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How To Disable Chromecast – A Step By Step Guide


There are a good number of people who are looking for ways on how to disable Chromecast.  The reasons for this are many and vary in some ways.  For instance, if you are using Chromecast on your device and google chrome at the same time then you might notice some similarities between them.  

The device controls you get in Chromecast are also there in google chrome.  Being that these two appear to serve the same basic purpose means that some people find Chromecast somehow unnecessary.  This is exactly why some of them try to look for a way of trying to turn off or disable Chromecast.  

What Is Chromecast?

Before looking at how to disable Chromecast it is important to look at Chromecast first of all.  Having this information about what Chromecast is will help you to understand what it is and then move on to look at the right ways to disable it.  

Chromecast by definition is a line of digital media.  These players were developed and are even run by google.  You can use Chromecast in playing internet streamed audio as well as visual content.  In the era where the whole world operates on the internet the use of Chromecast has become more important and continues to grow even more.  

From that description it might look to you like this line of digital media is very essential and helpful in some cases.  Unfortunately, that isn’t quite the case which is why some people look for ways on how to disable Chromecast.  Without looking and knowing what these reasons are, you might not even believe this in the first place.  

This is why it is very important to take some time and look at why some people choose to disable Chromecast. After looking at this, you will then learn how to turn off Chromecast. See below for top reasons as to why people look for ways on how to disable Chromecast.  

Why Do People Look For Ways Of Turning Off Chromecast? 

Having Chromecast show on your desktop comes with immense benefits to you.  The great essence of this tool comes in when you wish to maintain some reliable control over your smart home devices while you continue to work.  However, this process in itself might look so good but it comes with its own caveats as well.  

One of the drawbacks associated with this tool is that anyone can gain access to your network control and media playback as well.  This means that if there is any kid right on the network then that could interrupt the playback as well.  Such acts when they occur are normally so annoying and can leave you so frustrated. This is exactly why some people look for ways on how to turn off Chromecast.

Other than that, there is also the issue of icons that keep appearing on your screen.  Seeing this icon more often when you are using google chrome is normally very annoying in the end.  These icons will sometimes come in as notifications right on your Chromebooks.  This as you already know is very obnoxious, to say the least.  

How To Disable Chromecast?

As seen above already, there is a deliberate need to try and disable Chromecast on Android.  However, much as there is this need, quite a good number of people still do not know how to carry out this process.  This makes it somehow harder for some of them to get rid of this nuisance even when they need to.  

Fortunately, there is a way within which this process can be carried out.  All you need to do is follow some steps in the settings and you will be good to go with this procedure.  Even though this process might require some navigation through the experimental settings on chrome it will be able to help you.  Even though it might result in some problems on your side it will still deliver the expected results in the end.  

There Is An Experimental Method To Carry Out This Process 

Before carrying on with this process, it is important for you to be reminded that this is an experimental solution to this problem.  As such, it might work for you or fail to work for you in some other aspects.  If you wish to turn off Chromecast using this method then you need to be informed of this possibility.  

Some experts even call this process deactivating Chromecast as opposed to disabling which is what many people look for.  Nonetheless, you will still be able to get a solution from it provided you do it in the right way as shown below.  

Step 1 

Navigate to chrome flags by typing “chrome: //flags “right into the Omnibox 

Step 2 

On the page that comes up, you will be able to see a search bar located on the top of the UI. Once you see it, enter ‘Global media controls for cast ’right into the box you see then press the enter key.  

Step 3 

You need to make changes to showcase more experimental elements but you need to have the topic right at the top and in bolded font.  ‘Global media controls for cast’. You need to have this title in bold for you to be able to carry on with this process.  Once you do this, you will be able to see a hashtag identifier after this description the end result should really be like the following. # ‘Global- media- controls- for -cast ’

Step 4 

Right next to the settings, chrome will offer you a drop-down menu box.  The setting here on arrival has to read “default’.

Step 5 

Click on the drop-down menu in order for you to see secondary options which include the enabled and the disabled as well.  

Step 6 

From these options, click right on the disabled options 

Step 7 

Once you click this option chrome will then present you with an option to relaunch it.  For this change to be enabled, you have to restart chrome. There are cases where you might have to completely close chrome for you to be able to enact these changes.  

Step 8 

The process is completed, from here; chrome will no longer display the Chromecast controls in its UI which speaks to the end of this process.  


If you have been looking for a way on how to disable Chromecast then the text above will help you do that.  From the text, you will find some information that will offer you some directions on how best to carry out this process successfully.  

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