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Should You Build or Buy a Pre-Built Gaming PC?


If you’re in the market for a new gaming PC and want to improve your gaming setup, one of the most important questions that you might have is whether you should buy a pre-built gaming PC that is ready to go, or build one for yourself from scratch.

We’ve gone over some of the reasons to build and some of the reasons to buy to help you decide which option is best suited to your needs.

Reasons to Buy a Prebuilt PC

Prebuilt PC

Getting a prebuilt PC can have lots of different advantages for gamers. Some of the main reasons why you might choose this option include:

1. You Want a Laptop

Do you like the idea of having a gaming laptop rather than a desktop PC? There are lots of reasons to game on a laptop including the fact that it is infinitely more portable and easier to carry around with you, so you can access your favorite games from anywhere.

And with Lenovo SSD Gaming PCs and laptops there’s a bigger and better range of choices available than ever before.

2. Save Time

time saving

Putting together your own PC can take a long time. Everything from researching and ordering parts, to unpacking everything, making sure that everything works correctly, actually building the PC, cleaning up, and setting it all up will be down to you.

It’s much faster to simply buy a PC that is ready to go, get it out of the box, and set it up.

3. Less Risk of Issues

When you build your own PC, there’s a higher risk that you’ll run into problems when you can’t get something to work as it should. On the contrary, buying a prebuilt gaming PC means you’re less likely to have to spend time figuring out problems or ordering new parts before you can get set up.

4. Reasons to Build a Gaming PC

Gaming PC

On the other hand, if you have the time and want to get a gaming PC that’s unique to you and your needs, you may want to consider building one from scratch.

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5. Customize it To You

When you build your own gaming PC, you get to choose every single component that you use including the CPU, graphics card, the make and model of the RAM, and even the cables and fans that are inside. You can opt for higher-quality parts for those that matter most and save money on the ones that are necessary but not that important for performance. And, you have more control over the aesthetics of your PC.

6. Save Money By Using Second-Hand Parts

Computer Parts

If you already have a gaming PC, you can easily save some money by re-using some of the parts in your new build PC such as the storage, power supply, casing, and more.

Or you can look for parts for sale second-hand that are in good condition, to save money to spend on the more important components.

To buy or to build is a big question for many PC gamers. Weigh up all the pros and cons before you decide to help you figure out what might be the best option for you.

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