Plug And Call Business Telephony With A Fixed Number On A Mobile


As an entrepreneur, you naturally want your business to be completely up-to-date, and telephony is no exception.

However, traditional telephone exchanges no longer offer enough flexibility for many businesses. As they need to be physically present in one location and connected by a telephone cable.

As we all now work more from home and it is important for organizations to be able to adapt quickly to changing working conditions. A traditional phone system is often no longer the best option.

A modern VoIP telephone exchange offers the ideal solution. VoIP is an abbreviation for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ and it means that you no longer call via an analog or digital line. But via an internet connection.

A VoIP phone system is, therefore no longer physically located in the office but is completely cloud-based. Anyone can use a VoIP phone system, making it a flexible solution for both large and small businesses.

Here Are Three Reasons Why, As An SME, You Should Opt For A Modern Telephony System:

Modern Telephony

1. Scalable and flexible

Since a VoIP phone system resides in the cloud, you are no longer tied to physical hardware or telephone cables. All you need is an internet connection. As a result, a modern phone system is highly scalable and flexible and can easily grow with your business.

Where before you could only make calls with a landline phone, on a VoIP network you can make calls with different devices. Computers, laptops, mobile phones, landline phones… plenty of choices. We can divide these into two categories: hard phones and softphones.

Headphones are physical phones similar to the normal phones we are used to and that you can put on your desk. The difference with a normal phone is that a hardphone uses an internet connection and so can be part of the VoIP system.

Softphones use an app that connects your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer to the VoIP phone system. This allows everyone to choose which type of device they want to work with. And it is easy to install via QR code.

Because there are so many options, it is very easy to adapt your phone system to your business. For example, if new employees join, they can easily be added to the phone system. You can expand, downsize, move or even arrange your telephony across multiple branches in different locations without any problems.

This also applies to the phone numbers associated with your company. Is your company expanding to Spain, for example? Then you can easily activate a Spain virtual phone number online.

2. Improved accessibility and features

With a telephone exchange in the cloud, you can be reached anytime and anywhere, because you are no longer tied to a fixed location. Because you can also connect the switchboard to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You can always be reached at home, on the road, or in the office. For example, if a colleague works from home or you are on the way to a customer, as long as you are connected to the internet, you can still receive calls.

With a modern phone system, you can also set your own opening hours, where and how departments within your company can be reached, to which colleague the incoming call should go if it is not answered within 15 seconds, and so on. With a modern phone system, you also have many extra features that can make your life a lot easier.

For example, you can set up a choice menu, where everyone you call hears a recorded text and can choose from different options.

The software can then transfer callers to the right colleague within your company. Or you can use a smart queue with its own message, or set up hold music for callers who cannot be helped immediately.

3. Inexpensive

In general, modern VoIP telephone exchanges are cheaper than standard telephone lines. Because you make calls over the internet, a VoIP account is a lot cheaper than the charges you normally pay for a traditional phone line.

As long as you have a broadband internet connection, you can make free calls wherever you are. Even if you call a landline, the cost will be lower than that of regular phone service.

If you often make international calls, then you can also save a lot through VoIP, as you no longer have to incur extra charges for an international call. You will also save on travel and training costs when you use the web and video conferencing via VoIP.

Since calls at a modern phone system are made over the internet, there is also no tax levied by governments, so it can bring you significant savings.

Get started yourself

modern phone system

Are you interested in a modern phone system but not sure where to start or what exactly you need? Then get in touch with your provider and they will be happy to help you further. Many providers also have interesting deals to help you get started with your own VoIP switchboard.

If you want to enjoy a flexible and cheaper solution for telephony within your company, a fixed number on mobile is an excellent choice!


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