Custom Clothing

Technology To Use For Creating Custom Clothing


With new technologies being created all the time, there are plenty of options for you to choose from when it comes to creating anything.

Here Are Some Prime Technologies To Use For Creating Custom Clothing:

If you want to create custom clothing, there are certain technologies you can use to make your clothing look exactly how you want it to look.

1. Screen Print

Screen printing is a process that involves transferring the design you want onto a silk screen. However, an issue with this can be that if your design has multiple colors, each color will need a different silk screen, and this may elongate the process.

Screen Print

Your design will first be put on a transparent film, and this is then put onto a silk screen photographically, and this is coated with a photographic emulsion, and the artwork is then put onto the screen.

This type of technology is good if you want to order in bulk and if you are wanting your design to be printed on multiple different types of fabric.

There are companies, such as, who can do this for you and will print your design onto the item of clothing, so definitely do your research into this, as companies like this will be able to provide you with a professional approach to your clothing design needs.

2. Heat Transfer

Heat transfer is another method for printing onto clothing. It involves applying an ink-based design to transfer paper to the product by using a heat press machine. This machine uses a mixture of heat and pressure to apply the design to the item of clothing.

The heat you use will depend on the clothing material. For example, for polyester, you should use 300 degrees Fahrenheit, but other types of material may need a higher or lower heat for it to be effective and not damage the fabric.

This may be why it is best to get a company that is experienced in this area to do the printing as opposed to you doing it yourself, as they will know what they are doing, and ensure the fabric will not become damaged.

3. Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is a relatively popular form of printing and is where your design is transferred from sublimation paper to fabric by using a combination of heat and pressure. It is incredibly cost-effective and can either be used by printing companies or by yourself at home.

Sublimation Printing

If it is done correctly, your design will last for quite a while, which may be why it is better to get a professional printing company to do the work for you. If done incorrectly, it may not fully transfer from the paper to the fabric, and you will end up having wasted your own time and money.

What Are The Other Ways To Create Custom Clothing?

You can also create custom clothing by using various other techniques and technologies, such as direct embroidery, printed applique, sewn laminated applique, and knit-in jacquard. It depends on what kind of design you want and what you can afford to pay for.

Some methods are going to be cheaper than others, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the results are going to be as long-lasting compared to the higher-costing methods. Choose whatever works best for you.

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