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Google Hangouts Vs Zoom – Which One Is Better?


The covid pandemic has brought with it some problems and some solutions as well.  For instance, due to the limited movement that has been caused by this problem, people have had to look for different ways of dealing with this problem.  For instance, communication during this time has been made possible by google hangouts vs zoom.  

Instead of having to work from conventional service stations, people can now work from their homes much more easily.  All this has been made possible thanks to communication platforms like google hangouts and zoom as well.  These two are some of the known communication platforms.  

However, on these two applications, there have been some problems as well.  For instance, there have been this google hangouts vs zoom debate.  This debate seeks to establish which one between these two is the best, helping you to choose what to work with.  

Before even getting underway with this discussion, it is important to begin by acknowledging that these platforms are different from each other.  However, much as this is the case, these two platforms are very much different from each other in some ways, they still are excellent.  

To help look deeper into this issue, it is important to look at each one of these applications to offer more knowledge on the same. If you do not have any idea of what google hangouts and zoom are then this is the right article for you.  

Google Hangouts

Google hangouts is a cross-sectional messaging application that was developed by Google.  The application has been in use since then helping people chat and also call. The efficiency of this application has made it possible and easy for people to communicate offering them a plethora of options in this regard.  


Zoom is a communication application that enables people to communicate from local to overseas.  The communication means in this application are largely by video.  It is such an ideal platform for people who wish to hold meetings online.  

That is for the definitions of Zoom and google hangouts.  As you can clearly see, even though there are some differences between them, these two still appear to serve the same basic purpose.  Their role is to facilitate communication between two people or two parties.  

Video Quality: Google Hangouts Vs Zoom 

The first and the most important thing to look at when looking to make the best choice between google hangouts vs zoom is the issue of quality.  The success of your communication especially on video calling is going to be heavily dependent on your video quality.  

If you wish to attend a serious meeting virtually you do not want to look pixelated in your presentation.  This is why it is very important for you to, first of all, consider the issue of video quality before making any decision between google hangouts vs zoom.  

You need to take note of the fact that not all high definitions are made the same. On the issue of video quality zoom appears to have an upper hand.  It offers more than 1080pixels maximum video resolution.  Hangouts is not that bad when it comes to matters of video quality but it falls slightly behind zoom with 720p.  

Participant Limit: Google Hangouts Vs Zoom

The size of your group is also going to determine your eventual decision in the google hangouts vs zoom debate.  The classic hangout is a free service whose primary is to make sure that it facilitates casual conversation between family members.  It is exactly because of this reason that the classic limit in zoom is set to only 25 people.  

These numbers are nothing compared to zoom which allows up to 100 participants for the free account.  If you choose to go for the paid-for service then you get up to 1000 participants on this platform.  However, much as this is the case, you need to know that these types of communication platforms are designed for different types of users.  As such, much as they might all look like they come with a limited number of people, they are intended for different people.  

Compatibility: Google Hangouts Vs Zoom

In the discussion of google hangouts vs zoom can never be complete without the issue of compatibility being raised.  Zoom as well as hangouts can all be used with the main operating systems and devices as well.  All these applications are supported by Windows, Linux, macOS, and IOS. 

When you are using zoom then chances are you are going to have the added advantage of attending a call through calls.  However, it is also important to note that this added advantage is exactly where your benefits on the issue of compatibility end.  

On the issue of compatibility, hangouts appear to do better than zoom in some ways.  First, you can use it without having to install any supporting software to enable it to run.  In many cases, hangouts come in already installed with the android.  Other than that, hangouts is also built into the Gmail experience which is one of the most widely used Google services.  

Security: Google Hangouts Vs Zoom

It is not possible to complete the google hangouts vs zoom debate without having to mention something on the issue of security.  On this one, it is much more complicated but still, there is information that you can find on this issue.  On zoom, for instance, zoom security is one of the best because of the fact that it uses end-to-end encryption. 

However, much as this is the case, there has been some security scares with this platform as well. On the other hand, there has been some sort of calm on the side hangouts with no serious security scare incidents being reported.  


The debate between zoom vs google hangouts has been there for many years and will still be around for some time to come.  The text above tries to look into this issue to help you understand which one between them is the best and which one is not.  

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