How To Hide SMS Tracker On Android?

How To Hide SMS Tracker On Android?


Smartphones have made it incredibly easy for people to communicate discretely through hidden or secret messaging apps. While this can be used innocently to plan surprises or have private conversations, however, it can also be misused by children or partners to hide illicit relationships or activities.

As a parent or spouse, you may have suspicions that hidden messaging apps are being used and want to find out what’s really going on, you might want to use the function to trace mobile number exact location. Here are some tips on how to find hidden messaging apps!

Check The App Drawer

The first place to check is the app drawer on your Android device. Swipe up to view all installed apps and look for any messaging or social media apps you don’t recognize. Be sure to swipe over to access all screens, as apps can be buried as hidden messages on Android. Some signs of hidden apps:

  • Generic or nondescript icons that don’t resemble the app name
  • Apps disguised with icon packs to look like something else
  • Apps with no name or cryptic initials as the title
  • Apps buried in folders away from main pages

Search Settings And App Permissions

If you don’t see any suspicious apps in the main app drawer, dig deeper into the settings. Go to Settings > Apps/Application Manager and swipe over to see all apps installed. Look for apps with messenger, text, or SMS permissions enabled. Note any apps that look like they shouldn’t need those permissions.

Also, check Settings > App Permissions > SMS. This will show all apps that have access to send/receive text messages, which could include hidden messaging apps or SMS trackers.

Try App Hiding Detection Apps

There are various apps on the Google Play Store that can detect when apps have been hidden on an Android device. Apps that are supposed to reveal suspicious apps will scan your device and reveal any apps that have been concealed through uninstallation blocking or other sneaky tricks.

These apps work by scanning for apps that don’t appear in the launcher but have data folders and files actively running in the background. They can help uncover hidden messaging apps that only the owner knows about.

Check Default Text App Settings

Many Android devices allow you to set a default messaging app. Go to Settings > Apps > Default Apps > SMS App. Meanwhile, if a suspicious third-party app is set as the default instead of the regular Messages app, hence is a red flag. The app may be hiding texts from you.

Tap into that app’s settings and permissions to see if there are SMS controls and message access you’re unaware of hidden text messages Android. Resetting the default to your regular messaging app can help reveal concealed texts.

Search File Manager For App Data

Hidden apps need to store data somewhere on the device storage. Using a file manager app like Files by Google, go searching for app data folders. While looking for folders with nonsensical series of numbers and letters, as these will be associated with hidden messaging apps.

Checking creation/edit dates can give you an idea of when suspicious apps were installed or used. Opening files like databases and preference files inside can uncover app activities, messages, and user info. Just be careful not to modify any system data.

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Check Browser History And Bookmarks

Many messaging apps have web interfaces that will use a mobile web browser when the app is uninstalled. So, they are one more way how to find hidden message apps on Android. However, the Android browser history and bookmarks for any unusual sites or web pages that could be tied to hidden messaging services.

For example, sites like or could point to web-based apps used for concealed communications. Diving into these sites may reveal accounts, messages, and other activity.

Use Free Text Message Recovery Apps

Well, if you believe text messages have been deleted or hidden from the default messaging app, use a free text recovery app. Although, these tools can scan your device and restore deleted or hidden text messages from Android that may have been concealed from you.

By digging up deleted texts from hidden apps, you can unveil conversations and information that confirm your suspicions about secret communications. Make sure to use a trusted recovery tool for safe data extraction.

Enlist Monitoring Apps

Afterward, using a parenting control app or text message monitoring app can help prevent further use of hidden messaging apps. Apps like mSpy, Spyzie, and FlexiSpy offer robust monitoring features, which include listening in on calls, viewing texts, monitoring social media activity, restricting app usage, and more.

While it will need constant monitoring, it may seem overboard. But it will warrant if you have any serious concerns about illicit activities. Make sure to inform any other device users that monitoring is taking place.


Discovering the ways to find hidden message apps on Android can require some digital sleuthing. However, using techniques like checking lesser known settings, app permissions, and file folders and employing specialized apps can help uncover apps and messages that will be intentionally concealed from you. Stay vigilant and trust your instincts if you suspect secret communications.

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