How To Track A Phone Without Them Knowing

How To Track A Phone Without Them Knowing?


As a parent, I bet you are constantly worried about what your children do when they are not home. Are they really at their friend’s place, or are they up to no good? Since every kid on the block nowadays has a smartphone, what content are they consuming in this digital age where everything is just a click away?

If you wish to keep track of your children’s activities, you should learn how to track a phone without them knowing. The best way to do so is by using phone tracking applications. Therefore, read this post to learn ten of the best phone tracking applications.

Best Mobile Tracking Apps To Use In 2023

If you wish to learn how to track a phone without them knowing, then you must make use of the best phone tracker app without permission. However, there are many such apps in the market that let you learn how to see someone’s location on iPhone. The best applications to do so are as follows:

1. mSpy

Price: $11.66 per month

A fantastic phone tracking application is mSpy. The majority of Android phones and all iOS versions are compatible with the app. Compared to other applications, it includes a ton of cutting-edge features, including a keylogger, browser filtering capabilities, and secured data access.

Key Features:

  • Monitor social media usage
  • Recover deleted messages
  • Record screen in real time
  • Receive alerts for searched keywords
  • Track phone location

2. eyeZy

Price: $9.99 per month

eyeZy performs all the functions that a feature-rich cell phone tracker should. With the software, you can track both Android and iOS devices while keeping your activity secret from the device owner. If you have access to the target device, installing it is also reasonably straightforward.

Once installed, you may use the specific dashboard that is given to you when registering an eyeZy account to remotely monitor calls, texts, and internet activities in real time. No matter where they are on the device, the program will assist you in finding all files, photographs, movies, and other types of content. Additionally, the software has excellent GPS position-tracking features.

Key Features:

  • Find files on the device instantly
  • Real-time GPS location tracking
  • Track keystrokes
  • Block websites
  • Spy on social media usage

3. SpyBubble

Price: $10.62 per month

Even if it’s not precisely free, SpyBubble’s unique, feature-rich platform nonetheless delivers on the promise of reliable mobile phone monitoring. One of those programs that not only enables you to keep an eye on mobile activity on target devices but also gives you complete control of its features.

On the intended device, the program can take screenshots, which it can then covertly communicate to you. The technology also makes precise GPS tracking possible. It can constantly determine the precise location of the target device.

Key Features:

  • Real-time location tracker
  • Keylogger
  • Block applications
  • Take remote screenshots

4. Cocospy

Price: $9.99 per month (Android)/ $10.99 per month (iOS)

Cocospy may not be free, but it does provide a free demo, so you may evaluate its features and usefulness. It uses a secure connection to transmit all the information it gathers while surveilling you, then displays it to you on a detailed web-based visual dashboard.

You may monitor someone’s behavior on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp from this location. Along with monitoring all sent and received messages, even deleted ones, you can also trace every incoming and departing call with associated timestamps. In addition, the software enables you to follow a phone’s position in real-time using GPS and SIM card technologies.

Key Features:

  • Track browsing history
  • Track calls
  • SMS Tracking
  • Spy on social media use

5. uMobix

Price: $49.99 every six months

A cutting-edge cell phone tracker is uMobix. It provides the ability to live-stream and monitor anything happening on your child’s tablet or smartphone. iOS and Android smartphones are supported. More than 30 social media channels may be monitored by it.

Key Features:

  • Get all information regarding incoming and outgoing calls
  • Monitor all text messages
  • Real-time location
  • Real-time keylogger

6. Hoverwatch

Price: $9.99 per month

An open-source mobile tracker is Hoverwatch. You may register for free. It contains features for tracking text messages, social media, phone history, and other things.

It provides a free keylogger feature that records all keyboard button presses. It works with Windows, Mac OS X, and Android. Hoverwatch is absolutely undetectable.

Key Features:

  • Remote photo capture using the front camera
  • Track SMS
  • Geolocation tracking
  • Social media tracking

7. GEOfinder


Price: Free

Regardless of the mobile network, GEOfinder is a simple-to-use cell phone number tracker that can precisely determine the location of any phone number on a map. Enter the phone number you want to track and choose the SMS you want to send to begin.

The owner of the device will then get an SMS with a unique URL. The device owner shares the phone’s position with you by Google location sharing, which you can see in the userspace.

Key Features:

  • Locate phone location
  • Adjust SMS use

8. Snoopza


Price: Free, $14.95 per month (Premium version)

Another excellent Android phone tracking software is Snoopza. You can track social media communications and listen to calls with the program. Additionally, it offers a tool for monitoring past YouTube and Internet activity.

Key Features:

  • Track all calls
  • Track all SMS
  • Check browsing history
  • Check real-time location

9. Spyic

Price: $19.99 per month

Spyic is an excellent parental control and phone monitoring software. The fundamental phone tracking function is cost-free. You must pay a monthly fee if you want additional services like geofencing, social media integration, and call recordings. For the purpose of monitoring the phone, you may create a free account.

Key Features:

  • Record all calls and text messages
  • Keep track of all social media activities
  • Manage all photos

10. MobileTracker

Price: $15 per month

One of the most well-liked free cell phone monitoring applications is MobileTracker. You can control data and keep an eye on your phone with the free basic plan. Calls may be recorded, and screenshots can be taken remotely.

Key Features:

  • Track all connected phones at the same time
  • Recover all recently deleted data
  • Explore all files on the phone
  • Record call  audio remotely

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):-

Cautious parents have lots of questions regarding how to track a phone without them knowing. Here are my answers to their queries:

Q1. How To Track A Verizon Phone Without Them Knowing?

Ans: There are various ways to track a Verizon phone without the user ever knowing about it. You can easily do so using any phone tracking application. 

Q2. How To Find Someone’s Name By Phone Number For Free?

Ans: You can track someone’s name by using their phone number pretty quickly. You can do so for free by using the Geofinder application. Using this application, you can learn how to track someones location with phone number.

Q3. Are Phone Tracking Apps Legit?


See What They Are Up To Instantly!

As a parent, you should learn how to track a phone without them knowing to keep track of your children. The best way to do so is by using phone tracking applications like mSpy, Geofinder, and Snoopza. Using these applications, you can easily check who they are texting and calling, along with their real-time location as well. The best part – they won’t even know about it.

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