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Mitsubishi Electric: Goes Beyond Automotive Navigation  


Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, or MELCO, is a multinational electronics manufacturing company based in Japan. The company is known for manufacturing electrical equipment. MELCO has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

The company was established in the year 1921 as an offshoot company of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in the Kobe Shipyard. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was a shipbuilding company started manufacturing electrical machinery.

MELCO manufactured products like electric motors, semiconductors, high end home appliances, elevators, escalators, air conditioning, train systems, pumps, factory automation systems, digital signage, and satellites.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a publicly listed company with almost 150,000 employees. In 2022, the company earned a revenue of 4.476 trillion. The present chairman of MELCO is Mitoji Yabunaka, and the CEO of MELCO is Kei Uruma.

History Of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Yataro Iwasaki launched the Mitsubishi company as a shipping firm in 1870. Japan was trying to catch up to Western innovations. As Mitsubishi company’s business grew, they diversified their portfolio into manufacturers of several electrical products.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation was an offshoot of the core company of Mitsubishi Group, the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (as Mitsubishi Shipbuilding). It’s Shipbuilding was divested of its marine electric motor factory in Kobe, Nagasaki, Japan. Mitsubishi Shipbuilding is a diversified and leading electronics company in Japan.

MELCO has manufactured several electric and energy systems, industrial automation systems, electronic devices, space systems, home appliances, and information and communication systems.

The company’s purpose, as listed on its website, is “We, the Mitsubishi Electric Group, will contribute to the realization of a vibrant and sustainable society through continuous technological innovation and ceaseless creativity.”

And they have stuck to this purpose for decades now. MELCO has several subsidiaries around the globe. In Japan, they have 91 companies, outside Japan, they have 118 companies.

MELCO acquired the Nihon Kentetsu company in 2005, which manufactured Japanese home appliances. Again, in 2015, MELCO acquired DeLclima, which is an Italian company that designed and manufactured HPAC and HVAC units. After acquiring DeLclima, MELCO renamed the company in 2015 to Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics and IT Cooling Systems.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced in 2023 that they plan to spend 100 billion yen (almost 672 million dollars) in building a semiconductor factory in Japan’s Kumamoto Prefecture. The target year of starting production in this factory is from April 2026.

Products Manufactured By MELCO  

Here, we have listed all the products that MELCO manufactures.

Air Conditioning Systems

Mitsubishi Electric applies cutting edge Japanese technology in developing and designing their room air conditioners. Build air conditioners with temperature controls with sensors to suit different temperatures. Their globally designed air conditioners are suitable for a variety of lifestyles.

They develop and manufacture package air conditioners for commercial use like restaurants, shops, small offices, and bars. Their products include variable refrigerant flow or VRF, air to water heat pumps, ventilators, chillers, IT cooling systems, rooftops, and air handling units.

Home Products

Under home products, MELCO manufactures freezers and refrigerators, air purifiers, toasters, dehumidifiers, electric fans, ventilation fans, vacuum cleaners, and water pumps. The latest refrigerators (FS series) preserve the freshness of products kept within to enhance our sustainable lifestyle.

With all these home products, Mitsubishi has contributed towards making a sustainable society that makes our lives easier. Their electric fans, like Tarami Fan, are wind control fans that make no noise and deliver a comfortable breeze.

Factory Automation Systems

MELCO manufactures products for several industries by developing products for automotive manufacturing, the electric and electronic industry, logistics, data centers, oil and gas, water, lithium-ion batteries, and HVCA (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning).

In automotive manufacturing, MELCO offers resin molding, press, welding, painting, engine assembly, casting, vehicle assembly, engine machining, and HV motor assembly.

MELCO offers lithium-ion battery coating, slitter, trimming, winding machine, formation and cell testing, module and pack line, stacking machine, and roll press.

The company provides stacker cranes, RGV/ AGV, robots, distribution warehouses, sorters, and conveyors in logistics.

In the Electronics and electrical sector, they provide precision assembly of (memory) parts, assembly of HDD parts, and precise screw tightening.

The company provides:

  • Air conditioning systems.
  • Monitoring systems.
  • Power supply for power distribution and server.
  • Energy-saving countermeasures and support in the Data Center sector.

Automotive Equipment

In the Automotive sector, the company provides starting and charging products, car multimedia products, electric power steering system equipment, safety and driving assistance system equipment, and electrification products.

Building Systems

MELCO manufactures escalators, moving walks, modernizations, elevators, and hand dryers. The company holds the record for the world’s fastest elevator in Yokohama Landmark Tower in Japan from 1993 to 2005.

Energy Systems

The company provides different kinds of products and solutions in the energy sector like power generation, low voltage and medium voltage switchgear and systems, nuclear systems, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), power information and communication technology, frequency converter station, and transmission and distribution.

Semiconductors And Devices

Some of the products manufacture by MELCO are contact image sensors, semiconductor, and devices like power modules, optical devices, high-frequency devices, sensors, driver ICs, TFT-LCD modules, and high power devices.

Visual Information Systems

Mitsubishi Electric manufactures industrial printer, EMEA printer, North American printer, photo printer, and CP-K60DW series tools. They provide display walls like rear projection cubes, LCD, and display wall upgrade units.

Transportation Systems

The company produces rolling stock systems (rail), transportation control and planning systems, communication systems, and electrification and power supply systems.

Information And Communication Systems

Mitsubishi provides optical access systems, solutions to 100 Gbps transmission, and visual access systems.

Defense And Space Systems

In the defense sector, MELCO provides radar, anti drone, modules and devices, and shipboard systems. They offer satellite platforms, satellite programs, optical telescopes, radio telescopes, satellite components, and satellite communications in the space sector.

Public Systems  

Mitsubishi provides water treatment systems and uninterruptible power supplies for protecting critical data equipment and centers in power instability.

We hope this article provides you with information about Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. MELCO’s automotive navigation system is just a drop in the ocean full of innovation that the company has developed in the beginning of this century.

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