FANUC Corporation: An Industrial Robotics Success Story  


Are you searching for information about the leading robotics company FANUC? Then you must read this article. We have provided all the information about the company below, from their origin to the services they provide. Keep reading this article to learn more on this topic.

FANUC Corporation

FANUC is a group of companies based in Japan that provides automation products as well as services. They are well known to provide robotics and computer numerical wireless control systems. The group of companies together is known as FANUC corporation in Japan.

Outside Japan, FANUC has two other corporations in the USA and Europe. FANUC America Corporation located in Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA, while FANUC Europe Corporation S.A. located in Luxembourg. It has its headquarters in Oshino-mura, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.

FANUC is with the world’s largest makers of industrial robots. It is a part of Fujitsu company that developed numerical control (NC) along with servo systems. The acronym FANUC comes from Fuji Automatic Numerical Control.

FANUC Corporation has divided the business into three units: ROBOT, ROBOMACHINE, and Factory Automation (FA). These three units with the services are called one FANUC. Services are an integral part of FANUC, as the company provides products that support these services.

Currently, the company controls 65% of the CNC market share globally, making it the largest maker of CNC. The company is also the leading manufacturer of automation systems for factories worldwide.

History Of FANUC Robots

Before becoming a leading Robotics company, FANUC was a subsidiary of Fujitsu company that produced numerical control (NC). In 1955, Fujitsu Company Limited approached a young engineer, Seiuemon Inaba, to head a new subsidiary in the numerical control field.

This future potential field of automation included sending encoded instructions in magnetic tapes or punched cards to motors that controlled tool movements. This helped create effective programmable versions of milling machines, presses, and lathes. In the next three years, Seiuemon Inaba spent his time in research and development along with his team of 500 people. This led to the creation of the first numerical control machine by Fujitsu to the company Makino Milling Machine.

In 1972 FANUC Limited was establishe after the Computing Control Division was made independent from Fujitsu. This led to a new phase of expansion of numerical control for computers by using G-code, which is a standard programming language.

Although the top 10 computer numerical control (CNC) companies were based in the US in 1972, FANUC still captured half the global CNC market by 1982.

In a joint venture with General Motors Corporation (GM) in 1982, FANUC started producing robots in the US market and marketing them. The new joint corporation is known as GMFanuc Robotics. FANUC Corporation and General Motors Corporation had 50% ownership of this company.

GMFanuc Robotics Corporation in Detroit. FANUC provided the products while GM helped look after most of the management of this company.

In the Tokyo Stock Exchange, FANUC is with the first section and has its place among the TOPIX 100 list and Nikkei 225 list. Nikkei 225 and TOPIX 100 are stock market indices.

FANUC Products And Services

FANUC Corporation has changed the manufacturing industry around the world by creating products that maximize uptime in the factories. Their products, like collaborative robots, have increased productivity among businesses.

Industrial robots have helped manage the labor and skill shortage in the industry. Industrial robots create high-quality products and decrease the company’s expenditure, leading to high-quality products at cheaper prices in the market.

FANUC provides lifetime maintenance of its products, abiding by its spirit of “SERVICE FIRST,” provided the products get used by customers. They have 270 service locations in 100 countries around the globe. They are well known for their services around the world in Japan, Europe, Asian countries, and the United States.

FANUC technology is an active contributor to the worldwide manufacturing revolution. FANUC has come a long way from automating single machine parts to evolving and automating entire factory manufacturing lines.

Factory Automation (FA)

The company offers products under the Factory Automation business sector:

  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control) – FANUC i Series CNC, FANUC Series 0i-Model F Plus, Power Motion i-Model A, Digital Servo Adapter-Model B, Series 30i/31i/32i-model B Plus, Manual Guide i, CNC Simulator/ CNC Guide, FANUC iHMI.
  • Servo Motor – i Series SERVO, AC SERVO MOTOR ai-B series and βi-B series, SPINDLE αi-B series, SERVO AMPLIFIER αi-B series, LARGE SERVO MOTOR αi-B series, DD Motor DiS-B Series, Linear Motor LiS-B series, AC SPINDLE MOTOR βi-B series, SERVO AMPLIFIER βi-B series, BUILT-IN SPINDLE MOTOR Bi-B series.
  • Laser – Laser Series, Laser C Series.


The company offers products under ROBOT:

  • Robot i series includes collaborative robots, delta robots, SCARA robots, Mini Robot, Large Size robots, Paint robots, Palletizing robots, and others.


Under ROBOMACHINE, the company provides:

  • ROBOCUT (Wire Electrical-Discharge Machine) – ROBOCUT α-CiC series
  • ROBOSHOT, an Electric Injection Molding Machine – ROBOSHOT α-SiA series / α-SiB series
  • ROBODRILL which is a compact machining center – ROBODRILL Robot Package, ROBODRILL-LINKi, ROBODRILL α-DiB Plus series, ROBODRILL α-DiB Plus series (Standard or Advanced version), ROBODRILL DDRiB / DDR-TiB.


In the IoT business sector, FANUC provides:

  • FIELD system Basic Package


The company not only provides services and products but also has an academy that offers training and learning courses in robotics and machine learning. You can choose to study from their in-class and online options. They have their learning facilities in Yamanashi, Japan, with hotel accommodations and dedicated training buildings.

Address: 3580, Shibokusa, Oshino-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi, 401-0597, JAPAN

The education departments under FANUC Corporation are:

  • FA Department that imparts knowledge on the factory automation sector.
  • ROBOT Department that offers hands-on training and lectures on robot learning.
  • ROBOMACHINE The Department provides knowledge of machine learning along with hands-on training.


We hope you are up-to-date with the FANUC Corporation and the products and services it provides to its clients. FANUC Corporation, well known for manufacturing and marketing robotics, has a history beyond robotics.

The company has stood up in the innovative company list to drive humanity towards an advanced society in the future. Let us know if you were well known about FANUC being the top leader in the CNC manufacturing industry.

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