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Looking for a platform that helps you develop applications efficiently and fast? As we have provided information about a platform that accelerated your model development process. is a platform where you can simple put a single line of code to accelerate your development process and deploy your model faster. It was time-consuming to develop. And deploy a model from scratch with this platform it becomes faster to deploy your model.

Keep reading to know more about this company and the services it provided.

What Is

What Is
Scale is a company founded by Alexander Wang and Lucy Guo in 2016. The company CEO is Alexander Wang and Brad Porter is its CTO. They developed a software that can accelerate the process of creating AI application by data training the AI model.

The company has its headquarters in San Francisco, California with 600 employees working under it. The company has got a total investment of 603 million dollars. Some of its investors are Cohere, OpenAI, CarperAI, and Adept. is a machine learning platform where acceleration of predictive analytics helps developers to deploy a AI application faster which took a lot of time. The process of developing an application that functions properly is a time-consuming process. accelerates this process the deployment is faster.

With better data from this developers can develop better performant models along with faster deployment. The company has labeled one billion data and has 7.7 billion annotations to its name.

With an its advanced large learning models it can offer data training to several AI applications. Like self-driving cars, robotics, mapping, AR/VR, federal LLMs, content and language. Meta, Microsoft, US Air Force, FOX, Toyota Research Institute, OpenSea. And OpenAI are some of the generative AI companies has worked with.

Products By

Products By offers services in several sectors logistics, defense, and retail and ecommerce. Two of the products the company offers are Data Engine and Custom LLMs.

This platform offers high

Scale Data Engine

Scale Data Engine

Scale Data Engine is a software that collects your data, curates it and annotates the data. You can put in the important data to train your models and then evaluate it. By partnering with major companies like Toyota, Meta, Nuro, OpenAI, Microsoft. And more this platform offers high-quality labels from domain experts.

You will be find cost effective way to solve model failures as Scale’s Data Engine. It easily finds categorizes and fixes model failures. This platform also offers high value curated data that you can use for labeling without spending too much money.

Data Engine supports any kind of machine learning projects, be it lower-volume or higher-volume experimental projects. You can just customize it as per your need.

This platform offers diverse data that ensures your model offers greatest performance.

Scale Custom LLMs

Scale Custom LLMs

Scale Customs LLMs is another software that helps with fine-tuning large language models to improved performance on your specific needs. partnered with OpenAI to fine-tune ChatGPT 3.5 for one of the largest generative AI companies in the world.

Using Scale platform its easier to customize LLMs with high-quality data from strategic partnerships with Meta and OpenAI that are leading model builders in the world.

Reviews On

Reviews On

Here are some reviews on from its users that you can read on.

Bob Summers founder and CEO of a company used for his company.

He says, “When it comes to model improvement, every percentage point counts. Improving 100,000 calls by 1% means that 1,000 people are getting a better experience. Every percentage point is a victory, and with Scale, we’ve experienced 5% improvement over just 3 months.”

Andrew Gasiorowski,

Who is NPL engineer, says, “we’ve worked with Scale Rapid, we have noticed about 5% improvement in overall intent classification performance. Having these ground truth labels has made it possible for us to achieve this improvement. When we want to validate something before we give it to our customers, we can test it ahead of time using these truth labels.”

Praveen K.

He says, “Data labeling with Rapid AI tool.” He mentions what he likes and dislikes about this platform.

What do you like best about Scale Rapid?

I’ve utilized this tool for labeling large datasets of various types, and it consistently provides accurate results that add value to the business. It’s particularly beneficial when setting up the environment and facing budget constraints since it offers a pay-as-you-go option. 

What do you dislike about Scale Rapid?

There is no reason to dislike this application. 

What problems is Scale Rapid solving and how is that benefiting you?

We utilized this product for data labeling due to its comprehensive features, and we were able to set up our project within our budget limits as it offers a pay-as-you-go option.
Ignacio L.
1. What do you like best about Scale Rapid?

This program is really useful, and I can finish my projects in a very short time, thanks to the ease of using each of the functions that this program presents, the support is really strong and of quality for the annotation of my images, videos, and others. Multimedia documents, it’s really cool how I can implement Scale Rapid and tagging in my work document and text projects, each of these features adds up to a really cool experience for us and all our co-workers. 

2. What do you dislike about Scale Rapid?

Unfortunately, this program is a bit basic, and it is indisputable that there are certain aspects that can be improved in a future update, we are waiting for new functions that are a little more innovative than what we are used to. On the other hand, we do not agree with the price of this platform.

3. What problems is Scale Rapid solving, and how is that benefiting you?

This program helps me to a great extent to carry out my work. That is why we always count on your support, and we use it every week in our work department, Scale Rapid is the program that works with excellence to label as quickly as possible on my computer, this provides us with a more effective and much faster work to achieve all the ambitions that you propose to us, there are many annotations that we execute through this means such as videos, images, audios and many more complicated ones.

An IT service management capabilities and process engineer lead says, “This program is really useful and I can finish my projects in a very short time.


Let us know your views about this company and its service. Would you like to use this platform to accelerate your model developing process?

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