Google Stadia: How to download Stadia on Andriod TV

Google Stadia on Andrio Tv, if you are reading this, I want to believe that you want to find out how to Play games online on any Android device with Google Stadia. Relax while i explain to you, who don’t know “What is Google Stadium”.
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Table of Content

  1. Google Stadia installation Guidelines
  2. Android TV/Box Installation Guidelines

Stadia is a cloud gaming service operated by Google. Stadia lets you play modern games on just about any screen you own, with Google’s servers handling all the processing power and beaming them to you via the cloud. There are no downloads or installations to worry about; if your device can run a Google Chrome browser, it can handle Google Stadia.

Online streaming services have seen massive growth since they first came out. Google Stadia for gamers, is an amazing Gaming Service from Google. With support from Google Cloud, it ensures a smoother and better gaming experience throughout gameplay.

While there are no restrictions as to where you can play games on Stadia, you need to use the screen of any device you want to play through Chromecast on your device using Stadia. Are you confused?

FYI – Stadia, as at the date and time of this publication, only supports Android smartphones and Android Tablets.

While Stadia doesn’t readily support all the Android TVs and Android Boxes apart from a few, there is still a “Way to make Android TVs and Andriod Boxes Working” So, just follow these few simple steps, and you will have Google Stadia up and working on your Android TV or Android Box. This method is completely genuine and is tested to be working perfectly.

With this method,  Stadia will work like never before on your Android TVs, including Nvidia Shield, Sony 4k Android TV, Sony Bravia 2019 model, Xiaomi Mi TV 4 series, Philips Ambilight Android TV etc Also in Android Boxes like Mi Box S, Mi Box 3.

Google Stadia installation Guidelines

Gaming world

  • Go to and register yourself with a new account to get a free Pro subscription.
  • Download the latest Google Stadia apk for your smartphone Here

Android TV/Box Installation Guidelines

Andriod Tv

  • Go to Settings > Apps > Show system apps > See all apps > Show system apps and select “Chromecast Android Shell.”

  • Proceed to Force Stop, Clear Cache & Clear Data

  • Restart your Android TV and wait till it boots up

  • Take your phone, close the Stadia app if you have it running, open the app again, and you should see your Android TV among the “Choose where to play” devices.

  • Click on the option that lists your TV, among other options. That’s all




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