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10 Tips And Tricks To Easy Way Fix Whea Uncorrectable Error


If you are facing problems with the whea uncorrectable error then you are not alone, there are many other people suffering the same fate as well. Of importance in all this is being able to find a lasting solution to this problem when it shows up.  

There are so many details to this process that require addressing to help people know what they are dealing with. In this view, therefore, this text is going to look at exactly what Whea uncorrectable error is and how best you can deal with it.  

The text will also be looking at how the error comes about with the view of helping you fix it when it appears and moves on to other important things to you.  This discussion will be focusing majorly on the kind of solutions available to you which you can use to deal with this problem when it shows up.  

What Is Whea Uncorrectable Error? 

It is not a bad thing to start by looking at what a Whea uncorrectable error windows 10 is first before heading on to look at other things of the essence.  What the Whea uncorrectable error is one of the best ways to start this discussion comes about with how this error comes about being the next thing of importance as the discussion continues.  

The Whea uncorrectable error is a hardware error that is caused by quite a number of factors.  These factors include the following: 

  • A faulty hardware 
  • Heat and voltage problems 
  • When there are driver compatibility issues 
  • When you have damaging windows files right on your registry files 

Among all these sources of problems, the voltage problems are one of the main reasons why this error keeps coming up.  However, this problem is not the problem in all the Whea uncorrectable errors, other problems play a factor as well.  For instance, if you have a hardware failure then you might also experience some Whea uncorrectable error as well.  The list of sources to this problem goes on and on. This text will be looking at some of these causes with the view of helping you find a solution to this problem in the end.  

1. Try And Run The CHKDSK 

Before you make any hardware changes, try and run the windows check disk right from the command prompt.  The CHKDSK is a tool that is used in the verification of some file systems as well as certain types of settings.  

2. Take A Look At Your System Hardware 

Whea uncorrectable errors have such a close connection with your system hardware.  Thus, before you can even get to the point where you are resetting your memory tests, start by checking your hardware physically to see if there is any problem with it.  

3. Try And Reset The System Overlocking 

Sometimes some people overlook their systems with the view of finding a much higher speed than that could be the reason as to why you are getting a stop code Whea uncorrectable error. To correct the problem, try and reset the system overlocking and the problem will automatically go away.  

4. Rest The BIOS And The UEFI Settings 

If you have carried out the above procedures and they have not worked out for you then you need to try out this option as well.  You can try to reset your entire BIOS and see if you will be able to deal with this problem.  

5. Update Your BIOS And The UEFI Settings 

If you have tried resetting your BIOS and the UEFI without success then you can try out this approach and see if this process works out for you.  Try to run an update of the BIOS and the UEFI settings with the view of trying to find a lasting solution to this problem.  If you do not get any then don’t worry, there are still procedures you can work out to deal with the problem as it occurs to you.  

6. Check The Driver 

If you have installed new drivers on your computer then that could form the source of your problems. It is proven that having new drivers on your computer can also lead to the emergence of Whea uncorrectable error.  If you are using windows 10 then you could be somehow lucky given that errors of this nature rarely appear on this windows version.  

7. Check The RAM Of Your PC 

It could also be that you are getting some of these errors because of RAM issues.  As such, you also need to worry about a RAM checking process using tools like MemTest86.  With the use of this tool, you will be able to find problems with your RAM if there are any and address them to do away with the whea uncorrectable error.

8. Reset Your Windows 10 

If you have tried out the above procedures and they have all not worked out for you then you can try out resetting your Windows 10.  This is the only way you can use to try and refresh your system and see if the Whea uncorrectable error disappears.  

9. Restart Your Device 

Sometimes simple processes like restarting your device can make the difference between a good system and that with a whea uncorrectable error.  As such, you need not ignore this solution as well, it can still be able to help you out.  

10. Perform A System Restoration 

You can also try out a system restoration to see if that will also help you out in the end.  By carrying out this process, you will be able to get your system to its earlier date which will then help you in fixing this issue.  

How to recover lost data when WHEA uncorrectable error occurs to Windows 10?

How to recover lost data when WHEA uncorrectable error occurs to Windows 10

If you have lost data on your computer after the Windows 10 /8/ 7 crashed and showing WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR then you can use the DiskGenius to recover data that you have lost. Not only computer but you can use DiskGenius to recover lost data from laptops hard drive.

DiskGenius is offers its platform that creates bootable USB drive for computers that are unbootable. DiskGenius has its Free Edition that you can use for free to recover your data. Here’s how you can recover your lost data from an unbootable computer using DiskGenius.

  1. First go to the home interface of DiskGenius and right-click the partition which is the location of the important lost data and select the Recover Lost Files option.

  1. Next, click the Start button located on the pop-up window to complete the scanning of the selected partition. Wait for some time so that the scanning is completed. When scanning  a large disk or  when disk speed is slow it might take some time to complete the scanning so wait patiently.

  1. Preview all the files listed on the software. Check the file by double-clicking a file so that you see the content within on the pop-up window. Previewing files ensures that the quality of the files being recovered are good before you copy them.

  1. Select the file you want to recover by right-clicking it and hit the Copy To button. Once you have copied it save it in a safe location where you can access it.

FAQ On WHEA Uncorrectable Error

Here we have provided some frequently asked questions on Whea Uncorrectable Error.

1. Is WHEA uncorrectable error serious?  

Yes, the Whea uncorrectable error is a serious that occurs due to hardware issues. The blue screen appears that makes your computer unusable if you don’t use the correct prompt.

2. Can overheating cause WHEA uncorrectable errors?  

Yes, over using your computer leading to overheating of the system can lead to Whea uncorrectable error. To avoid Whea uncorrectable error, try assessing your apps from time to time that might be draining your CPU.

3. What does Whea stand for?  

WHEA full form is Windows Hardware Error Architecture. WHEA was defined by Microsoft to report and diagnose hardware error.

4. What is a BCD error?

BCD acronym is Boot Configuration Data that is related to error in the system based on booting issues. If BCD gets corrupted or damaged or missing or modified then the Windows will not boot. You computer or laptop screen will appear blue or black with few error code.


If you have been encountering the whea uncorrectable error then the text above is dedicated to you.  From this text, you are going to find some of the solutions which you can use to deal with this problem and get back to your PC.  

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