A Complete Guide: How to Download Someone’s WhatsApp Status (Latest)

How to Save Whatsapp Status

How to save WhatsApp status videos in a gallery: Since WhatsApp launched Snapchat-like status updates in February, users have really been trying to find ways on how to copy WhatsApp status videos of others. At first, the status-update feature was accepted with mixed feelings as anticipated but the implementation seems to have been adopted by many users.

Save Whatsapp Status

Day in and day out, hundreds of thousands of users upload WhatsApp status videos, pictures and some of those amusing updates can’t help but laugh. Since then, the demand on how to download whatsapp status video on android has increased. Few of us have figured out a way around how to save whatsapp status without app but many folks still have to beg their contacts to send them those Statuses. What if you could save those videos and pictures on your own?

How to Save and Download Whats App Status Videos on Android and on the iPhone

WhatsApp saves all status videos and pictures that you have seen on your device. For a while those images and videos are removed from the folder and you need to act immediately after watching them to save them on your phone permanently. To learn how to save videos and photos on WhatsApp status, follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Download and Install Android File Manager on your phone.
  • Open the File Manager, select the menu and go to Configurations (Settings). Scroll down to the left and turn off the Hide system files button.

  • Now one can see the secret folders and files WhatsApp stores in one of those directories your viewed Status Videos and Images.
  • Access the File Manager memory of your device and find a folder called WhatsApp. Tap the. Statuses and switch to Media

The. Status folder which includes the recently displayed status will be shown and as the folder is automatically hidden, you will need to transfer the status videos and photos to a file that is not hidden, i.e. screenshot or video folder that you want to permanently save on your phone into another folder.

How to Save Whatsapp Status in Iphone

whatsapp video status app for iphone

  • You must have a subscription to the BuildStore to do this
  • Deactivate (Uninstall) the WhatsApp Original on your iPhone.
  • Link your iPhone to BuildStore.
  • Open your browser with Safari, and then install WhatsApp from Buildstore

That’s all on how to save WhatsApp Status on the iPhone, how to save WhatsApp status in the gallery, and how to download WhatsApp status videos of others.

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