How to remove thermal paste

How To Remove Thermal Paste In Your Home – Home Made Process


Thermal paste is used in so many places for various purposes. In motherboards for instance this material plays such a key role that cannot be underestimated. In other places as well thermal paste also plays such a key that without then things might not be or remain the same. However, there have been so many people asking how to remove thermal paste.  

Why this you might want to know, well the reasons for this case or matter are endless.  Thermal much as it is so useful can spill on a surface making it essential to find a way of doing away with it. However, removing thermal paste is not your ordinary task, it is more complicated and if you are not careful then chances are you might find yourself stuck with spilled thermal paste for such a long period of time.  

What Is Thermal Paste? 

The fact that so many people know about thermal paste does not mean that everyone knows about it, that is not the case.  There are some people who still do not know what thermal paste is. As such, it is only right that a discussion of this sort starts by looking at what thermal paste is first before carrying on with other factors on the same.  

Thermal paste is a kind of superconductive paste.  This paste is used in filling the micro gaps on the surfaces between objects. The main areas where this paste is used are in CPU/GPU together with the associated heat sink. Even though these are the main areas where thermal paste is used, it also has a use in other places as well.  

Removing Thermal Paste 

The use of thermal paste in the said areas comes with some sort of problems. For instance, there are times when the thermal paste might split on a surface.  In such an event the people affected might have to find a way of removing the paste from wherever it is.  

However, if you do not know how to remove thermal paste then chances are you will find this problem such a big issue.  However, if you have tips on how best to go about this procedure then this is something that you can easily deal with within the shortest period of time.  In this regard, therefore, this text offers ways you can use to deal with the issue of thermal paste.  For the people who desperately need to know how to remove thermal paste here is what you need to do to save the situation.  

The Location Of The Spill Can Make A Great Difference 

When looking for a way on how to remove thermal paste in your home you need to specify where exactly. Thermal paste behaves differently when it spills on different areas and surfaces.  As such, it is essential for you to try and explain exactly where this problem is for you to find a lasting solution to the same.  

If you are dealing with a thermal paste that is on the floor of your house then dealing with this problem might not be that hard. There are other areas like on the window or even one of your appliances that can cause some problems at the end.  

Even the kind of methods you use in these areas to deal with this problem will not be the same due to the complexity of the challenge involved. Nonetheless, there are some methods that are known to work out well when removing thermal paste like the following: 

Use Isopropyl 

Isopropyl contains up to 90% of alcohol which makes it such a reliable solution that you can use for this purpose. If you are dealing with a thermal paste that is very old then you can use this approach to deal with this problem.  Even though isopropyl might not be able to remove the entire thermal paste it can still work out for you to remove a significant portion of the thermal paste.  

Try Out Mopping The Spilled Area 

This is for the thermal paste which has spilled not long ago and on the floor.  Depending on how you prefer mopping your floor or any other surface, it will help if you mopped the area and did so in the right way. It is also recommended that you do the mopping within the shortest period of time before the thermal paste on CPU pins dries up.  

Use A Microfiber Cloth With An Alcohol To Clean Up The Thermal Paste 

For the people who have been asking badly how to remove thermal paste, this is one of the ways you can use to deal with this problem as well. If you have thermal paste spilling on your computer motherboard then this is one reliable solution you can use in dealing with this issue.  

Make use of microfiber with alcohol on it to wipe on the area with the thermal paste. Do so gently making sure that you do not get to damage the other parts on the motherboard in the process. For a thermal paste that was not poured long ago this method should be able to help you out.  

Use Paper Towel In Carrying Out This Process 

You need to be reminded at all times that using toilet paper in wiping thermal paste from any surface might not be able to work out well as expected.  As such, you need to avoid the use of toilet paper and instead use towel paper which can still work out this purpose perfectly for you.  


If you are looking for a way on how to remove thermal paste anywhere consider the text above. From this text, you are going to find proper and lasting solutions which will enable you to get rid of this problem totally. Depending on the surface on which the thermal paste is, each one of these methods can work out the best results for you in the end.

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