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How Technology Levels The Playing Field


When people talk about technology and its impact on the daily lives of many, they often talk about several positives: how it has changed the medical industry; how it keeps people connected; and how it gives us access to so much entertainment are the common topics in this area.

However, few people talk about how it actually levels the playing field in terms of access to information and the jobs that people can do. Here are just a few examples of how it does this.

You can learn anything

What is the most spoken language? How does a plane fly? How do phones work?

There used to be a time in which a question like these would pop into your head and you wouldn’t have access to the answer straight away as you do now. It’s so easy to take this power for granted, but if you think about it, it’s crazy how much information is at your fingertips.

It’s because of this access to information that people can learn whatever they want; a concept that was limited to only a privileged group of people just a few decades ago.

Whether you want to learn for pleasure or for work, the internet is your oyster. From learning Italian to taking AWS cloud computing, you can truly learn about whatever interests you or you will find useful.

You can work from anywhere

Technology work

Technology has given birth to the rise of remote working, and it has truly made the playing field level when it comes to the types of jobs people can get.

Before remote working took off, only those who could afford to live in big cities could get the high-paying jobs that you’d find there.

As many companies went fully remote and sold their office space, they started to hire from all over, therefore widening their pool of potential employees and giving them opportunities to those who may not have had access to it before.

Without technology, this type of work wouldn’t be possible, and people would be limited to the jobs and industries that were within a commutable distance to them.

It is more inclusive

Many people in the workforce have disabilities and are able to do certain jobs just as well as their able-bodied colleagues, thanks to the support of certain technology and settings available on their devices.

Even your computer has accessibility settings which means it can be used by those with certain disabilities very easily. This allows those with disabilities to pursue a wider variety of interests and careers than they may have been able to previously. Ultimately, technology has made the world much more inclusive.

Technology has found its way into so many parts of life. In most households, it’s hard to imagine life without it. One of the biggest benefits that technology has brought to the lives of so many, though, is not often spoken about.

That is the fact that it levels the playing field when it comes to the world of jobs and brings a wider range of people into certain careers.

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