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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology is used in different sectors of industries from manufacturing to medical use. Many companies are creating business around RPA to the better the life of people. Nuro is a company the developed a useful product that can help humans in deliver process.

To know more about this company keep reading this article.

What Is Nuro?  

Nuro is a private robotics company based in the United States. The company founded by Jiajun Zhu (CEO) and Dave Ferguson in 2016. The headquarters of the company is located in the Mountain View, California.

Nuro develops autonomous vehicles or self driving vehicles for delivery. It started as a company that develops self-driving cars for people, shifted their motto to developing delivery vehicles. It’s the first company to get autonomous exemption from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Ascolta Ventures funded the company, Greylock Partners and Banyan Capital Partners funded the company in 2018. In 2019, SoftBank, Vision Fund, Google and many other corporations have become investors in the company raising over 2 billion dollars fund in total.

The current valuation of the company stands is 2.7 billion dollars.

History Of Nuro Inc.

History Of Nuro Inc.

Nuro Inc. founded by the engineers of Google’s self-driving car program, Waymo. Jiajun Zhu was the main software engineer of the team. Dave Ferguson joined the project in 2011 as the lead machine learning engineer. Back in 2016, they left Waymo and founded Nuro in September of the same year.

In January of 2018, Nuro introduced the robotic delivery vehicles in the market after getting 92 million dollars in funding from Gaorong Capital and Greylock Partners. In 2019, the company raised 940 million dollars from SoftBank Group that valued the company at 2.7 billion dollars.

Nuro announced that the fund will be used to expand their robotic delivery service to more locations, to expand the robotic delivery fleets and add new partners. Nuro ranked No. 10 in Top 50 Startups List by LinkedIn in September of 2019.

In November of 2020, the company announced they raised 500 million dollars in funding from Series C led by T. Rowe Price. This made the company’s valuation at 5 billion dollars.

In December of 2020, the company acquired Ike Robotics, a startup that developed self-driving trucks. 55 Ike employees including the three founders of Ike, joined Nuro after the acquisition.

Nuro in 2021 announced 40 million dollars for constructing a manufacturing facility for self-driving robot vehicles in southern Nevada that will include a test track.

In 2022 and 2023 Nuro announced layoff of about 50% of its employees.

Partnerships Of Nuro

Partnerships Of Nuro

Nuro partnered with Kroger in 2018 to test the robotic delivery vehicle’s delivering accuracy of groceries. In June of 2019, the company announced its partnership with the pizza giant, Domino’s. Domino’s and Nuro announced that the deliver will start in Houston from late 2019.

Nuro started a prescription delivery service for CVS Pharmacy in May 2020 at the Covid-19 pandemic. In the late 2021, the company started deliver service with its robot vehicles for 7-Eleven goods, a commercial partnership.

In 2022, the company partnered with Uber for autonomous food deliveries in California and Texas.


Products of nuro

Nuro products consist of a fleet of electric autonomous delivery vehicles that can safely deliver your goods and groceries to your doorstep. Its first product launched in 2018, a self-driving local commerce vehicle, electrically powered and is used for delivery, called R1.

The R1 weighs 680 kg (1,500 pounds) and is over 1.8 meters tall (6 feet) with a width of a sedan. The vehicle was designed only to carry goods, not people. It has space for 12 bags of groceries in its first model.

The third generation of Nuro has customizable compartments and can carry many bags of groceries.

The initial test of R1 took place on 16th August 2018 in Arizona. The Fry’s Food and Drugstore in Scottsdale, Arizona was were the pilot test happened using the self-driving Toyota Prius cars.

R1 officially launched on 18th December 2018 in the pilot mode. In 2020, the company announced plans for the second-generation self-driving vehicle, R2, in Texas. In April of 2020 Nuro announced they had started transportation of medical supplies in medical facilities in California with R2 prototype.

The R2 was designed without any side view mirrors, pedals or steering wheels. Latest, Nuro has developed P2, a self-driving delivery vehicle with maps that operates autonomous deliveries using safety operators onboard.

Reviews Of Nuro

Reviews Of Nuro

Here are some of the customer reviews of Nuro.

a. Verified User in Computer Hardware says, “AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE OPERATOR….”

What do you like best about Nuro?
I feel Plenty of free snacks and catered meals, an amazing team to work with, and very intelligent is a Very solid hardware and software build. Founders have a very good vision. Overall, Nuro has been amazing to work for so far. The people here are incredible.

What do you dislike about Nuro?
The only thing is that to be prepared to work hard and be expected to make a solid contribution. Results are expected regularly. Also, I feel that The rapid growth of the company has left some important positions unfilled.

Recommendations to others considering Nuro:
Highly recommend.

What problems is Nuro solving, and how is that benefiting you?
My success reason is that I only Keep listening to the employee feedback! 

b. Verified User in Automotive says, “A company who makes life easy with new age technoogy.”

What do you like best about Nuro?
Nuro is trying to help make new-age technology-based simulations that help many people in their daily lives. Implementing new-age solutions with the green revolution is something I like about this company.

What do you dislike about Nuro?
This complete solution will be very costly, and it will take time to implement it on a large scale in the real world. The product is good, but implementation for mass welfare needs to be cost-effective. Also, a lot of safety training is required for AI-based systems. To summarize, implementation will be minimal for now, which I dislike about NURO.

What problems is Nuro solving, and how is that benefiting you?
NURO is trying to make a sustainable planet through its products, which is necessary in today’s world. They are trying to introduce autonomous vehicles for daily life tasks, which in turn helps us reduce our carbon footprint and make our planet green. If presented globally, these products will benefit all of us, not only me. Looking forward to seeing such a great initiative at the global level. 

c. Waqas N. says, “ This is an AI company. They Came up with a self driving car as their first product in 2018.”

What do you like best about Nuro?
The best thing about Nuro is Autopilot. They provide their services to big brands like Toyota.

What do you dislike about Nuro?
Self-driving technology is a bit risky, so there are many improvement chances in safety and are much more expensive.

What problems is Nuro solving and how is that benefiting you?
Auto-driven cars can be used as a delivery option. 


What are your thoughts about robotic process automation technology being at the forefront of the tech industry in the upcoming decade? Will Nuro’s self-driving delivery vehicle invention be a hit in the delivery industry? What are your thoughts?

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