Minecraft Color Code - The Ultimate Guide

Minecraft Color Code – The Ultimate Guide (Updated 2022)


Minecraft is very popular among gaming fanatics. The game has been selling millions of copies every year. The last time I checked, they had sold 600 million copies of the game. The number of sold-out copies of the game is rapidly increasing every year. 

This 3d sandbox video game is popular among many gamers worldwide. The game gives you complete freedom to express the wild side of your creative mind. You can build castles and buildings, play survival games, and have the fun of a gaming world. 

You can create your 3d world using 3sd blocks. Then, you can base your game around exploring, crafting, or combat.

You can play as a solo player or in multiplayer mode with your friends.  

In multiplayer mode, you can chat with your fellow players. The chat option of the Minecraft game allows you to have different colors for the texts. There are built-in Minecraft color codes to help you set a preferred color for your chat or your Minecraft gaming commands. 

So, if you want to change your Minecraft color codes, you need to know about the format codes of Minecraft. That is why I have provided you with the best Minecraft color code guide for 2022 in this article. 

Minecraft Color Code

Minecraft Color Code

The Minecraft color codes are known as format codes in Minecraft. These codes come built-in to the game. They allow you to change and personalize your Minecraft chat or gaming commands. 

So what can you use the Minecraft color code for? You can customize your Minecraft game by using the color codes. Then use these codes to change the text color, assign colors to the separate teams, and color the dyed leather armors. You can also use these format codes to make the texts in the game bold or Italic or change the Minecraft text color. 

The Minecraft color codes contain the section sign (§), 0 to 9 numbers, and letters from A to F. There are different numbers and codes for creating different color codes in Minecraft. 

When a player wants to change the color code, they need to type the color code before the text. The color code contains a “§, section sign + hex digit”  

There are different Minecraft terms for the Minecraft color codes. So, before you change the color code, you need to know about these color code terms.

  • Color is the term used to denote color name, and (Minecraft Name) is the internal name for Minecraft color.
  • MOTD Code is the internal code used to denote the “Message Of The Day” color in Minecraft games. 
  • Chat Code is the internal code that you need to use if you want to change the chat color code in Minecraft.
  • Hexadecimal it denotes the internal hexadecimal value of the color in Minecraft.
  • Decimal is another format code. It is the internal decimal value of Minecraft’s colors. 

Major Minecraft Color Codes 

Here is a list of Minecraft color codes

If you want to change the text styles in the game, you can use the Minecraft format codes. These codes can help you make your chat texts bold or italic. Here are the format codes-

Descriptions Chat Codes MOTD Codes 
Bold §l\u00A7l
Strikethrough§m \u00A7m
Reset The Default Color §r\u00A7r

How To Change Minecraft Color Code

How To Change Minecraft Color Code

Now, if you are a Minecraft player trying to change the chat codes or color codes, you can follow the methods explained below-

  • You need to use the section sign (§) command.
  • You can use the keyboard shortcut. However, I recommend copying the sign from this page and then placing it in the command box. 
  • You can use the Alt + NUMPAD 2 NUMPAD 1 on Windows for the § character. 
  • Mac users can use the Option + 6 commands.
  • You can use the Compose + S + 0 shortcut if you are a Linux user.
  • Once you type the § sign, you need to type the format code for the specific customize you want to make using the Minecraft color codes. 

Frequently Asked Question

Now that you know about the Minecraft color codes and the methods to change them, you may have some other questions that need answering. If so, I have responded to several popular questions on the internet. You can check them out and see if you find anything worthwhile.

How Do You Use Custom Color Codes In Minecraft?

Minecraft color codes help you modify the text colors on the game, chat colors, and other appearances inside the game. If you want to make any color modification on Minecraft, you can follow the below steps- 

• You need to type the section sign (§).
• Follow the section sign with the corresponding letter or number for the specific change you want. 
• Once you have given the command, you can use the Minecraft custom color codes.

What Is Netherite Color Code?

Netherite is the Minecraft name of the gray/ purple color. The color is associated with old debris. It is a dark gray color mixed with little black and slight purple. The color makes up a slightly dark brownish color for the litter.

What Are The Codes For Colors?

The Minecraft color codes are the commands that help you change the color of texts and assign colors to individual teams. You need to use the section sign followed by color codes in the command to make the color change for modification. For instance, here are some color codes to help you –

• Red – #FF0000
• Blue – #0000FF
• Cyan – #00FFFF

What Color Code Is Cyan?

Like all the other Minecraft color codes, the color Cyan has a color code. It is a greenish-blue color. If you want to change your color to Cyan, you must follow this color code – #00FFFF.


If you enjoy playing Minecraft, you will want to get your hands on all types of Minecraft tips and tricks. Changing the Minecraft color codes is one of many fun tricks you may want to do with your Minecraft gaming experience. So, if you’re going to enjoy Minecraft while changing the color codes, this article has the steps and codes to help you.

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