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LinkedIn Video Production: Networking And Branding Through Professional Videos


Video content is now a crucial element in online communication and marketing.

Using video wisely can change the game for businesses and professionals in how they interact with their audience. LinkedIn, a platform for bringing professionals and companies together, provides a unique chance to connect with a specific audience through its video capabilities.

Whether giving a peek into your brand’s world or breaking down complex ideas engagingly, the right video content can leave a lasting impression.

For digital marketers, grasping the importance of crafting compelling content is essential. That’s where mastering LinkedIn video production becomes vital. Learn more about the types, benefits, and best strategies. 

Types of LinkedIn Videos

Types of LinkedIn Videos

As a marketer looking to expand your digital marketing to LinkedIn, here are the video types commonly used on the platform.

1. Video Ads

LinkedIn video ads offer a paid promotion route, allowing you to sponsor existing videos from your company page or create new ones via the Campaign Manager. These ads can range from three seconds to 30 minutes in length and must be under 200MB.

Video ads need to be horizontal, as vertical videos are not supported. In the Campaign Manager, you can customize your ad with a headline, description, and a website link. LinkedIn encourages testing different headlines and descriptions to find the best fit for your audience.

2. Native Videos

Native videos on LinkedIn are directly uploaded to your personal profile or company page, ensuring they are readily visible to your network.

Accompanied by a description above the video, these uploads can range from a quick three seconds to a lengthy 10 minutes, with a generous file size limit of up to 5GB. LinkedIn supports horizontal and vertical video formats, but it’s worth noting that vertical videos will be cropped to square in the newsfeed.

3. Embedded Videos

Embedded videos on LinkedIn are those shared from external sites, such as YouTube. Unlike native or sponsored videos, embedded ones don’t auto-play, requiring viewers to click to start playback. This extra step can hinder engagement with your profile or company page. To encourage more interaction, it’s recommended to avoid embedding videos and opt for direct uploads instead.

4. Live Videos

LinkedIn’s latest video feature, available to a limited number of members and pages, is the Live video streaming service.

This exciting addition provides a real-time interactive platform where viewers can directly engage with hosts through comments and questions. In addition to public streaming, LinkedIn Live offers a private streaming option, allowing hosts to invite specific members to join without broadcasting to the entire network.

Benefits of LinkedIn Video Production for Your Business

LinkedIn Video Production

Here’s why incorporating video content into your LinkedIn marketing plan is a game-changer:

A. Foster Trust and Connections

When people watch a video on a LinkedIn Company Page, they’re five times more likely to start a conversation than with any other type of content. This opens up a golden opportunity to build trust and establish credible relationships with your audience.

B. Share Your Brand’s Story

Everyone on LinkedIn has a professional frame of mind, making it the perfect place to share your brand’s message. It’s easier here to convey more “serious” content, helping you establish your brand as an authority and thought leader in your industry.

C. Teach Your Audience

97% of marketers agree that videos can significantly enhance how well viewers grasp their products or services. This means you can use video to guide your prospects smoothly through the sales funnel, speeding up the entire sales process.

D. Connect with More People

Ever since LinkedIn introduced video in 2017, it’s been a hit! In just one year, videos on the platform racked up over 300 million views. This shows that videos are an incredibly effective tool to connect with more people and broaden your network.

E. Boost Your Engagement

Did you know? LinkedIn videos get, on average, three times more engagement than text posts! They’re your secret weapon to stand out and grab your prospects’ attention amidst the noise.

6 Best Strategies for Creating LinkedIn Videos for Your Brand

Creating LinkedIn Videos

Making videos for LinkedIn is straightforward once you grasp the top strategies for production.

Here are some essential practices to remember:

1. Begin with Your Audience in Mind

To craft video content that genuinely connects with LinkedIn users, it’s crucial to consider their needs. Before diving into video production, ponder over the audience you’re targeting. What are they looking for? How can your content bring them value? Aim to create videos that address a specific need or offer a tangible benefit to your audience, ensuring your content is seen, appreciated, and acted upon.

2. Stick to Native Content

Avoid posting videos from outside platforms like YouTube or Facebook. For optimal impact, use LinkedIn Native videos or LinkedIn ads. This ensures your content directly engages your audience on the platform itself.

3. Optimize Video Length for Your Goal

LinkedIn suggests tailoring the length of your videos to your specific objective. According to their video ad tips guide, it’s best to keep videos shorter than 30 seconds for brand awareness and consideration goals.

LinkedIn’s research found that videos under 30 seconds see a 200% increase in completion rates. The most impactful video ads run for less than 15 seconds.

For objectives like demand generation, LinkedIn advises trying out longer videos. Extended content is perfect for conveying complex narratives and effectively drives engagement, such as clicks and views, especially when the aim is to generate leads for educational material.

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4. Always Add Captions

Adding text to describe a LinkedIn video is nearly as crucial as the sideline in drawing viewers. This description should give a summary of the video content. The opening sentence must capture the reader’s interest and provide a solid reason to watch the video. Ask yourself, why should they invest their time in it? Clarify this from the start. 

Besides being captivating, remember to incorporate relevant keywords and phrases related to the video’s content to enhance visibility and engagement.

5. Incorporate Keywords

Boost your LinkedIn videos’ visibility by incorporating relevant keywords in the video description. This approach can significantly widen your audience. Leveraging a keyword research tool can aid in identifying appropriate keywords.

For example, if your video is about unveiling a new product, include tags such as #productlaunchplan or #productlaunchvenue. By adding these specific keywords, your video stands a better chance of appearing in search results when people look up those terms on LinkedIn.

6. Include a Call to Action (CTA)

Incorporating a compelling call to action (CTA) in your LinkedIn videos is vital to engaging with your viewers. Ensure your CTA is straightforward, simple to grasp, and mirrors your brand’s character.  Ensure it’s brief and precise with a sales tone, which could deter viewers. Additionally, be mindful not to imply the video concludes before your CTA appears, as this may cause viewers to exit prematurely.


Using LinkedIn video production isn’t just following a trend; it’s adopting a strategic method to enrich your professional story and bond with your audience. So it’s wise to tap into the power of video to narrate your story, share knowledge, and grow your brand on LinkedIn.

By focusing on creating meaningful content and delivering it effectively, your videos can turn into a crucial part of your online identity. They’ll help boost engagement and growth on this essential professional network.

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