, it is appropriate to be dubious.

Release Date Estimate

Release Date Estimate

Some predictions place the Tesla phone release date in 2022. However, we’ll take Musk’s Twitter teet as proof that these speculations are untrue. Although Tesla may eventually release the phone, there is presently not much reason to think that it will. There’s a slim possibility we’d see this phone until closer to 2030, even if this smartphone is being developed secretly.

Tesla Phone Price Rumors

Tesla Phone Price Rumors

The advanced technology mentioned would cost upwards of a few thousand bucks for a phone. So we wouldn’t anticipate the first generation to be within most people’s pricing range, but subsequent versions may become more cost-effective as more people begin to use the technology.

The phone would probably start out pretty simple with only a handful of the rumored features. If they were true, the Tesla phone price in the USA would likely cost between $800 and $1,200.

Pre-Order Information

Pre-Order Information

Pre-orders could begin several months prior to the announcement and the official release. We do not, however, know when pre-orders for the Tesla phone might begin since there is no release date to use as a guide.

Tesla Phone Features

Some of the rumored features of the Tesla phone will be:

1. Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet

Tesla has strong ties to SpaceX’s spatial internet provider – Starlink. This Tesla phone may even contribute to the funding of Mars colonization, an aim of the corporation from its inception. 

However, they would need to figure out a way to ensure decent service from such a little gadget. In addition, it needs to hide the large antenna most satellite smartphones have. According to one scenario, it would function wherever a Starlink base currently exists, such as inside a structure or, should it ever occur, inside a Tesla vehicle equipped with the proper antenna.

2. Solar Charging

Solar Charging

This is not an absurd notion considering that Tesla produces both solar panels for automobiles. It’s unlikely that the phone will entirely use solar power, but it might come with a Tesla imprinted casing that allows for some solar charging.

3. Vehicle Management

Vehicle Management

It will support basic automotive operations, including locking and unlocking the car and controlling music playback. If not already integrated into the operating system, Tesla would place this app on the phone for quick access from the default lock screen. Also, it might make use of external buttons. It’s also conceivable that the app will provide only choices to owners of Tesla phones.

4. Astrophotography


Modern phones use smart AI and sophisticated cameras to assist when capturing the sky at night. With that capability combined with the interplanetary focus of SpaceX, which would unavoidably permeate this phone, you have a device that can take excellent pictures of cosmic objects.

5. Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining

Another rumor claims that it will mine cryptocurrencies. Musk has previously spoken out about cryptocurrencies, so it’s reasonable to assume he would want to integrate this capability into a phone. Of course, some major hardware is required to be developed for this to operate consistently.

Neuralink Assistance

Tesla is working on its Neuralink feature. The idea of smartphones communicating with the brain is largely science fiction. The first ever neural implant, they claim, will enable mobile devices or computer control wherever you are simply by thinking. 

Could Tesla produce the first ever phone to accomplish such an achievement? Of course, an early version could be used on Tesla’s phone using Neuralink, but seeing it here would also be believable, given that Musk owns the company Neuralink.

It makes much more sense for something more manageable to be released first, such as the first few functionalities only, along with an Android version bearing the Tesla name.

Tesla Phone Hardware And Specifications

Tesla Phone Hardware And Specifications

With this phone, all anyone can base their decisions on are assumptions, and without any trustworthy sources to turn upon, it’s impossible to know what this phone might look like on the inside. However, the basic parts would include:

  • 1TB storage
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 6.5” AMOLED display

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Tesla phone are:

Q1. What Is Tesla Phone Price?

Ans- The phone would probably start out pretty simple with only a few rumored features. Therefore, it would likely cost between $800 and $1,200.

Q2. Is Tesla Phone Android?

Ans- Yes, the Tesla Pi Phone will be an Android phone. Upon launch, it will be running on a modified version of the Android 12 OS, which will also support future upgrades.

Q3. Can You Pre-Order The Tesla Pi Phone?

Ans- Yes, you can pre-order the Tesla smartphone. However, the pre-order window has not been confirmed yet. Therefore, keep an eye out for future news to get your hands on these phones early on.

Q4. How Fast Is Tesla Pi Phone?

Ans- The Tesla Phone is expected to be pretty fast. It will also have high-end specifications and support for 5G connectivity. In addition, it will be a great gaming smartphone.


while the concept of a Tesla phone might seem far-fetched at first, it is still pretty possible. Elon Musk has been known to be an eclectic geek, and he could be making a futuristic smartphone in secrecy.

No matter when this phone is released, we could expect it to be one of the best at that time. Expect it to have a pretty high price and support or Nueralink, too – the right step in the wen future.


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