Corrupted BitLocker Encrypted Drive

How To Recover Data From A Corrupted BitLocker Encrypted Drive


Today, everybody knows the importance of data encryption. After all, we are living in a world that is controlled by the flow of data. While we are on the topic of data encryption, one encryption tool that has gained the most fame in the last couple of years is the BitLocker encryption tool.

The BitLocker encryption tool is one of the best tools out there that offer full drive encryption features. Although it offers valuable services, there is one downside to this software. Once your BitLocker encrypted drive is corrupted, there are no straightforward ways to recover the BitLocker encrypted data

You would need the help of iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery to recover data safely. How to recover data from a corrupted Bitloocker will no longer be an issue for you. 

Requirements For The Recovery Of BitLocker Encrypted Volume

Let us be clear about one thing. If you do not have the encryption key or the recovery key, there is no way you would be able to recover the data from the corrupted drive. 

In order to recover data from the encrypted, corrupted drive, you need to have one of the following.

  • BitLocker Recovery Key: This key is generated at the time of creating encryption to use when the encryption password is lost.
  • BitLocker Encryption Password: It is the password that is created to encrypt the drive.
  • System Startup Key: It allows you to decrypt the boot partition.

Out of the three, the possible way is to use the recovery key. It is a seat of 48 characters that is generated alongside the encryption password. You can backup this key in a different location so that you can use this key at a time like this. How to recover data from the corrupted Bitloocker can be an easy matter for you.

Recover Data From Corrupted BitLocker Encrypted Drive

The BitLocker security feature offers complete security to the data and restricts any unauthorized entity from accessing the data. In fact, even if you want to access it, you would be asked to give the decryption password.

To recover the data from the BitLocker encrypted drive, we will use iBoysoft data recovery software. Although there is other software in the market, we believe that iBoysoft is perfect for such a data recovery scenario.

Let’s hop on to the steps to recover.

Step 1: Connect BitLocker Encrypted Drive With Your System

Connect the drive with the system. If a TPM device was used with the encryption, it must be present in the system during the recovery process. Take note that data recovery and data encryption are possible only if done on the same system.

Step 2: Install iBoysoft Software

Install iBoysoft software in your system. It will detect all the attacked drives automatically and display them as one of the system’s drives.

Step 3: Select The Relevant Drive

Navigate through the list of the available drives and select the drive that needs recovery. You can even use the yellow padlock to identify the BitLocker encrypted drive.

Step 4: Decipher The Drive Using Recovery/Encryption Key

Click the drive, the system will ask for the recovery key or the password. Enter any of the two, and the system will let you enter the drive.

Step 5: Scan The Storage

After the drive is encrypted, scan the drive or folder for the data you are looking for. With the iBoysoft, you get two modes: Deep and Quick Scan.

Step 6: Preview & Recover

Once the scan is completed, you will see the results on the screen using filters to segregate the data. Preview the data. Once you are certain for recovering the data, select then and press recover. How to recover data from the corrupted Bitlocker will be easy if you follow these steps. 

Closing Words

Before using the BitLocker encryption tool, you must understand that you cannot recover data from a BitLocker encrypted drive if you do not have any of the requirements mentioned above. Hence, it would be wise to back up the drive you are using to store sensitive data. Nonetheless, if you ever encounter a scenario where you want to recover data from an encrypted drive, you can use this article as a reference to find a solution.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

1. Can Data Be Recovered From Bitlocker Encrypted Drive? 

You have to use reliable data recovery software to recover all the encrypted drives and the Bitlocker Software for any type of file to recover the data from your storage devices. It can help you to recover all the data that you have lost. 

2. Without A Password And Recovery Key How Can You  Recover Data? 

You can reformat the drive for removing the encryption as it does not require ant password or the recovery key to detect the data and to maintain it in the correct order. Bypassing the Bitlocker recovery key requirement is not possible here. 

3. Can You Recover Data From The Encrypted Drive? 

To recover the data from the drive that is being encrypted you have to select the hard drive that is being encrypted. Ensure that your hard drive is connected to the computer and you can click on the recovery buttons to conduct a deep scan for saving all the files in the computer. 

4. How Can You Bypass Bitlocker Drive Encryption?   

First, you have to follow certain simple steps to bypass the encryption of the Bitlocker drive encryption like 

  • Click on the start button first. 
  • After that click on the control panel. 
  • Click on the system and the security option. 
  • Then all your Bitlocker drives will be turned off. 
  • A message will be turned off while you decrypt the file.    

5. What Will Happen If You Lose The Recovery Key?   

You have to restart your computer and press the ESC key for the BitLocker logo screen. In the recovery Bitlocker screen, you will find the recovery ID. Lastly, you need to contact your administrator to give them your recovery ID. Here, you have to make use of the best recovery key that can work well for you.

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