Seiko Epson Story: A Printing Success Saga  


Seiko Epson Corporation, known as Epson is a multinational electronics company based in Japan. It is among the world’s largest computer printer manufactures and image and information-related equipment.

The headquarters is located in Suwa, Nagano in Japan. Seiko Epson has several subsidiaries around the world that manufactures laser printers, inkjet, thermal printers and dot matrix for consumer business. They manufacture laptops, watches, scanners, point of sale systems, industrial equipment, etc for industrial use.

History Of Seiko Epson

Let’s learn a little bit about Seiko Epson Corporation’s roots going back to 1942. Hisao Yamazaki, who was an owner of a clock shop in Suwa, Nagano founded the company, Daiwa Kogyo.

Yamazaki was an employee of K. Hattori, started the company, Daiwa Kogyo with investment from Hattori family. Hattori family was the founder of Seiko group and after investing in Daiwa Kogyo, Yamazaki started manufacturing parts of watches for Daini Seikosha (as Seiko Instruments).

Daiwa Kogyo company started operations with 22 employees in 230 sq. m. or 2,500 sq. ft. miso storehouse in Suwa. In 1943, the watch company Daini Seikosha along with Daiwa Kogyo established a watch making factory that manufactured Seiko watches in Suwa.

In 1959, Daini Seikosha and  Daiwa Kogyo merged to establish Suwa Seikosha Company Limited (predecessor of Seiko Epson Corporation).  Suwa Seikosha Company Limited developed several timepiece technologies. These timepieces are:

  • 1963 Seiko QC-951, a quartz timer
  • 1969 Seiko Quartz Astron 35SQ, the first quartz watch in the world
  • 1988 Seiko Auto-Quartz, the world’s first automatic power-generating quartz watch
  • 1999 Spring Drive watch

In 1961, Suwa Seikosha created the company, Shinshu Seiki Co. supplied precision parts of Seiko watches. In this year Seiko Group was selected for 1964 Summer Olympics taking place in Tokyo as official timekeeper.

A printing timer was needed to keep track of the time of events that resulted in Shinshu Seiki developing an electronic printer. In 1968, Shinshu Seiki introduced the Electronic Printer-101 or EP-101, the world’s first mini printer.

June 1978, TX-80 (TP-80) was released which was a dot-matrix printer. In 1980 an improved model of the TX-80 was developed MX-80 (MP-80).

In 1982 the first handheld computer HX-20 (HC-20) was launched and 1983 saw color LCD TV being developed.

Seiko Epson Corporation

In 1968 after the first mini printer EP-101 was launched, the next generation printer EPSON was launched. EPSON name was coined taking the first mini printer initials EP that meant electronic printer.

The SON name to the second generation printer is EP-101 ‘son’, ‘Electronic Printer Son.’ the name Epson. In 1982, Shinshu Seiki named itself officially the Epson Corporation and in 1985 the Corporation and Suwa Seikosha Company Limited, merged to become Seiko Epson Corporation. This company developed the world’s ink printing technology called micro piezo inkjet technology.

Epson Business

It offers several products for business and customers to make their work easier and to get more productivity. Listed below are all the products that it provides its customers.

  • Printer and Scanner

It manufactures several kinds of printers like dot matrix printer, inkjet printer, laser printer, etc. They sell printers and scanners for homes, commercial use printers and copiers and printers for business. The printers are easy to maintain and sturdy, they do not need frequent replacement, reducing environmental impact.

  • Visual Products

The company offers visual products like business projectors, home projectors, and smart glasses. These projectors boost creativity and productivity in business at home projectors provide a premium quality picture experience.

  • Industrial Products

Industrial products include production systems, inkjet devices for R&D and micro injection molding machines.

  • PC and Softwares

The company offers desktop computers, laptops, and softwares that helps businesses achieve more productivity. They provide accounting softwares to digitize back-office operations for human resources, general activities and accounting. They offer disc duplicators to print high-quality label and disc creation that are reliable.

  • Watches

The projects sensing technology and craftsmanship in their watches Trume, Orient and Orient Star. The Trume watch has cutting-edge analog technology and Orient offers pleasurable wear.

  • Micro Devices, Materials, Components, and Other Products

The company offers societal solutions by developing several products to increase productivity.

Products like microdevices(semiconductors, sensing devices, timing devices), wearable modules with optical technology and sensing technology, micro alloy powder, inkjet heads, surface treatment processing for automobile, electronics, medical and other application surface finishing and watch movements like quartz and solar movements.


Epson India Private Limited was incorporated in 2000 to address the needs of commercial enterprise, businesses and homes. Epson manufactured products and offered services that specialized in consumer and business needs in India.

At present the company holds a reputable position in the Indian market for their quality and value products and services. The headquarters is located in Bengaluru. The company supports and markets Epson products like scanners, 3LCD, large format printers, Epson inkjet printers, dot-matrix printers and more other Epson products.

It is growing in India at a very fast rate with its product categories listed in first or second position in India. As they hold on to their quality and value products and services they are bound to lead in the print sector.

India is a country that reads books and newspapers has a large printing sector. Printing sector needs high quality machines like Epson Inkjet Printers, Point of Sale Printers, Large Format Printers and Inkjet All-in-Ones.

Again to digitalization of the Indian education sector there has been an increase in demand for 3LCD Projectors. The entertainment sector has use for 3LCD Projectors in movie theaters.

Hope now you know the reason for Epson becoming a top name in the printing industry. If you look closer you might just find an Epson product being used in your office, business or home itself. If you had knowledge of Epson a watch company, take the path of printing technology.

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