How to Start a YouTube Channel for your Gaming Videos


Are you a huge fan of gaming videos? Do you spend most of your time playing games and watching gaming videos? YouTube has a huge fan base of gaming video watchers. In fact, as per YouTube’s official blog, there are around 40 million gaming channels on the platform right now.

If you are keen on joining the gaming industry by creating your videos, we’ve got all the tips and tricks to share with you to create your gaming channel. Making content for your video channel is not a very challenging task. All you need is your laptop and a camera. However, the challenge is to make high-quality videos that viewers would like to watch over other competitors.

Think about what your audience wants to see and show them that through your unique gaming videos. Include different video types, such as tips and tricks, game tutorials, and reviews. Let’s go through the entire process one step at a time and delve into all things you need to become a gaming content creator on YouTube.

What are online gaming videos?

Online gaming videos are either screen recorded or live stream recorded, with a person playing the video game. No matter what device one is playing on, the viewers are enthralled by the video if the player is a pro. Apart from live-streaming video games, fans also like to watch other related topics.

The popularity of video games is sky-high at the moment, with people not just playing online video games but also watching online gaming videos on YouTube. The reason behind people enjoying watching someone else play a video game is something we’re still figuring out. Perhaps gaming is an activity that only true gamers would understand. However, if you’re into gaming yourself, that’s the perfect reason for you to go out there with your gaming video channel.

Create your gaming videos like a professional

Now that you’ve made up your mind to become one of the gaming video creators, you need to know all that’s needed to start filming gaming videos. Before taking that plunge, ensure you have all the right equipment and technical hacks to make the best quality gaming videos on YouTube.

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Which console do you use?

The console you use will play an important role in determining how you film your gaming video. If your device is a PC or Mac, it is a simpler task to record yourself live streaming or playing and make a gaming video instantly.

If you play on an Xbox or PS5, the advanced features of the console will make it tougher for you to stream from these devices directly. Hence, investing in a trustworthy computer is a good idea before you start your gaming video channel.

Bright and beautiful

Low lighting can spoil your gaming experience and more so for your viewers. If you decide to shoot your gaming video after dark or late at night, make sure to use a ring light to make the space brighter. All you got to do is fix the artificial lighting to your PC or Macbook, and you’re all set to film your video.

Video recorder

There are two things you need to record to record a gaming video. One is the screen recording of the video game you’re playing, and the second is recording yourself playing the video game. People will connect to your videos better if they know the face behind the voice and the game they’re watching. So, the best way is to combine the webcam in the corner of your room videos with the screen recordings to give your viewers a wholesome experience.

Microphones and headphones

To make a high-quality online gaming video, you need to own a pair of good microphones and headphones. Only if your viewers can hear you clearly, will they enjoy the viewing experience. And to play the video game well, you must be able to hear it properly without any external disturbance. In case of any coverups required in your pre-recorded videos, you can explore a gaming editor online with options to tweak your audio.

Free Gaming Video Editing Tool

With the help of a gaming video editor online, you can easily make your gaming videos fun and interesting to watch. The editor will contain all kinds of features to enhance your online gaming video with no experience whatsoever. Edit your clips, browse for funky ideas, and choose from various templates that professionals create. Stand out from the crowd by using a gaming video editor to make your personalized videos on YouTube.

YouTube video thumbnail

To get more views on your YouTube video, keep in mind that your thumbnail must grab those eyeballs. Again, this is a great feature you’ll find in the online gaming editor. To create a great-looking thumbnail, opt for a bright picture that relates to your gaming video or your facial expression while playing the video if you’d prefer that. Adding bright and bold text to your thumbnail is another element of magic. Write something that will make your audience click on that thumbnail and give your video a go.

Before going live with your gaming video, remember to add links to your gaming channel and other videos. This way, people can subscribe to your channel if they love watching all of your gaming videos.

To conclude

Now that you’re through with what is involved in creating those binge-worthy online gaming videos, you can consider starting your gaming channel. Remember to own a great YouTube gaming channel, and you must dive into the world of gaming. Be part of the online gaming community and make your presence felt in all ways possible.

Spend quality time with the videos you create before sharing them on social media. Your fan base will only truly grow if you add value to the gaming videos for your audience. Let your gaming expertise be expressed completely through your online videos, and watch your gaming channel grow!

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