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Everything You Need To Know About Marvel Future Revolution


No one has thought that gamers would switch to a smaller device for the gaming experience, but that happened. Thanks to smartphones, mobile gaming has evolved a lot from what it was a few years ago. Netmarble Studios played a significant role in this evolution and helped mobile gaming to reach its peak. However, Marvel Future Revolution is the best game they have developed till now. 

There are plenty of Marvel games available for mobile, but none of them are as good as this one. Some of the most popular Marvel games came out before Marvel Future Fight, Marvel Contest Of Champions, Marvel Strike Force, Marvel’s Avengers, Marvel Super War, Marvel Realm Of Champions, Marvel Avengers Academy, and many more. Marvel Future Fight was also developed by Netmarbe, and Marvel Future Revolution is the Sequel. 

Things You Need To Know About Marvel Future Revolution 

Know About Marvel Future Revolution 

If you are planning to play the game, there are certain things that you need to know. The storyline of this game is different from all the other ones that you have played till now. We will be sharing all the details of the game with you, like the storyline, characters, customization, maps, and others. Pay attention to all of the details to stay one step ahead of all the other players. 

Release Date 

Marvel Future Revolution was released on August 25 of 2021. The game was available for all mobile platforms such as Android and iPhone. You need to have at least 6.5GB of space free on your mobile to download this game. Unlike all the other Marvel mobile games, this game comes with very high graphics. Now that you know the Marvel Future Revolution Release Date let’s jump to the next section to find out more. 

Engaging Storyline 

The unique storyline of this game makes it very interesting to play. The game starts from a timeline that is yet not portrayed in any film. The game begins with the event “The Convergence,” where multiple Earths from different realities or dimensions are colliding with each other. 

All the heroes from different Earths made an alliance known as Omega Flight. You will start your journey from Omega headquarters to save the multiverse. However, you will not be able to get all the Marvel Avengers characters available. Here are some of the characters that you can choose to play the game. 

Playable Characters 

If you are hoping to get all the Marvel characters available in this game, you might be disappointed. Right now, there are only 8 characters available to choose from. Here are the details about these characters given below. 

1. Iron Man

Iron Man

Iron man is the core member of Avengers and Marvel. Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, uses his technology and gadgets to fight and fly. Therefore, Iron Man is the easiest character to build that can become a very good PVP character. 

  • Difficulty To Play – Very Easy 
  • Customization – Moderate 
  • Class – Humans 

2. Spider-Man 


The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is also a core and very old Marvel character. This hero fights using the web-shooters and has the ability to swing around using webs. 

  • Difficulty To Play – Hard  
  • Customization – Good
  • Class – Humans 

3. Star-Lord 


Apart from Marvel Future Revolution, there are not many games available where you can get to play Star-Lord. He also uses gadgets to fight enemies and has the ability to fly. It is a fun character to play PVE with a useful set of skills. 

  • Difficulty To Play – Medium 
  • Customization – Moderate 
  • Class – Human And Spartaz Hybrids 

4. Storm 


This is one of the characters that is originally not a member of Avengers in the movies. However, she is a character from the X-men movie and a member of Marvel’s future Avengers. Her ability includes weather manipulation, storms, flying, and others. 

  • Difficulty To Play – Easy 
  • Customization – Not Good 
  • Class – Mutant  

5. Captain Marvel 

Captain Marvel 

You might be familiar with Captain Marvel as she was introduced in the MCU. She uses cosmic energy and photon attacks to deal with enemies, and she can also fly. If you build her correctly, she can become a strong PVE character. 

  • Difficulty To Play – Medium 
  • Customization – Very Good
  • Class – Human And Kree Hybrid 

6. Doctor Strange 

Doctor Strange 

Doctor Strange is a very popular character in the MCU. If you are looking for a ranged character with high damage attacks, he is the best choice for you. He uses the Eye Of Agamotto and his magical abilities to fight with enemies. Also, Doctor Strange has the flying ability. 

  • Difficulty To Play – Easy 
  • Customization – Very Good 
  • Class – Human 

7. Captain America

Captain America

Captain America is a pure melee character that comes with super durability. However, it is the only character that does not have the flying ability. Instead, he runs at a fast speed to get to different destinations. Using his Shield, he can easily handle big bosses. 

  • Difficulty To Play – Hard 
  • Customization – Good 
  • Class – Human 

8. Black Window 

Black Window 

Black Widow is another core member of Avengers and an agent of SHIELD. If you are looking for something new to try, choose Black Window. Just like Captain America, Black Widow does not have the ability to fly, but she can run faster. 

  • Difficulty To Play – Very Hard 
  • Customization – Moderate 
  • Class – Human 

After the Marvel Future Revolution download process, you will need to enter the game and choose a character among these. Make sure to plan your character build before starting the game. You can choose upto 4 characters to play the game initially and later unlock more spots using 400 crystals per spot. Each character has a different build, special abilities, ultimate skill, customizations, and others. 

If you want to choose a character for PVP, choose between Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Black Widow. On the other hand, some of the best characters for PVE in Marvel Future Revolution include Star-Lord, Captain America, and Captain Marvel. Finally, to level up very fast and reach the highest level, choose Storm or Doctor Strange. 

While some are hard to play, others are very easy and come with different skill sets. Maybe we will get more characters. Apart from the mentioned characters, many other Marvel characters are available in the game, such as Hank Pym, Vision, Thor, Sif, Loki, Maestro, Rocket Racoon, Groot, Winter Soldier, and Nick Fury, Gamora, and others. However, these are not playable, and they appear during quests. 

Available Maps

Experience new adventures in different maps of the Marvel Future Revolution. Some of these maps include Hydra Empire, Xanderearth, New Stark City, Sakaar, Midgardia, Omega Flight Headquarters. You will be able to do many different things on these maps. 

Missions – All the main missions will be scattered through these maps. Based on your level, you will get missions on different maps. The mobs are also divided in these maps based on their level. 

Target Bosses – In these maps, you will find many target bosses roaming around. Killing them will help you to get a lot of rewards. You can take a look at the mini-map to find them easily. As they are powerful bosses, you might need to squad up with other players to kill them. 

Side Missions – Side missions are very important in this game as it helps you get a lot of money and exp. Apart from that, you might find some additional materials from side missions as well. 

Special Missions – On every map, there are some special missions available at specific places. Doing them will help you get regional gear that is very rare. 

Collectibles All the maps of Marvel Future Revolution contain lots of collectibles. You will be able to get different items easily from these collectibles. 

However, the Omega Headquarters is a completely different map from all the other ones. This is the place where all the heroes gather and turn in their missions. You will also find some NPCs available in this area. 

Costumes And Customizations 

Costumes And Customizations 

One of the most important things that keep this game one step ahead is the customization options. You will get plenty of customization options available in this game on the costume. There are plenty of designed costumes available for each hero in Marvel Future Revolution. 

You can choose one based on your choice and farm them as well. Common, rare, regional, and many different costumes are available with different stats and set bonuses. While you can buy them with crystals, you can also get them by completing special missions and event missions. Give a new look to your character to make the gameplay more fun and attractive. 

Bosses And Events 

This is the first marvel game where you will see powerful villains such as Ultron, Thanos, Red Skull, Loki, MODOK, and others. Apart from these, there are plenty of small bosses available in the game that provide you the opportunity to earn a lot of rewards. Based on MCU, the game also offers plenty of events, such as the Thanos event, which ended a few days ago. 

If you join the Marvel Future Revolution now, you will be able to participate in the Eternals event. With this event, they also introduced the Companions, which will assist you in the battles. You can join these events to earn a lot of rewards easily. When it comes to leveling up your character and powering them up, these events help a lot. 

Different Game Modes  

Different Game Modes

Apart from the main storyline, plenty of different game modes are available, both PVE and PVP. Some of them are Blitz, Special Operations, Raid, Omega War, and Dimensional Duel. While some of them are PVP, others are PVE that come with rich rewards. Join an Alliance to get help and level up quickly to unlock these game modes.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is Marvel Future Revolution A Good Game?

If you have played all the other marvel mobile gamers, you might find this one a bit similar. However, the best thing about Marvel Future Revolution is that it comes with far better graphics than future fights. Also, the gameplay and many other things are different from the future fight. Overall, this game is very good and comes with a great PVP and PVE experience.

Q2. How Can I Get Marvel Future Revolution?

Marvel Future Revolution is available for both Android and iPhone devices. So, you will be able to find this game on both Apple Store and Google Play Store. In addition, there are some other websites that you can visit to download the Marvel Future Revolution.apk. But it is better to download it from the stores for free safely.

Q3. Is Marvel Future Revolution A Sequel?

Marvel Future Revolution is a sequel to Marvel Future Fight. Both of these games were developed by Netmarble, but there are plenty of differences. While some of the ideas are there, they have introduced many new things to this new game.

Q4. Is Marvel Future Revolution Pay To Win?

Yes, Marvel Future Revolution is a pay-to-win game. The main currency of the game is crystals, which you can use to buy almost everything. You can get crystals by doing missions or buying them. 

Buying is the easiest way to get them and get your hands on all the powerful gears, gems, and others. So, players who are low-level can easily defeat a high-level player with better gear and accessories. That being said, there are plenty of players who farm for their gears, which makes the game interesting.


There are plenty of Marvel mobile games available on both Android and iOS platforms. Therefore, it might be difficult to choose a single one among them to get the best experience. However, things have changed a lot after the Marvel Future Revolution game came out. 

This game is the common choice of most gamers due to its higher graphics, rich features, plenty of modes, customization options, and others. Here you can find all the details about the game to stay one step ahead. If you like this article, stay tuned with us and comment below your queries. 

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