How To Turn Off Seen On Instagram

How To Turn Off Seen On Instagram?


How to turn off seen on Instagram?

You can keep reading to find out how.

Among many criteria and queries Instagram users, turning off the read receipt or seen option is one of them. Social media is increasingly cramped daily, so security and privacy become more critical. 

Usually, we reply to someone’s dm on Instagram instantly during an active chat. But, sometimes, we want to wait and think before replying. But seen zoning someone just for the privilege of thinking seems wrong. 

Also, the people reading your text on the other end might feel neglected. So, to increase your privacy in text chat, you just need to turn off that seen option.

When your Instagram’s read receipt option turns on, your text receiver will expect you to reply ASAP. Disabling the read receipt option will keep your sender from getting a ‘seen’ notification. 

How To Turn Off Seen On Instagram DM?

How To Turn Off Seen On Instagram DM

Aside from all the fun features to play with, Instagram does its best to keep your privacy intact. You can keep many portions of your Instagram profile private. For example, you can hide your likes and keep the following list out of your followers’ sight. 

Of all the privacy functions Instagram overjoys its users with, the read receipt is not one of them. The Instagram Privacy Policy prevents the users to hide the ‘Seen’ or the read receipt option.

Does that mean you cannot turn off seen on Instagram? You can. In this article, I will tell you how to turn seen off on Instagram. Here are some ways that work –

1. Restrict An Account

Restrict An Account

Instagram does not offer you any quick and simple way to turn off read receipts. But there is a feature that should come in handy. You can limit your receiver from getting read receipt notifications by restricting their account.  

This method is indeed helpful. But there is a downside to it. Your sender needs your permission to send you a text. The advantage you have is to check what they have texted you without permitting them to send you a text.

It is not necessarily turning off seen on Instagram. But, this way, you can avoid being seen (😂). So here are the steps to restricting someone on Instagram –

  1. First, you need to log into Instagram. 
  2. Go to the Explore page to search for the username of your sender. 
  3. Now navigate to their profile. 
  4. Click on the three dots on the top right of their profile. 
  5. Finally, Choose the Restrict option. 

If you are doing this on your Phone’s Browser, you will need to confirm this restriction. Instagram will send you a confirmation warning upon restricting someone’s text. 

When you restrict someone’s message on Instagram, they will not get a read receipt notification. Their texts will get moved into the requested category of your inbox. Eventually, you can view their message without them knowing that you have seen it. 

2. Going Offline Is An Option

Going Offline Is An Option

How to turn off seen on Instagram without restricting an account? The method before might not be too favorite to many. I have a plan B for them. Instagram surely does not permit you to turn off seen receipts, and restricting an account may seem like overkill. 

So, what is the other method? It might sound funny, but you can turn off the internet connection on your device while reading a text. Here are the steps you need to be aware of –

  1. As the first step, you should not open the message notification. ( opening the notification will make the seen receipt appear to the sender.)
  2. On the top right corner, tap the airplane logo of the page you can open the Instagram DM. 
  3. When your inbox refreshes to load the message, you have to disconnect your internet account. 
  4. Now you can sneak into the conversation without your sender finding out through a read receipt notification. 

This trick will help you for a limited period. You can read the texts when you are offline. But, as soon as you go online, your sender will get the sen notification. 

3. Third-Party DM Manager App

Third-Party DM Manager App

The privacy policy of Instagram has yet to introduce any settings for the users to turn off read receipts. But there is some efficient third-party tool allowing you to turn off read recipient notifications. 

You don’t need to take any complicated steps to turn off seen when you use these apps. DMP is such a tool that allows you to avoid complicated steps to turn off seen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I think you can now disable seen on Instagram. However, I have answered some popular queries to offer you more help. 

1. Can You Hide The Seen On Instagram?

Ans – The privacy policy of Instagram does not offer you any settings to hide read receipt notifications. But you can try different methods like restricting messages from your sender, going offline, and using third-party apps.

2. Can You Open Instagram Message Without It Saying Seen?

Ans – Yes, you can open Instagram messages without anyone seeing them. You can see the message from the notification bar on your phone’s screen. But if you tap on the notification, the sender will get the read receipt. But, if you have to tap on the message, you can do it after turning on airplane mode.

3. How Can I See Messages Without Seen?

Ans – You can see Instagram messages without the sender getting a seen notification. Here are a few methods that help. –
⦾ You can restrict DM from a sender.
⦾ Going offline can also help.
⦾ You can also use third-party apps like DM Pro for Instagram.

Final Words 

Since Instagram does not offer any default features to deactivate read receipt notifications, it is technically impossible. However, there are other ways that work for the time being. If you want to use these ways, then this article will be helpful. The most hassle-free way among the three I have mentioned here is using a third-party app.

I hope that this article was helpful in resolving your issue. If you need any further explanation, you can ask questions in the comment section.


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