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How old is Goku? If we calculate the age of the manga, we can say that he will be about 34 years old in 2022. But is that calculation correct? Also, how old is Goku, according to the manga artist of Dragon Ball, Toriyama?  

Dragon Ball, the much-loved and revered manga/anime, was published in the weekly Shōnen Jump from 1988 to 1995. So if we predict his age from when he came to earth, assuming he aged just the same as a normal human being ages on earth, how old would he be? 

Goku was just a toddler when he came to earth. So, he is 35 to 37 years old. 

However, Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta spent their time in the time vault of Kami’s lookout. There was an extra addition of time to his life. Also, when Goku dies, we can assume that time on earth cannot affect him. His time on King Kai’s Planet also runs a lot differently. 

Also, Goku looks younger, almost like a teenager, when he transforms into a Super Saiyan God for the first time. Goku is an entity that has a biological and chronological age.

So, judging Goku’s life span is much more difficult if we see it from the perspective of the earthlings. Anyway, let’s give it a try. I have laid down my research on How old Goku is in the following article?

What Is Happening In Dragon Ball Now?

The current Dragon ball Super saga is about an all-out tournament among multiple universes where Goku acquires Ultrainstinct in a battle with Jiren.

After that, we see The last two pure-blooded Saiyan fight the much powerful and menacing brolly in the Dragon Ball Broly movie( you can watch it in animesuge), which came out back in December 2018. 

Following that movie, the saga of Goku moved back to focusing on the manga. Finally, in 2022, the new Dragon Ball Super: SuperHero movie will be released in April this year. 

Now, considering all these facts, how old is Goku anyway? I will do a little background check to measure the actual age of Goku. 

Goku’s Age Throughout the Dragon Ball Sagas

Goku's Age Throughout the Dragon Ball Sagas

Several sagas took the journey of Son Goku throughout several phases in his life. A few time skips and time jumps during these sagas affected how old Goku is. Let me take you through the memory lane for a while so that we can answer your question: how old is Goku?

Emperor Pilaf Saga

Goku’s first big journey begins with the pilaf saga as he meets the other crucial characters of the dragon ball z story. Goku meets Bulma, Yamucha, Krillin, and the nose bleeding kung-fu master Roshi in this saga. 

Emperor Pilaf Saga

So, how old was Goku during the emperor Pilaf Saga?

He was just 14 years old during this saga as his story begins. Although he looks like a five or eight-year-old kid, he was 14 when the first saga started. 

Later, Dragon ball corrected the previous age of Goku, saying he was 11 during the Pilaf saga since he has trouble counting the miscounted age. 

World Martial Art Tournament And Red Ribbon Army Saga

Later, Goku appeared in the 21st World martial art tournament and battled Master Roshi in disguise in the Final and lost. During this saga, Goku was 12 years old. 

Red Ribbon Army Saga

At the end of the tournament, he meets the Red Ribbon Army and General Blue during his first quest for the dragon ball. Goku also meets mercenary Tao and defeats him. He also met the fortuneteller Baba during the age of 12. 

Demon King Piccolo Saga 

Goku meets his first fierce and strong foe, demon king piccolo, during the 22nd World Martial Art Tournament. Goku was busy with his training, adventure, and the tournament. His showdown with his then opponent Tien Shinan who later became a friend of Goku. Tien later became a member of the Z warriors. On Gogoanime you can watch the full series. 

Demon King Piccolo Saga

Following his battle with Tien, Goku goes on to battle King Piccolo and defeats him. During this time, Goku was 15 years old. Still, Goku looked like a little boy. 

Proposing Chi-Chi And Battling Piccolo Jr  

For the first time in the Saga of Dragon Ball, Goku looked fit and adult for his age during the 23rd World Martial Art Tournament. 

Proposing Chi-Chi

Bulma couldn’t even recognize a grown-up Goku and was embarrassed by seeing a taller, more handsome, and more confident Goku during this tournament. 

It was also during this time that Goku proposed Chi Chi. Now you might be asking how old was Goku when he proposed chi-chi? The 23rd World Martial Art Tournament began three years after the previous one. So, Goku was 18 years old when he proposed to Chi-chi and battled Piccolo jr. during the Piccolo Jr saga.

Saiyan & Frieza Saga

Goku is now married and has a little Gohan in his life. This is when the Saiyans attack under Frieza’s command. Goku dies in a battle with his Saiyan brother Raditz and does not return to earth until he is wished back using the dragon balls one year later. 

Saiyan & Frieza Saga

When he returns, Goku fights Nappa and the Saiyan Prince Vegeta. After defeating him, he was injured and had a slow recovery process. Then Goku headed off to planet Namek to help Krillin and little Gohan. 

Goku fights with Frieza in Namek and destroys the planet in the process. When Goku returns after two years, he meets the future trunks who come to warn about the androids 17 and 18. During this time, Goku was 29 years old. Later, when he fights Cell and sacrifices himself, he is 30 years old. So if you are asking how old he is when he sacrifices himself with Cell, here is your answer. 

How Old Is Goku In The Buu Saga? 

During the Buu saga, Goku remains dead for a long time when Gohan defeats Cell in Super Saiyan form. Goku chooses to stay dead and train during this time until the arrival of Magin Buu. He Battles Kid Buu using a spirit bomb and finally returns among the living after the Buu saga. 

How Old Is Goku In The Buu Saga?

Now Goku was off-planet and dead for seven years after dying in the Cell saga. Chronologically the aged to be 37 years old. But, since age does not apply to the dead, he is still 30 years old when he is wished back. 

Dragon Ball Super Saga

How old is Goku in the Dragon ball supers saga? Well, the story starts four years after the end of Dragon Ball Z Saga when Gohan and Videl are married. 

Dragon Ball Super Saga

During this period, Gohan is a scholar, Krillin became a police officer, Vegeta is training (as usual), and Goku lives the simple life of a farmer. 

Suddenly, the god of destruction, Lord Beerus, appears looking for the super Saiyan god who he saw in his vision. Goku, at this time, is 41 years old.

Goku Black, Future Trunks, And Golden Frieza Saga 

After the arrival of Beerus, one year passes when Golden Frieza appears. By this time, Goku was 42. The fight with Frieza later ends the tournament with universe six starts shortly after. 

Goku Black, Future Trunks, And Golden Frieza Saga

But they don’t have much time after the tournament since future trunks come again following another evil in the future. 

Goku and Vegeta go to the future to battle Goku black. When the event with Goku black ends, Goku already has a grandchild named Pan since Videl gives birth to Gohan’s daughter. 

Universal Survival Saga

Grand Zeno starts a tournament among all the universes where seven teams from the other universes battle each other to save their universe. 

Universal Survival Saga

This is where Goku faces Jiren, another strong opponent. In a battle with Jiren of Universe 11, Goku wins using Ultrainsticnt ( you can watch the episode here on animetw). At this time, Goku was 43 years old. The battle ended with Android 17 saving all the universes by claiming his wish. 

How Old Is Goku Now?

Goku is 43 by the end of dragon ball super. Therefore, the Dragon Ball Broly Movie is within the continuity. However, since there is no confirmation regarding how long after the event of the Dragon Ball Super, the Brolly movie takes place, it isn’t easy to judge his age during the Broly movie. 

If we assume that the Broly movie’s event comes one year after the end of the Dragon Ball super arc, then Goku is 44 years old in that movie. Following how long of a time jump the character takes in the 2022 movie, we can deduce the movie. Currently, the correct age of Goku would be 44 years, although many debates are claiming that he is 37 years old. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions related to dragon Ball z-

How Old Is Master Roshi? 

The turtle hermit or the pervy master Roshi is around 300 years old. 

How Old Is Goku In It?

Goku is 152 years old in the Dragon Ball GT arc, according to various opinions. 

How Old Is Lord Zeno?

Zeno is rumored to be 8.5 million years old.

How Old Is Goku In Dragon Ball?

Goku is 18 years old By the end of Dragon Ball when he marries Chi-Chi. 

How Old Is Bulma When She Meets Goku?

When Bulma met Goku she was 16 years old. 

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