Fix the parameter is incorrect

Fix The Parameter Is Incorrect On The External Hard Drive In Windows


“The Parameter Is Incorrect”

This phase might ring some bells. If you use external drives to share information among your friends, family, and colleagues, you might be aware of what it means. But, unfortunately, this message is usually shown on the screen when you try to connect one of your external drives, and the system cannot recognize it. You have to fix the parameter that is incorrect if you want the external drive to work smoothly. 

If not dealt with “the parameter is incorrect” issue on time, it might harm all your data that is present in your external hard drive. This article will discuss everything about the problem and will offer methods that you can use to solve the problem.

What Is “Parameter Is Incorrect”?

This problem is related to your external hard drive. When you try to connect your external hard drive, USB drive, or any other external storage device, the system will show Parameter Is Incorrect. This message shows that for some reason, the system is unable to connect with the drive or the location of the drive is not accessible.

This error is also known as Error 0x80070057 in the industry. The reason for this error can be for the following:

  • Virus infection.
  • Removing hard drive without ejecting.
  • Removing the hard drive when the system is using the drive.
  • Power outages.
  • Corrupt file system.
  • Loose peripherals.

How To Resolve “Parameter Is Incorrect”?

If you have backups, you can format the drive to solve the problem and then recover the data from the backups. However, if you lack backups, you still have some options available.

Method 1: Perform A Quick SFC Scan

Sometimes, errors happen within the system. Perhaps the system has been corrupted or damaged. In such a scenario, you can use SFC (System File Checker) to scan your system to find errors and solve them accordingly.

Follow these steps to effectively execute the scan.

  • Press Windows+Q.
  • Type CMD.
  • Select Run As Administrator.
  • Now type SFC/scannow.

If the SFC finds any errors within the system, it will ask the Windows installation DVD to repair the corrupt and damaged file system. Executing proper ways to fix the parameter is incorrect at the time of the system file checker. 

Method 2: Run CHKDSK

If you do not find any internal errors, then it is time to check the external drive. The Windows operating suite comes with CHKDSK utility features that check the system’s integrity. 

  • Open the Command line administrator window.
  • Type: chkdsk Drive name:/f/x/r

It will check all the basics of the fragile system security description and bad clusters of data. Once the scan is complete, restart your system, all the problems will be resolved. You have to fix the parameter that is incorrect where you find inconsistency. 

Method 3: Update Disk Drive

There are times when the parameter is incorrect because your USB driver is not updated. Updating the driver will solve the seizure. Follow the steps to update your USB driver.

  • Go to the startup Menu.
  • Navigate to device manager.
  • Now select the disk drive and USB drive to see whether they are updated or not.
  • If not, update the drivers.

Method 4: Reformat The Drive

If none of the methods mentioned above is the world, you only must go with the reformatting method. However, reformatting the drive will erase all the data from the drive. So be cautious about this method.

Even after knowing the risk, you want to pursue this method; we would like your top to backup your file first. At least this will give you an opportunity to recover your lost data.


If you use a hard drive to share information and data among your family, friends, and colleagues, it is advisable that you start backing up your sensitive data. Backups are the convenient way to restore data when your “Parameter Is incorrect” issue surfaces up.

If you include this issue, you can use the method that we have listed in this article. If you can follow the method step by step, you will be able to solve the problem.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

1. How Can You Fix If The Parameter Is Incorrect?

There are certain steps you can follow if the parameter is incorrect. Some of the essential steps are like:-

  • Performing a quick scan check.
  • You can run the check disk function for fixing drive errors.
  • Running the SFC/Scan is now an option in the external drive.
  • The best thing you can do is reformat the external drive.
  • Using the USB driver you can update the disk drive.
  • Make use of the decimal symbols in the place of date and time settings.

2. What Does It Mean When You Say A Parameter Is Incorrect? 

When the location of the parameter is inaccessible then you can say that the parameter is incorrect. It prevents you from opening the device for making proper access to the data. It attacks the external hard drive.

3. How Can You Fix Rundll If There Is A Problem While Fixing The Parameter Is Incorrect? 

You can often fix the DLL error by uninstalling and reinstalling the DLL errors files and small programs have the larger applications that you need to work on. Hence, you need to start over when the new application is installed.

4. How Can You Fix An External Hard Drive Error? 

On the desktop you have to select Desktop, open this PC in my computer and you need to select the desired external hard drive by clicking on select>property>Tools> and then the scan will start. If you want to fix the parameter that is incorrect then it is the best option for you to look for.

5. What Does An Incorrect Parameter Mean On TikTok? 

It is the app while telling the user that they do not understand while the command is being given by the user. These are some of the facts that you have to take care of at your end. Proper planning is the key here.

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