Inner Workings Of A Computer

A Beginner’s Guide To The Inner Workings Of A Computer


Most people know how to use a computer, but few actually know what goes on inside the case and in this short article, we outline the basics of how a computer works.

Computers have been around since the 1950s when basic machines were huge and managed only basic commands, then we discovered zeros and ones and computing started to evolve at an alarming rate.

Such is the rate of development; when you buy a computer, you should go for high-end specs – even if this will be obsolete in a few years – otherwise, you won’t be able to run the latest software.

Essential Components:

In order to build a desktop PC, you need the following:

1. Mainboard


This is a large circuit board and many components slot into place; the mainboard is considered a foundation component and Asus are a major manufacturer of top-rated mainboards.

2. CPU

The central processing unit is the heart of the machine; it processes all of the data and sends it to the right location. Intel and AMD are the major players, with the former offering Corei3,5,7and even a corei9 processor.

If you want gaming performance, the corei7 is ideal. This chipset has 6 cores, and avenues for data to travel in both directions and if you want high performance, invest in a top-rated CPU.

3. Graphics card

Graphics card

For the best graphic card, Asus is up there with NVDIA as the best graphic card for intense gaming. Hi-end cards are expensive, but, hey, if you want the best! The graphic card is related to processing what appears on the screen and with hi-res, you do need a top-end VGA card.

4. Random Access Memory

RAM is a temporary storage space that can be used by the OS; the more you have, the faster the data processing. The minimum requirement is 8Gb, while a top-end gaming rig would have 32Gb of DDR4/DDR5.

Mid-range computers would have 16Gb (2×8 chips); search online for a leading Thai computer components supplier and check out their range of RAM chips. Click here for info on managing your Gmail account.

5. Storage drives

Hard Disk Drives (HDD) are on the way out; solid state drives (SDD) operate much faster than optical disk drives. You should have two separate drives, one for the OS and one for data storage.

6. Power supply

Every computer needs a power supply unit, which transforms the mains 220v down to a level the computer can use. Ratings start at 500w and go up to 1,500w; search for a computer component store online, where you will find the best brands at the lowest prices.

Case – Everything sits inside a case, which has multiple cooling fans and some have cool LED lights.

7. Monitor


Your screen should have a high refresh rate, up to 140Hz and at least 60Hz; if you have the budget, go for a curved monitor, which really makes the gaming experience a wow! The monitor plugs into the VGA slot at the rear of the computer and buying a known brand is recommended.

If you are looking to buy a gaming computer, why not build it yourself and save a heap of cash? The online computer component store has everything you need and the lowest prices are on the web.

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