Snapchat Won't Open Why Is My Snapchat Not Opening

Snapchat Won’t Open? Why Is My Snapchat Not Opening?


In the messaging and photo-sharing space, Snapchat has a significant presence thanks to its more than 500 million active users each month. If you want to stay in touch with your closest pals via Snapstreaks or just send the occasional life update, Snapchat has you covered. However, sometimes, Snapchat won’t open.

This is because, like most programs, Snapchat occasionally runs into issues. Here are the top eight fixes for Snapchat that you may try if it’s not working properly on your phone.

How To Fix The “Snapchat Won’t Open” Issue On Your Phone?

Although why snap not working is not exclusive to either IOS or Android, the core reasons and their treatments vary depending on your smartphone’s operating system. The following quite simple solutions could still be useful despite the variations:

1. Check If Snapchat Servers Are Down Or Not

If Snapchat won’t open, it’s typically a good idea to check to see whether it’s down anywhere else. You may check websites like Downdetector to see whether other users are experiencing issues with the app, as Snapchat doesn’t offer a live status page that updates in real-time. Additionally, you may follow Snapchat’s official Twitter support account, where the company tweets updates about outages.

2. Logout And Re-Login On Snapchat

If Snapchat won’t open, closing and restarting the app is your next best choice. To close the application, just swipe on the Snapchat card in the recent apps switcher. If that does not fix why is snap not working, you may log out of your account and back in again to re-sync all of your talks.

3. Restart Your Smartphone

One quick fix to why Snapchat won’t open is to restart your phone. Even though it might seem obvious if the software isn’t starting or working as intended, a straightforward restart will usually fix the issue. Try one of the other solutions listed below if restarting the phone and opening the Snapchat app didn’t repair the issue.

4. Ensure Your Internet Connection Is OK

Another underused solution to fix why Snapchat wont open or download is to check your internet connection. It’s conceivable that you were unaware that your network provider was having brief connectivity issues, that your allowed data had been consumed, or that you had simply forgotten to turn on network data. 

You could also try switching to mobile data if Snaps are having problems loading on your Wi-Fi network. If the error persists and you can also lost your Snapstreak among your friends, follow the instructions on our linked page to get it restored.

5. Clear The App Cache Of Snapchat

Clear The App Cache Of Snapchat

Another simple workaround to fix why won’t my Snapchat open on iPhone is to clear the app’s cache. The cache-clearing feature is exclusive to cellphones running Android. You must uninstall the program from your iPhone first, then reinstall it.

6. Check For Snapchat Updates

Due to the fact that you are utilizing an outdated version of the messaging platform, it’s possible Snapchat won’t open. Then, you may upgrade the Snapchat app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Step1: On your Android smartphone, start with opening the Play Store.

Step2:Then click on your profile picture in the top right corner.

Step3:In the next step choose the Manage apps and devices.And run all the available updates.

Step4:Or You can select the “Update All” option.

On your iOS device, open the App Store, then click on your profile picture in the top right corner. Then click the “Update” button next to Snapchat on the following screen.

7. Clear All Conversations On Snapchat

Clear All Conversations On Snapchat

If Snapchat won’t open, you have the choice to end it. You should be aware that doing so would destroy any unsaved Snaps that the sender provided you. Please follow the guidelines to clear a conversation below to fix the Snapchat not working issue.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):-

Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding why Snapchat won’t open are:

1. What To Do When Snapchat Is Not Working?

Ans: Due to network problems, server problems, app failures, and other reasons, Snapchat may not function.

2. Why Is Snapchat Crashing?

Ans: Snapchat may stop working if you install a bad app update or firmware upgrade on your phone. Try updating the Snapchat app from the Play Store or App Store to stop it from crashing when you launch it.

3. What Does Your Clear Cache Do On Snapchat?

Ans: It’s easier to move swiftly with Snapchat, thanks to its cache. You could occasionally run into issues with missing messages or messages that don’t send, though, due to caching. The clear cache tool removes any unsaved Snaps that were provided to you, leaving you with a clear chat view. Your backup of Memories and messages will be unaffected when you delete the Snapchat app’s cache.


The Snapchat app on your iOS or Android smartphone may need one of these fast repairs if Snapchat won’t open. In my experience, updating the app almost always fixes the problem whenever I have app crashes. Did any of these ingenious fixes help you fix the annoying Snapchat not functioning issue? Comment below with your answer, and let us know!

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