Red Hat Hackers

Are Red Hat Hackers The Real Robocops Safeguarding Us?


Hacking has become pretty common in the 21st century. With news of hacking spreading rampantly every day, it is essential to have a protection system in place. This should be a priority to prevent our data and personal information from being breached externally. 

Therefore, there exists a special class of hackers called Red Hat Hackers. They excel in taking aggressive stances against other malicious hackers and protect our system from being breached by external factors. 

Therefore, if you want to learn more about them, then continue reading this article. You will get to know what are some of the characteristics of a red hat hacker and learn briefly about what skills you need to become one yourself. 

What Are Red Hat Hackers?

Red Hat Hackers are a classification of hackers. These hackers are the ones taking aggressive stances against black hat hackers. Whenever a black hat hacker starts hacking into a protected system, these hackers get alerted to their presence and start counter hacking them.

Therefore, these hackers are the warriors who protect us by directly taking the fight against black hat hackers. Furthermore, they work in conjunction with white hat hackers to protect us from malicious hackers. Therefore, you can say that they are vigilantes like Batman who work in secrecy and prefer anonymity.

How Do You Identify Red Hat Hackers In Real Life?

Identify Red Hat Hackers In Real Life

Every hacker has their own personality. It is difficult to identify the identity of red hat hackers because of their mysterious personalities and anonymous nature. They prefer keeping their identity a secret on the internet because they know the dangers of being hacked by others. 

Many red hat hacking groups have risen to fame because of their actions. These famous red hat hackers have divulged information about themselves. From their interviews, have gained some insight into the characteristics of these hackers in real life.

  • They have the curiosity of a cat: These hackers are extremely curious about the functioning and intricacies of the internet. They are constantly searching for new ways to hack into mainframe systems and directly attack other hackers. Therefore, they are constantly learning and improving their skill sets. 
  • These hackers make their own rules: Such hackers make their own rules and follow them to the end. They do not follow the rules of any organization and typically make their own rules based on internet anonymity. However, many such hackers follow the rules of the red hat group they are associated with.
  • They are typically shy and introverted in real life: One of the most exciting and humane aspects of red hat hackers is the fact that they are pretty shy and introverted in real life. They tend to be antisocial and do not prefer socializing much.

How Are They Different From White Hat Hackers?

Different From White Hat Hackers

White hat hackers are the good hackers that we all have come to know on the internet. These hackers are responsible for finding flaws in systems and fixing them. They also make programs and codes to safeguard systems so that it becomes difficult to hack them.

White hat hackers often work under the payroll of many companies and even government agencies. These hackers typically work for cyber security companies and are responsible for creating defensive systems.

Now that you know about this classification of hackers, you must wonder how different they are from red hat hackers?

While on the surface, they might seem the same since they both protect us from malicious external attacks. However, the most significant difference between them is the power and authority they have.

White hat hackers typically work for a cyber security organization or government cyber security divisions and cells. On the other hand, red hat hackers do not work for any such agencies and take pleasure in directly attacking malicious hackers.

They do not work for money but for the sheer pleasure of combating external cyber security threats.

But are red hat hackers good?

Many people ask this very common question on internet chat forums like Reddit and Quora. Unfortunately, since white hat hackers already have the distinction of being the “nice guys” amongst all the types of hackers, red hats often get left behind.

We can compare them to vigilantes like Batman, who work behind the scenes to ensure that we common folk can live in peace, especially in cyberspace, where hacking has become pretty common and easy to pull off.

How Do They Pose A Threat To Black Hat Hackers?

Red hat hackers are one of the biggest threats that black hat hackers face. This is why so many IT firms often contact red hats from time to time when they face an external cyber attack.

Red hats have many tools which they use to ensure that black hats can be identified and traced. They do this by applying many hacking techniques that directly target the systems of black hat hackers. Some of the most popular methods that red hats use are:

  • Hacking social media accounts to target their entire social media network.
  • Injecting viruses into the network of black hat hackers to make their defenses vulnerable.
  • Attacking using the clickjacking method.
  • Using a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack on black hat servers and networks.
  • Cross-site attacks using scripts.
  • RDP hacking.

Can I Become A Red Hat Hacker?

Anyone can become a red hat hacker if they know what they are doing and learn the right things. It all boils down to learning the right skills and applying them in the best way possible.

A course on computer sciences and programming is a must-learn requirement to learn the skills required. Without knowledge of computer programming skills, hacking can become confusing and difficult.

Also, you have to be curious and experimental yourself. This guides a long way in helping you find new ways to hack and find loopholes in networks and cyber systems. 

You can search for hacking information online. But the best method is to get under the mentorship of a senior hacker or enter a hacking Bootcamp

Skills Required To Become A Red Hat Hacker

Skills Required To Become A Red Hat Hacker

Some of the advanced skills required to be one of the elusive red hat hackers are:

  • You have to learn and master multiple computer coding languages, like Python
  • Learning how to do metaprogramming with self-modifying codes is an essential skill. 
  • You must have good knowledge of system designs and computational theory.
  • Having a great insight into social engineering and neurolinguistic programming will help you figure out the next move of red ghat hackers and get the jump on them.
  • Opt for cyber security certifications like PenTest+, Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), and Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. Is It Difficult To Become A Hacker?

Yes, it is pretty difficult to become a hacker. To become a hacker, you must have authoritative knowledge of most computer programming systems and have a great educational background in computer sciences and their applications.

Q2. Who Are Some Red Hat Hackers?

Red hat hackers are some of the best hackers in the world. Theme john starts after a white hat hacker is done protecting the system. Thes hackers directly target black hat hackers. Also, they are masters of using the Linux operating system.

Q3. Who Is The No 1 Hacker In The World?

According to popular belief, Kevin Mitnick is the best hacker in the world. He is popular for having great knowledge of hacking and has published many books and journals about hacking and how to use it ethically.

Q4. What Computer Language Do Hackers Use?

Hackers use many different computer coding languages like:

⦿ Python
⦿ C++
⦿ Linux OS
⦿ C
⦿ Java


Red hat hackers show no mercy to black hat hackers who disrupt cyber security measures. Anyone disrupting the peace of common folks on the world wide web will be directly facing the wrath of these hackers. Therefore, they are the last enemy you would want to make online. 

To become aggressive hackers like them, you need essential skills like a good knowledge of computer coding languages. You also need to be curious and have a thirst for knowledge to improve yourself constantly.

To know more about other types of hackers, leave a comment below and read our articles on them here at TechRab!

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