how to turn on rtx minecraft

How To Turn On RTX Minecraft? Here It Is!


If you have been using Minecraft for some time now then chances are you know about the RTX on Minecraft. You might have even thought of the best way to turn on the RTX Minecraft.  However, without the right and adequate knowledge, such a thing only remains a wish.  In fact, there are quite a good number of people who ask how to turn on RTX Minecraft.  

Due to this need for information, it has become essential to look deeper into this issue and provide as much information on it as it is possible.  In this view, therefore, the text below attempts to provide you with information on this topic for your own gain.  If you have been looking for a way on how to turn on RTX Minecraft then this is the text you need to be reading.  

The text will enable you to gain all the insights you need into this issue and help you know how to carry out the process when you need to. Also in the text, you will be able to find information on other things about the same topic as well.  

What Is RTX Minecraft?

Before looking deeper into how to turn on RTX Minecraft, it is important to first determine what RTX Minecraft is.  Once you know exactly what these two are, you will then move to other things which include how to turn on RTX Minecraft

Minecraft is simply a sandbox which is developed by a Swedish video game developer known as Mojang studios. Since its creation has been enjoyed by many of its players who have found it to have a nerve of entertainment.  It is expected that the fame of this game will go up even in the coming days.  


Having looked at what Minecraft is, it is now time to take time and look at what RTX is.  Doing so will enable you to know more about this whole concept of how to turn on RTX Minecraft. RTX on the other side is a high-end graphics rendering platform.  This platform was created by Nvidia and its role was to enable real-time tracing of ray.  

As you might know already, ray tracing was a preserve of applications that were not real-time.  As such, video games have had to rely on rasterizing for the rendering process.  Fortunately, RTX is able to facilitate new developments in computer graphics that react to computer graphics that generate interactive images capable of reacting lighting, reflections, and many others as well.  

Having looked at what RTX is as well as Minecraft it is now time to look at how to turn on RTX Minecraft if you wish to.  The guide below will provide you with a method that you can use to carry out this process with a lot of ease.  

How To Turn On RTX Minecraft, Install Xbox Insider Hub 

Step 1

Go to the Microsoft Store and open it 

Step 2 

Once you get here, search for the Xbox insider hub 

Step 3 

After getting here login to proceed 

The first thing you want to do with this process is the installation of the Xbox insider hub.  Once the updates are in beta, move ahead and turn on the RTX in Minecraft.  However, you need to know that for you to do all this right you might have to grow a better tester.  

Before you even get started with this process, it is recommended for you to make sure you backup your entire Minecraft world.  Why this you might find interest in knowing.  Well, the reasons are quite simple, they tend to get corrupted in the event that the testing features are not yet ready for the last release.  

Signing Up For The Minecraft RTX Beta 

Step 1 

Start by opening your Xbox insider hub as you normally do 

Step 2 

Once your Xbox insider is opened go right to the insider content 

Step 3 

After you are done with the second step, move ahead and click on Minecraft specifically on the manage section.  

Step 4 

After this step, click on the radial button which is located next to the Minecraft for the windows 10 RTX beta 

Step 5 

Once you have carried out these entire procedures click on the done button.

Once you have completed selecting the RTX beta go ahead and fire up Minecraft. Once you have done this, wait until the update information pops up.  Other than that, you can also try reinstalling Minecraft once you are convinced you have backed up all your worlds.  

However, you need to know that not all Minecraft versions get the RTX treatment.  Thus, if you wish to turn on RTX on Minecraft then you may have to either use Minecraft in Microsoft windows 10 or the bedrock edition.  Once you do this, you will realize the game updates.

In fact, during the testing process, there were some people who had to pause for a few hours for the game to be updated to the beta version.  Thus, you need to be patient once you have completed these procedures.  Other than that, it is important for you to also check if you have the least requirements which are required for you to turn on RTX in Minecraft.   If you do not have them then you might struggle a lot with this process.  

Reviews On Minecraft

Here are some reviews on Minecraft that you might want to read.

1. Aphmau YouTube says, “Autistic sons best friend. Best Game Ever.”   

She shares, “Even if it is playing with blocks in 2d rendered environment, it the best, safest, fun game you can get for your children, and your husband or even grampa. It is for all ages.

My children have been playing mine craft on the PC, the digital Xbox version, and even the mobile or pocket version for a year. This version that they can see, relate to, and not have to rely on virtual gaming is the best. For some reason, having this on a disc makes all the difference. It is something my autistic son can now relate to. He can just pick up the disc and take it with him to family or friends houses to share. Whereas before they were lugging their whole gaming system.

Anyway mine craft has greatly improved my sons social interaction, his speech, and his self esteem. He realizes that he is the creator of his own world…..”

2. DG comments that, “It’s great fun with friends.  

Adding further, “Anyone who has played Minecraft on PC knows what to expect from the game on Xbox 360. It’s the same game, but there are enough differences to justify owning the console version in addition to the PC version. Firstly, split-screen multiplayer. This is probably the biggest plus for the console edition. You can play with up to four players on your console, and those players can enter your game at any point as you’re playing. You just need to be running the console in HD. (I use a generic HDMI cable.) It’s great fun with friends!….”

3. Matthew Woodvine says, “…. For all the people out there who like survival games, this is actually a pretty good one….”  

4. JRasco says,“Great game, but PC version is better.”

Adding further, “I bought this because I had already owned the PC version and thought it would be nice to use a controller instead of the mouse and keyboard. While it does feel more natural to use a controller and movement is more fluid, navigating your inventory is a bit of a hassle. I was willing to make sacrifices as far as world size and lack of mod support, because I did see that this version was updated to have the Nether and The End added to it. And I know that Minecraft gets updates pretty frequently. But I have one major issue with the X360 version…..”


If you are looking for a way on how to turn on RTX Minecraft then the text above is what you need to be reading.  From the text, you will find all the information you need to enable you to carry out this process with much ease and realize success with it in the end.  

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