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Thanks to the global pandemic situation, the world has become familiar with the new normal. Work from home has never been easier than this. However, the question is whether life has truly become smooth or not. The answer will vary, but when it comes to mental health, the response is “NO.” 

Loneliness, distractions, and boredom are the major issues employees have been facing. Amidst this tough situation, creative gift packages as a part of reward and recognition can bring smiles to their faces. Gifting your friends and relatives also is a splendid idea to show some love in these challenging phases.

But finding the perfect gift package idea is quite a bit difficult.; however, teams like SnackMagic are there to solve this problem.

This guide is a dedicated review of SnackMagic, where I have highlighted its features, benefits, pricing, benefits, disadvantages, etc. 

So keep scrolling for some amazing deets….

What Is Snack Magic?

What Is Snap Magic

SnackMagic is an international gifting platform catering to clients, WFH employees, hybrid events, and event attendees. It’s a one-stop destination that takes all the responsibilities for gifting but with snack boxes. The team claims to be the only service provider that lets people pick their favorite goodies. 

This 2020-born company is a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. They are just getting started with new ideas and a creative mindset and have already delivered millions of snack gifts worldwide. 

The best part is that you will get a menu of 2000+ unique options full of delicious magic, and that’s the enchantment of SnackMagic. Apart from SnackMagic, there are these other businesses called Superior Dishes, and SwagMagic, which are examples of ideal corporate gifting tools. 

Compelling Features Of Snack Magic

Compelling Features Of Snack Magic

SnackMagic has its own features when it comes to product and service offerings. The points below describe the features. 

1. Flexible Support Teams

Snackmagic Box team has the coolest and most flexible customer support teams. They are trained experts in solving any problem you are having with their services. 

2. Bulk Ordering

You can order any beverage or snack in bulk for an event or even to support your office pantry. 

3. Goodie Bags

The Goodie bags of Snackmagic Box contain candy, food,boxes for gifts or small knick-knacks like stickers, or toys.

4. Themed Grab-And-Go Trays

You will get your own customized and curated Grab-And-Go Trays containing yummy snacks, unique decorations, and curated packaging. 

5. Cheaper Pricing Options

The pricing range that SnackMagic is $45 that’s relatively cheaper than several other competitors in the market. 

6. SnackMagic Promo Codes

The company offers a number of discounts and offers. For example, Snackmagic Promo Code is one such brilliant offer program initiative.

I have attached a video series below where the Snack Magic team has talked about the culture and a thorough examination procedure from work from anywhere setup.

What Is The Price Of Snack Magic?

Here is a pricing chart I have demonstrated for Snack Magic. Take a quick look: 

Build Your Own Or Get Pre-Designed PackagesThemed Grab-And-Go Platters

Advantages You Can Obtain Using Snack Magic

Advantages You Can Obtain Using Snack Magic

✅ SnackMagic is a fun way to send gifts to family members or friends and thank the employees or customers.

✅ Their operations are non-complicated from an Administrative Professional point.

✅ They have a plethora of options in terms of snacks and package designs that are creative enough to woo your friends, kids, or colleagues.

✅ SnackMagic has a dedicated team of customer service who are available 24*7 at your service.. 

✅ Pricing range is quite cheaper if compared with the creative options they have 

Disadvantages Of Using Snack Magic

Disadvantages Of Using Snack Magic 

❌ The platform supports only the English language, which is highly problematic considering the range of global customers they have

❌ Some customers have felt that there is a little bit of staff shortage

❌ The recipients need to order within a specific cut-off date.  

❌  The company provides only snack boxes and doesn’t have an option of lunch or dinner. 

SnackMagic Reviews

Below, I have attached some real-life SnackMagic reviews. You will get a clear idea of how they are performing in the global market worldwide

Review 1:

Review 1

Review 2:

Review 2

Review 3:

Review 3

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q1. What Is The Price Of Gift Boxes On Snack Magic?

Ans: The SnackMagic box price starts from $45.00 with the curated stashes. As you level up to the customized Grab-And-Go Trays, you will have to purchase them at $195.00.

Q2. Is Snack Magic A Good Gifting Platform?

Ans: Yes, according to the SnackMagic reviews, it’s a good platform for gifting friends, family members, colleagues, and employees with snack gift boxes.

Q3. What Language Does SnackMagic Support?

Ans: SnackMagic supports only the English language. This is a little problematic since the non-English users will face difficulty availing of services.

Q4. Who Are The Typical Users Of SnackMagic?

Ans: Most of the SnackMagic users include Small businesses, Non-Profit organizations, Mid Size Businesses, and Large Enterprises.

Final Verdict – Is Snack Magic Worthy To Use In 2022?

To summarize, SnackMagic is an energetic, fresh, and ambitious team. The company’s key Principles Include: 

  • Cut To The Chase
  • Be A Problem Solver
  • Stay Confidently Humble
  • Welcome Change
  • Team First

Therefore, considering the reviews, pros, pricing, and how they work, we are recommending Snack Magic to you. 

Gift your loved ones amazing snacks and let us know your experience in the comment area below.

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