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In the present day and age of developing machine learning AI technology several new systems are developing that make human work easier and more efficient. One of these new development comes from the company that developed a software that can automate sales process in companies and businesses along with making its faster.

Keep reading this article to learn more about this company and its services.

What Is

What Is is a company that offers efficient solutions to businesses in managing their sales processes which helps sales team organize and manage their work easily. offers a generative AI system that helps automate manual tasks that earlier took much more time and human input to complete.

With the process of generating revenue in a company becomes easier and more smoother. Through their patent AI technology, businesses can speed up complex sales process that leaves time for more tasks to be completed by the employees.

When the right people are tasked in right account the work easily gets done, offers right solutions for problems through its platform. Using their technology, businesses can enable their sales team to see whom to engage with using their accounts and what to do to get the highest-yielding results.

Companies like AppDynamics, Okta, Zoom and DataRobot knows that people purchase from people, they buy from

Features OF

Features OF

Here are some features that you get from the platform

Data Sourcing  

Data sourcing and interactive dashboards offered by platform.

Predictive Analytics  

Get opportunity to scoring big deals.

Sales Management  

You can track sales activities, live pipeline your management process and account-based analytics.

Lead Intelligence  

Account-level Insight offered.


Incentive Leaderboards.


You can personalize profiles, create custom reports, set goals and personalize dashboards.


Under administrative feature you get to, integrate, monitor behavior and structure of employees.

Products Offered By

Products Of offers holistic solutions that combine the power of automation with  account management and opportunity management that creates a complete GTM motion. GTM motion is a company’s plan to get its product to the market so customers purchase it and revenue gets earned.

The platform creates a complete plan the go-to-market motion (GTM) for any enterprise. Some of its products are in a list below.

  1. SalesAI

SalesAI is fully generative AI sales system that inspects account and the deal health, automates manual tasks and offers prescriptive coaching recommendations.

  1. Data Foundation

Data foundation uses automated activities to boost pipeline creation that enables you to see the complete data on all GTM engagement.

  1. Revenue Solutions

With Revenue solutions you can plan account to manage opportunity that will help you tighten deal execution in your CRM.

  1. PeopleGlass

PeopleGlass can update your CRM in seconds that can save your time for other revenue generating activities.

Review On

Review On

Here are some reviews on showing what customers think about this platform and its services.

Kateryna A. says, “Extremely helpful tool for managing CSM daily tasks.” she adds,

What do you like best about
I like how easy it is to use. simplifies activity tracking for CSMs, reviewing and evaluating the adoption stage and relationship with a customer. All activities are logged to SFDC and easily accessible. The new UI allows locating all deals or accounts on the same page and building customizable reports. I also love the ability to track and analyze trends in team performance, metrics, and productivity. 

What do you dislike about
Some of the data doesn’t seem to be very accurate; while I am not using any dialer tools, it’s being recorded in my performance metrics as calls instead of meetings is really helpful for the entire organization, but we mostly use it for reviewing trends in team performance. 

What problems is solving and how is that benefiting you?
Analyzing team performance and trends, building custom reports of deals, accounts, or opportunities, showing levels of engagement with customers, and providing insights into what accounts or opportunities require more attention.

Ammarah S. says, “ for Corporate Organizations,” talking about what she likes and dislikes about the company.

What do you like best about
Reducing the manual effort of recording every conversation.Configuration & adding new users with auto SF hierarchy is super easy, and articles are of great help. 

What do you dislike about
Not able to capture the physical meetings. It has to be on the calendars to get captured. Can there be a 2-way flow of info between it and the CRM?Not all the meetings get synced and need to be validated. Can there be a notification triggered to see what meetings were not synced?Capturing additional information from events like the type of the meeting etc. 

What problems is solving and how is that benefiting you?
-Automated activity Capturing helps minimize the time spent recording customer conversations. This has increased productivity as well.-Easy-to-digest data that forms the backbone of most of our leading indicators & Activity tracking dashboards-Intuitive UI for Managers to look at their teams’ data in one place

Parth P. says, “Pretty Good to manage analytics.” Adding,

What do you like best about
Seamless updation of all accounts via a single pane of dashboard. 

What do you dislike about
UI could use some updating in terms of relative view sizes when switching from desktop to mobile. 

What problems is solving and how is that benefiting you?
Hassle free use of various tools via minimal interface and a single pain of window for several types of reports and charts.

Sebastian G. says, “Powerful to track and support the view of the business.” He added,

What do you like best about
Easy to use and allows to have good insightsIt is key to know how to use it and what is the potential. 

What do you dislike about
Nothing so far. I started using the tool just a couple of weeks back. 

What problems is solving and how is that benefiting you?
Bring clarity and visibility of the business in a user friendly way of accessing to it


Well there you go, what are your thoughts about solutions to easy the revenue generating process of enterprises using its platform and services? Would you like to give this platform a try for you business? Or would you stick with the manual and complex sales process?

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