Fix Steam Disk Write Error For All Games

How To Fix Steam Disk Write Error For All Games


A game is finally available after a long wait, you got your hands on it and were excited to play but got the disk write error during the installation process. It is something that ruins experiences and disappoints you, right? Unfortunately, there are plenty of other users or gamers available who have gone through the same issues again and again. 

However, the good thing is that there are some fixes available that you can try to get this issue fixed. So, you do not have to get a headache for this issue or miss playing your favorite game anymore. The number of fixes available on the internet is enough to confuse someone. 

We have tested most of them and picked the best and effective ones that will help you get the issue fixed. You can go through this article to find out all the details about these fixes of the Steam disk write error in detail. 

Top Fixes To Resolve The Steam Disk Write Error 

Top Fixes To Resolve The Steam Disk Write Error

Here you can find some of the best fixes to resolve the Steam disk write error issue. We have handpicked the best ones and given them in detail. 

1. Delete The File “0 KB”

Delete The File "0 KB"

One of the common causes that can make the steam disk error happen is the 0 KB file. So, you will first need to find if there is any 0 KB file available or not.

If you find the 0 KB file, you will need to delete it as soon as possible. Here are the steps that you will need to follow. 

  • Press both the R and Windows buttons together from the keyboard. 
  • Now, copy the programfiles x 86 and paste it. 
  • Browse and double-click on the steam, go to steamapps, and visit the “common” tab. 
  • Now, scroll down to the bottom and look for the 0 KB file. 

If the issue is still there, here are some other fixes below that can resolve the Steam disk write error. 

2. Update The Drivers 

Another very common reason that causes disk write error Steam is the outdated drivers. So, you need to update the drivers as soon as possible to fix the issue. You can drive these drivers manually or automatically. 

To find out if you are using the right version, you will need to visit the official website and check the versions. If there is a new version available, just download them and install them to replace the old versions. 

Also, you can take the help of third-party software to check the drivers and update them all. It is one of the best ways you can try if you are looking for how to fix Steam disk write error.

3. Verify The Game Files Integrity 

Verify The Game Files Integrity 

If corrupt files are available in a game installation package, the Steam download disk write error might happen. Some antivirus available that can also remove some files from the game package. So, you have to check the integrity of the game package to see if it can fix the issue or not. Here are the steps that you need to follow. 

  • Open Steam and visit the library tab. 
  • Right-click on the game you are getting the error on and, you will find some options. Go to the properties. 
  • Now, click on local files and verify the integrity of game files. 
  • Wait for the game cache verification to finish.
  • After finishing, close steam and relaunch it.
  • Download again or update the game.

This might be able to fix the Steam game update disk write error. If it doesn’t, check the next fix. 

4. Disable Your Antivirus 

Another very good way to fix the Steam disk write error is by disabling the antivirus. There are many users who faced the issue of steam disk write error claiming that antivirus has deleted files from the package. So, if you want to make sure that the issue is not occurring, you will need to disable the antivirus.

You can disable the antivirus or change the setting to “ask before removing.” So, the antivirus will let you know before deleting anything. This way, the package will stay intact, and you will not get any Steam update disk write error. 

5. Check The Firewall 

Check The Firewall

If you are facing a Steam disk write error SSD or Steam download paused disk write error, it might be happening due to the firewall. So, you need to check the firewall of your Windows computer. There are some firewalls that might prevent steam from getting connected to the servers.

You will need to take the help of tech support to make sure that it is not happening because of firewall. If it is happening for your firewall, you will need to add Steam to the exception list. It is one of the effective ways to fix this error. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How Do I Fix A Corrupt Disk On Steam?

There are plenty of ways available to fix a corrupt disk on Steam. Here are some of the best and effective ways:

• Reinstall the client of Steam 
• Remove the folder “Active Download.” 
• Repair the library folder of Steam 
• Verify the game files’ integrity 
• Change the Steam library or download folder

Q2. Why Does Steam Keep Giving Me Disk Write Error?

When the software does not have permission to write files into the hard disk, it might cause a disk write error. However, there is a way to fix this issue by running the software as admin.

Q3. How Do I Fix Steam Download Errors?

If you are getting Steam download erodes, you can try these fixes.

• Restart the system 
• Reinstall the Steam 
• Repair the library folder
• Troubleshoot Steam 
• Verify the local files 
• Change the download region 
• Clear the download cache

Q4. How Do I Fix Disk Write Error On SSD Stream?

There are many ways available to fix the disk write error on SSD Steam. Here are the most common and popular ones are given below.

• Delete the corrupt files 
• Run it as admin 
• Restart PC
• Remove the download cache
• Disable Firewall 
• Relaunch Steam 
• Disable the antivirus


One of the common issues that many gamers have faced when using Steam is the Steam disk write error. However, the good thing is plenty of ways available to fix it. Here are some best ways explained in this article that can help you to resolve the issue.

You can go through all the fixes and choose the one that works for you. Follow all the steps very carefully to fix the issue successfully. If this article has helped you, make sure to share it with others. Also, share your thoughts about the article in the comment section to help us improve.

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