How To Use Google Image Search On iPhone Devices

How To Use Google Image Search On iPhone Devices?


Google Image Search iPhone is a feature that you can use to search for an image either through a keyword. Or through an image that is similar to the one that you are looking for on Google. The best part about this feature is that you can search even with an image that is saved on your device.

This google search by image iPhone feature is especially useful to get more information about an image from your phone. Normally, when we look for images on Google. We tend to go to Google images and search for a particular image with a keyword. However, you now have the option to do a reverse image iPhone search with Google.

Google Image Search iPhone: How To Perform?

With the reverse image option, you can now search for similar images on Google by just uploading from your phone gallery. Once you tap “Show Matching Images” on your iPhone, you will see similar photos through Google. This Google photo search iPhone feature is really useful when you are in a hurry. And you want to find similar images.

Can you perform a reverse image search on iPhone Safari? Yes, you can. Google says that you need Safari version 11 or up. If you are searching through Google, make sure that you have the latest version of the Google app or Chrome. If you are using an iPhone, then you can do reverse image searching easily. 

Google Image Search iPhone: Search Image Through Google Search Results

If you want to search for an image through the search results of Google. You can do it easily with the help of Google Lens. Here are the steps that you need to follow to search with the use of an image in Google Search:

1. Unlock your iPhone.

2. Go to a browser (Safari or Chrome) or Google app.

3. Search for Google Images. Search for an image on Google.

4. Tap once on the image.

Step 5: On the bottom left of the image. You can click the Google lens button followed by “Search inside image.”

Once you do that. You can easily search for images similar to the one that you are looking for on Google. This is really of great help if you want further information about a particular image.

Google Image Search iPhone: Search Google By Image iPhone

If you already have a saved image on your iPhone device and you want to search for similar images on Google. Then you can do it easily through Google Lens. Here are the following steps that you will need to follow:

1. Unlock and open your iPhone.

2. Go to the Google app on your iPhone.

3. Go to the search bar, and tap the Google Lens button, which looks like a camera.

4. Once you click on the button, it will show you two options. Taking a photo with your camera or uploading an existing image. 

If you want to take a photo, click on it, and your camera will open with the help of it; you can click an object and tap the Search button on Google. However, if you want to upload one of your existing images from your phone gallery, you can select the option and tap the photo you want to select.

Step 5: Google also lets you search for an object or a part of an image. If you want to select an object on the image, tap on the circle you see on the image, and you can take it over the object in the image to search for something similar. If you want to search for a particular area on the image, you can use the crop option to crop out the part that you wish to search.

Step 6: Scroll down to the bottom to find the search results.

Step 7: You can also use the “Add to your search” option to add keywords to the search.

Few Things About The Google Search By Image Option

The Search by Image option of Google used to be available on desktop, and now it is available on iPhone and Android devices as well. With the Google Lens option, you can search for images through images easily. This is really good for you if you want to know about the original source of the image on Google.

Reverse Image Search: Why Is It Useful?

The Reverse Image Search on Google lets you easily discover images that are similar to the one that you have with you. You can now upload a photo from your iPhone or Android phone with the help of the Google app, and you will get access to similar images from around the web. 

This is also a great option for finding images of different sizes as well. According to Google,

You can learn more about an image or the objects around you with Google Lens. For example, you can take a photo of a plant and use it to search for info or other similar images.

Google says that on your search results, you will get –

“Search results for objects in the image, Similar images, Websites with the image or a similar image.”

A reverse image search on Google is a useful way to determine the source of the image. If you want to verify a source, the Reverse Image Search is greatly useful for you too. If you have received an image through social media and messaging sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, or Twitter, then you can verify the source of that image with the help of this option that Google offers you. You do not need a PC now to upload your images and do a search. With the use of Google Lens, this feature has become easier.

Summing Up

Google image search iPhone is one of the major features that Google offers you to search details of an image through the image. You can also search for similar images with the help of this option that Google offers you. If you are the owner of an iPhone and you want to do a reverse image search, just follow the steps in the previous sections of this article, and you will get really good results.

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