Omron Success Story: Robotics Company Leading The Industry  


Are you searching for information about Omron Corporation and its products? Read this article. In this article, we have provided all the information about OMRON, from its origin to the services it provides.

A leading robotic company in the market, you might think the company started as a robotic company, you will be shocked to its history. The Omron Corporation has a history that dates back ninety years.

Through time, the company has innovate several products to help develop our society and industry towards the future. Keep reading this article to learn of this leading robotic company.

Omron Corporation

Omron Corporation, or OMRON, is an electronics company based in Japan that manufactures automation equipment, systems, and components. The company was establish in 1933 by Kazuma Tateishi as the Tateishi Electric Manufacturing Company and got incorporated in 1948.

The company’s origin in the area of Kyoto known as “Omuro,” which led to the company’s name, “Omron.” The previous name of the company was Omron Tateishi Electronics.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, Omron Corporation motto, “To the machine the work of machines, to man the thrill of creation.” Their motto was to continue contribute towards the development of our society. Omron wants to create social value through its products and business.

The primary business of the company was manufacture and selling automation systems, equipment, and components, as the business grew, the company expanded its manufacturing in other sectors like healthcare.

The company is popular for manufacture medical equipment like digital thermometers, nebulizers, and blood pressure monitors in the medical market.

Omron developed the first electronic ticket gate in the world that recognized as IEEE Milestone in 2007. The company became the first manufacturer of ATM (Automated Teller Machines) that contained magnetic stripe card readers.

The company expand in the oil and gas industries by providing AC drive and DC drive systems. They provided custom control systems for this industry.

In 2013, after eighty years in the market, Omron named one of the Top 100 Global Innovators by Thomson Reuters.

History Of Omron

1993 X-ray photography timers manufacture after Kazuma Tateishi founded the Tateishi Electric Works.

In 1945, the company’s factory relocate from Osaka City to Kyoto City in Hanazono Dodo-cho of Ukyo Ward.

The trade name of the company changed on 19th May 1948 to Tateishi Electric Corporation.

The trademark OMRON establish in 1959 in the company’s constitution.

In 1960, the company developed the first contactless proximity watch in the world. A new Central Research Laboratory construct in Kyoto Prefecture’s Nagaoka Town that same year.

In 1964, the world saw its first Electronic Automatic Sensitive Signal introduced by the company.

In 1967, OMRON developed the first unmann station system in the world.

The smallest desktop computer in the world, CALCULET- 1200 in 1969.

The first online cash machine in the world develop in 1971.

1983, the “Kenon-kun,” which is a highly accurate electronic thermometer, develop with advanced temperature monitoring technology.

In 1987, the first ultra high speed fuzzy controllers in the world developed.

1991, OMRON developed an in-line inspection device called the Painter.

In 1995, the company developed a distance warning system.

The VT-WIN inspection system developed in 1996.

1998 saw the development of a device that could determine global banknote authenticity.

In 2003, OMRON split its Healthcare Business by creating OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd.

2004, the company developed its facial recognition technology for smartphones.

2007, the first color 3D vision sensor and 3D image sensing put to practical use worldwide.In 2009, the company developed the world’s first ene-brain CO2 visualization system that featured an energy-saving analysis system with expert consultants incorporation.

In 2011, the company introduced machine automation controllers, the Sysmac NJ series.

OMRON Adept Technologies, Inc.

In December 2016, Adept Technology Inc., an industrial robot manufacturing company in the US, was acquired by OMRON. Five subsidiaries of Adept Technology were now subsidiaries of OMRON, known as OMRON Adept Technologies, Inc. The headquarters of this company was in Pleasanton, California.

The company developed and manufactured industrial automation and robotics, and it manufactured software and vision guidance. The company manufactures a variety of products for different industries that require precision and high-speed machines. Industries like packaging, food handling, consumer products, electronics, automotive, medical and lab automations, and upcoming solar manufacturing use OMRON products.

1984, the company launched its first product, a SCARA robot or AdeptOne SCARA robot. SCARA robot popularity was observed even in 2009. In 2004 the company introduced table-top SCARA robots with power amplifiers, servo, and system controls at the base of the robot known as the Adept Cobra i600/i800.

The Adept Cobra models s600/s800 had an added external controller system. In 2006, the company launched its delta-4 robot called the Adept Quattro. The Adept company introduced Adept Python linear-module robots (1-4 axes) and Adept Viper robots (six axes).

After OMRON acquired Adept, the Robots series was renamed the Omron Adept LD series.

Products By OMRON

OMRON Industrial Automation company provides several products. These products are listed below.


Fiber sensors, Vision sensors, Code Readers, Photoelectric sensors, Ultrasonic sensors, etc.


Basic switches, level switches, Push buttons, Indicator lamps, Limit switches, and Thumbwheel switches.

Control Components

Timers, Digital panel indicators, Programmable Relays, Temperature Controllers, Counters and Cam Positioners.

Motion/ Drives

Inverters, Servo Drives or Servo Motors, and machine automation controllers.


Mobile robots, collaborative robots, and industrial robots.


Safety relays, general purpose relays, I/O relay terminals, terminal relays, power controllers, low voltage switching gears, and solid-state relays.

Power Supplies and More 

OMRON provides a Wiring system, DIN rails, sockets, power supplies, laser marker, Inspection system, Measuring/ Motor protective relays, Uninterruptible power supply, Axial fans, UV-light curing systems, Sensor I/O Connectors/ Sensors, Static Electric components, and more.

We hope this article provides all the information about the OMRON robotics company. And how it has transformed itself throughout the years by leading the innovation sector of society to branch out to different industries by creating advanced technology machines to help society.

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