IT Staff Augmentation

Surefire Hacks To Maximize The Value Of IT Staff Augmentation


Staff augmentation is among the most popular staffing approaches for small businesses and large enterprises.

Small players appreciate the model for its cost-effectiveness, and enterprises commend it for agility and flexibility. IT companies embrace augmentation to scale to evolving needs and project demand.

Even non-tech organizations opt for it to fulfill their contingent requirements, such as custom software development. Whatever your needs and objectives, you must do your bit to get the most out of the collaboration.

Top 5 Hacks To Maximize The IT Staff Augmentation Value

Here is a list of surefire hacks to maximize the value of IT staff augmentation.

  • Establish goals at the outset
  • Identify the skill gaps
  • Review potential partners
  • Create a robust onboarding process
  • Offer effective leadership 

1. Establish goals at the outset

Establishing your goals right at the outset is the key to a successful collaboration with the outsourcing partner.

After all, you cannot expect them to fulfill your expectations unless they are on the same page. Identify your challenges and decode the unique objectives you want to achieve. For example, you may want to develop an in-house productivity tool to address day-to-day problems or speed up development for a client’s project.

Besides establishing goals, create clear timelines, milestones, tasks, and deadlines. But remember to have a scope for flexibility if your requirements change down the line.

Establish goals

2. Identify the skill gaps

Establishing project goals gives you the right start with the staff augmentation model. But success boils down to understanding the existing skill gaps within your company.

It enables you to pick the relevant resources and avoid doubling up on specific skills. You can rest assured about paying for what you actually require for the project instead of picking random providers for the job.

skill gaps

3. Review potential partners

Choosing the right agency to collaborate with is perhaps the most crucial aspect of staff augmentation. Dig deep to understand capabilities, working procedures, and service costs.

Consider offshore providers as they cost less yet offer high-quality talent. Opting for staff augmentation argentina is a good option as the country boasts of top tech talent, but it costs a fraction of the expertise in the US.

But you must vet the agency before sealing the deal. Researching reviews, checking track records, and reviewing case studies are some ways to do it.

potential partners

4. Create a robust onboarding process

Although you may find an ideal tech partner with some effort, getting the most from the collaboration is a different ball game. You cannot do it without a robust onboarding process.

It enables the augmented team members to integrate seamlessly with your in-house team. Moreover, they understand your goals, systems, and processes better.

Remember that working with remote employees may get challenging as cultures, personalities, and work methods differ. A smooth onboarding process ensures a good fit.

onboarding process

5. Offer effective leadership 

Effective leadership is the mainstay of successful staff augmentation, and it should come from your end. Augmented resources excel in skills and experience, but they can give their best only under strong leadership and guidance.

You must have a knowledgeable resource to communicate and share feedback from your side. But avoid micro-management as it may not go well with seasoned resources.

Offering recognition is another element of effective leadership because it keeps remote workers productive and motivated.

effective leadership 
Note: Getting the best value from a remote team collaborating with your in-house staff is all about strategic planning. But it need not be daunting, as these easy hacks are enough to maximize the benefits of the staff augmentation model.


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