How To Fix Corrupted File System

How To Fix Corrupted File System In USB Devices?


Today, everyone has a USB flash drive. They are great things to have with you all the time. They act as an extension of your phone’s memory card or simply offer a convenient way to share data with others.

Despite being a small limited storage device, its benefits are many. However, the same benefits can sometimes pose a threat to USB drives. Being versatile, they are used more often and get corrupted easily.

When a USB drive gets corrupted, it becomes RAW. in that state; you cannot access the drive or its data. In times like this, you can only use the RAW USB recovery solution. How to fix a corrupted file system? It is one of the best options that you can look for.

How To Fix Corrupted File System In USB Devices?

When your drive is corrupted, only a handful of methods will work for you and help you fix the problem without formatting the USB drive. We have curated a few solutions that might help fix the corrupted file system of the USB drives.

Solution 1: Update Driver

Sometimes, when your USB drivers are not up-to-date, your system cannot recognize the drive’s file system. Checking for the USB drive updates is your first step. Most of the time, simply updating the driver solves the problem.

Follow the steps to update your driver.

  • Go to the start menu.
  • Choose device manager.
  • Browse through the items listed on the panel.
  • Locate the external hard disk.
  • Right-click the hard disk and select the updated driver.

Solution 2: Run CHKDSK

CHKDSK is a Windows exclusive built-in tool that helps the user track any errors in the system. And even if there are errors, it immediately looks for the solution to solve them. Although this method doesn’t guarantee a 100% success rate, it does solve the issue sometimes.

  • Go to the start menu.
  • Type CMD.
  • Command Prompt window will appear.
  • Click on Run As Administrator.
  • Now type chkdsk x:/f. Here X is the name of the drive-in question.
  • Press enter and wait for the process to complete.  

How to file a corrupted system that can work for you in a better way. Proper planning here will work for you. It is one of the best options that you have for you to try. 

Solution 3: Check & Repair Bad Sectors

When we talk about corrupted files in the USB drive, there is always a possibility of bad sectors; there are software tools in the market to check the bad sectors on the disk. So we will also be taking help from one software to check for the bad sectors and repair it.

Follow the steps to find the bad sectors in the USB drive and repair them.

  • Download Diskgenius. Although it is a paid tool, we only need the free edition to check and repair the bad sectors. 
  • On the software and select the corrupted disk.
  • Open the settings and select Verify Or Repair Bad Sectors.
  • The scanning process will initiate.
  • After the scan, you can see a complete report on the bad sectors.

Solution 4: Changing Drive Letter

A corrupted USB drive can be fixed by assigning a new drive letter. This commands the system to see the drive as a new drive in the system.

  • Connect the USB drive with the system.
  • Right-click My Computer.
  • Navigate to the manage option.
  • The system will show you an unknown device.
  • Select the unknown device and update driver software.

Solution 5: Reinstall Drive

Reinstalling the drive needs to be the last method you resort to. Reinstalling the drive can result in the deletion of the old data in the USB drive

Follow the step to reinstall the drive:

  • Go to My computer.
  • Choose mange.
  • Click device manager.
  • Find the USB in the item list.
  • Choose the USB drive.
  • Uninstall the drive.
  • Pull out the USB drive.
  • Reconnect the Drive again.
  • Come to the device manager.
  • Scan the hardware changes.
  • This will reload the drive.


This article has mostly focused on the solutions that can help you fix the corrupted file system in the USB drive. When a USB drive becomes corrupted, it becomes RAW. In the RAW state, you cannot access the drive. Therefore, if you encounter such an issue, you must prioritize the RAW drive recovery.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

1. How Do You Uncorrupt The Files On USB? 

There are several ways you can recover the corrupted files using the USB or using the CMD. 

For that, you need to open the command prompt on your windows system. In the type of the prompt type Chkdsk H where H is the drive letter for the corrupt USB drive for hitting the enter. 

2. Can A Corrupted USB Be Fixed? 

You need to fix and repair the USB devices such as the corrupted flash drive and the pen drive. Yes, there is data recovery software available that you can use to repair the tools. 

3. How Can You Fix The Corrupted File System As Raw In USB?

There are certain simple ways that you can adopt to fix the corrupted file system as a raw in USB. Some of the simple steps that you have to follow are mentioned here:- 

  • First of all, you need to connect the USB drive to your computer. 
  • You need to “Go To This PC” in Windows 10. 
  • Click on the Tools tab on Windows 10. After that click on the check option. 
  • Lastly, you have to connect a USB to your computer. 

4. Why Does My USB Keep On Corrupting The Files?  

When a computer cannot complete the requested process due to some of the software issues with the physical problems in the flash memory chips then the USB keeps on corrupting the files.

5. How Can You Fix A USB Stick That Is Not Working? 

You can try several methods for fixing the main content to your flash drive for working again. 

  • First, you need to check the flash drive connection. 
  • Second, you need to repair the flash drive errors. 
  • Third, you can flash drive drivers. 
  • Reset and Format flash drive file system.

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