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How To Fix d3dx9_39.dll Missing Error In Windows 10


Using windows can be so amazing but in some cases, it can also be so annoying in some cases. For instance, when you get the d3dx9_39.dll missing then you might find it so hard to make progress with anything you do on your windows. The fact that this notification keeps coming up more often can also be so annoying as well.

As such, you might want to find a lasting solution to this problem and save yourself from this mess. This is exactly what this text intends to help you do or achieve. From this text, you are going to find the possible causes of the d3dx9_39.dll missing error and find solutions to it in the end.

What Causes The D3dx9_39.Dll Missing Error?

Causes The D3dx9_39.Dll Missing Error

The key to finding the d3dx9_39.dll missing error solution is being able to know what exactly causes this problem to come up. Once you know these causes, you will even be able to avoid this problem when you need to. Here are some of the causes of the league of legends d3dx9_39 error but you need to be reminded that they vary from one person to the other.

It Could Be Due To A Corrupted File 

The d3dx9_39.dll missing comes up due to so many factors but as has been said above they vary from one place to the other. For instance, if you have a faulty file within your system then chances are you are going to experience this problem at some point. However, that is not the case with all the systems, there are other cases where the problem could be due to a different reason.

You Could Be Having Problems With Your Program 

This perhaps is one of the main reasons why people experience the d3dx9_39.dll missing error on their windows. If you have a windows program that has a problem then this is one of the problems you are likely to encounter. In such a case, you only need to try and reinstall the program and see if you can realize some changes.

However, if you do not realize that then worry no more, there is still a chance that the problem you are experiencing could be due to something else. As such, another solution to this problem might still work for you. As you keep trying you will be able to find a solution that will help you get this problem out of your way. From this text, you will find all the solutions you need and at the end of the day, this problem will be a thing of the past to you.

1. Restart Your PC

Restart Your PC

When it comes to the d3dx9_39.dll is missing error, you can never rule out any solution from the log. Even restarting your PC might seem like a solution that is not viable for this process but in a real sense, it is. In fact, this very solution that people have been avoiding can actually be the solution to your problem.

You can try out this solution if you are so desperate and it will work out well for you in the end. All you need to do is restart your PC and the rest will follow. Simple as that might be, it will deliver instant results to you at the end of the day.

2. Install The d3dx9_39.File 

Install The d3dx9_39.File 

This is also another solution which you can use for this problem and will still work out for you. In fact, this is one solution which many people presume to be the best for this purpose due to the many times which it worked out.

When you have a missing d3dx9_39.dll missing you can also try to download it right from the file directly right from the DLL client website. There are also many other DLL files that are available on the website which you can download for this very reason.

This approach has proven to work out well in many cases hence it is worth trying out. If well tried out, you will actually be able to find a lasting solution from it in the end. However, you need to know that this approach might still fail to work for you hence the need to look for other solutions to this problem in your search for a lasting solution to this issue.

3. Check For Any Windows Updates

Check For Any Windows Updates

Windows updates in some cases can result in the d3dx9_39.dll missing error as well. When this problem hits you, you might also want to look into this direction for a solution as well. Try and check for any windows updates and see if they affect you in any way.

If this is the problem for you then checking for these updates will be able to help you fix this problem fully. In the event that this problem comes up as a result of a Windows update then carrying out these updates will help you deal with this issue completely.

4. Check Your Registry

Check Your Registry

If you have a registry that is corrupted then chances are you are going to encounter the d3dx9_39.dll missing error. The registry might also interfere with the other systems in your computer leading to the d3dx9_39.dll missing error in the end. By checking your registry, you will be able to establish where the problem is and deal with it accordingly.  


If you have been encountering the d3dx9_39.dll missing error then the text above is all you need. It offers you information on how this problem comes about and how best to deal with it. There are many options in this regard which are all aimed at helping you find lasting solutions to this problem.

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